JBL Tune 710BT: Good sound and 50 hours playtime at a great price

JBL Tune 710bt
JBL Tune 710bt

The JBL Tune 710BT are wireless headphones that we can currently classify as input range, where they emerge as an excellent option in terms of sound and autonomy. In this sense, we are facing headphones that are comfortable to use with a foldable and lightweight design, which is combined with 40mm dynamic drivers and a multipoint Bluetooth connection, which makes them versatile and a good option for day-to-day use, whether for listening music, podcasts, audiobooks, or videos. However, they have some shortcomings that prevent us from giving them a higher grade even in the standards of their range, so it is necessary to delve into their proposal to determine who these headphones are suitable for and who are not.


In terms of design, the JBL Tune 710BT are headphones with a minimalist and elegant appearance. They are available in 4 color presentations to choose from and these are: black, white, blue and pink. That said, they are comfortable to wear thanks to the padding and that’s what matters, although yes, if your head is a bit big for them, their grip force will cause discomfort, but nothing that won’t improve over time.

Since these helmets are collapsible design , we can lay them flat for storage. And given their lightweight shape, we can easily take them wherever we go, although it should be borne in mind that the manufacturer did not include a carrying case for this pair of headphones.

Sound and features

The sound is provided by 40mm Drivers and is signed by JBL Pure Bass , so they promise basses of great depth and power.

Going into details, the JBL T710BT deliver a balanced sound signature , also called V-shaped. Generally speaking, it’s nice enough for most music genres, unless you’re looking for a strong bass. When it comes to volume this peaks at 84.1dB at 100%, but the most comfortable range is between 70-80%.

As you’d expect from wireless headphones in this range, they don’t support the AptX codec , so you won’t be able to get the most out of high-res sources, but for general use with sources like Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube it doesn’t do much. difference.

Likewise, they lack active noise cancellation, but that’s to be expected in this price range, and we’re only limiting this fact because there’s some confusion online around this feature, with some stores even listing it among their features. However, it is more difficult to forgive the lack of compatibility with any JBL application for equalization purposes, so we will not be able to tune the sound to our liking, or at least not in this way.


Naturally, these are Bluetooth (5.0) headsets , but what we didn’t expect to see on them is multipoint connection, which means that we can pair them with two devices at the same time and switch between them with the push of a button, so for example we can easily switch between the audio coming from our tablet to that of the mobile to answer a call.

Speaking of answering calls, the JBL Tune 710BT are ideal for this thanks to the buttons on the right ear cup and on top of that they are compatible with the voice assistant of the paired mobile.

We can’t get around the fact that they also have a classic 3.5mm audio jack to connect a cable. However, we must note that in wired mode, digital signal processing is not activated, which is detrimental to sound quality, so we do not recommend using them in this way unless there is no other option.


Finally, we must praise the autonomy of the JBL Tune 710BT, since its 690mAh battery allows them to deliver up to 50 hours of use , although of course, that with the volume at half or 75%. Be that as it may, it is a more than reasonable autonomy for the price and on top of that they recharge very quickly through its USB Type C port. We are talking about a full charge taking around 2 hours , but with only 5 minutes of charge we can get almost hours of duration, which is not bad at all.

If we run out of battery and have no way to recharge the headphones, we can always enjoy them the old-fashioned way, that is, by connecting an audio cable to its 3.5mm jack.


  • Good audio reproduction
  • Adjustable and foldable design
  • Multipoint Bluetooth connection
  • Excellent autonomy
  • affordable


  • Bass delivery can be inconsistent
  • Noise isolation leaves a lot to be desired
  • Does not support sound equalization


JBL 710BT Features 

Weight  18 grams 
Colors  Black, white, blue, pink 
wireless connectivity  Yeah 
3.5mm jack  Yeah 
drivers  40mm 
Frequency response (Hz)  20 – 20000Hz 
controller type  Dynamic 
wearing style  Diadem 
Microphone  Yeah 
Battery  Yes, up to 50 hours of use 
Noise Cancellation  No 
Advanced audio technologies  Pure Bass JBL 
Official site  JBL 
Package content  JBL T710BT pair of headphones, USB Type-C charging cable, detachable audio cable, warranty/warning, safety sheet, quick start guide.