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JBL Wave Beam: Simple but reliable headphones

JBL Wave Beam
JBL Wave Beam

JBL is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to looking for audio devices that don’t drive their prices through the roof , and in recent times their wireless headphone models have overwhelmed their catalog of accessories. Thus, this time it is our turn to talk about the JBL Wave Beam .

JBL Wave Beam are mid-range wireless headphones that allow you to enjoy a correct sound experience totally free of cables as well as a battery that allows you to enjoy up to 32 hours of playback without the need for a power outlet. As usual for the brand, its advanced technologies such as Smart Ambient, TalkThru and VoiceAware are presented.

Small and durable Headphones

JBL Wave Beam also sold in blue, white and beige

The idea of ​​this type of device is that you can forget that you are wearing it after a long period of use, so its dimensions are significantly reduced (6.43 cm wide x 4.78 cm high x 2.58 cm deep) and their total weight is only 48 grams each.

Once again, the manufacturer allows you to choose from a variety of colors, so you can always keep a classic model in black or white but also give it a little more “life” with a light blue or beige version. On its surface you won’t find any physical control buttons, since you can perform basic actions by just making a certain number of touches or keeping your finger pressed for several seconds.

JBL Wave Beam

JBL Wave Beam

Finally, you should know that the JBL Wave Beam are ready for you to take with you outside the home, either to spend an afternoon accompanied by music on the beach or by the pool, or to be your partner when it comes to training or performing. sport activities. For this, you have an IP54 certification in the headphones and the IPX2 standard for your case that makes them resistant to water contact and dust accumulation.

Sound with extras to gain immersion

JBL Wave Beam are a good option for less than 100 euros

While you shouldn’t expect the best sound quality you’ve ever experienced, JBL manages to stay a step above the market average when it comes to audio thanks to the adoption of 8mm drivers with support for audio technology. JBL Deep Bass sound that focuses on the intensity of the bass tones.

Likewise, despite the absence of active noise cancellation, other features are added that can help you increase greater immersion when listening to music outdoors or in noisy environments. On the one hand, “Smart Ambient” technology allows you to keep track of how immersed you are in the listening experience, while “Ambient Aware ” helps you keep the music playing while staying aware of what’s happening to you. surrounds you is able to adapt so you don’t lose track of what’s going on around you.

Logically there is an integrated microphone with which you can make and accept incoming voice calls without having to take your mobile out of your pocket, and this is completed with the proprietary technologies “TalkThru” and “VoiceAware” so you can customize how much you want hear yourself and match it with the volume levels of the other participants in the conversation.

Listen for a whole day

The JBL Wave Beam case can charge up to three times

JBL Wave Beam logically synchronize with any mobile device or computer you have at hand through a Bluetooth 5.2 connection, in addition to being able to be configured with a greater number of equalization options through the JBL Headphones App that is available. for free download for Android and iOS operating systems.

At the autonomy level, you have a battery capable of giving you an average playback of 8 continuous hours , more than enough to complete a whole day of work or study, while its small storage case includes the ability to fully recharge them up to three times. , thus reaching a total autonomy of 32 hours without requiring a power source. And if that’s not enough, you can speed up charging with an extra two hours of power after just 10 minutes.

How does it compare to other models of the brand? We previously talked about the JBL Wave Flex and the similarity between the two is surprising when it comes to their present features or battery autonomy figures. For this reason, it can be recommended that you opt for either of the two or the one you find at a better price.


  • Several advanced technologies for greater immersion
  • Good battery autonomy
  • quite competitive price


  • No active noise cancellation


JBL Wave Beam Specifications:

Colors Black, white, beige, blue
Dimensions 2.5″ W x 1.9″ H x 1″ D
Weight 48 grams
Type of use in-ears
Dynamic frequency response 20hz
Autonomy Around 8 hours with medium volume
Loading time about 2 hours
Certification IP54
connectivity Bluetooth 5.2
Compatibility Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
connection distance Up to 10 meters (open area)
Microphone Yeah
wired connection No
Official site JBL
Accessories included
  • charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Safety sheet

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