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JLAB Jbuds Air: Ideal TWS headphones for going to the gym or running

JLAB Jbuds Air
JLAB Jbuds Air

The JLAB Jbuds Air are totally wireless headphones that are ideal for athletes, runners and fitness users on a tight budget. These are characterized by their stability, comfort of use and long autonomy of 6 hours per earphone, reasons for which they are ideal for prolonged training sessions.


The JLAB Jbuds Air are plastic-constructed but sturdy earbuds that don’t feel cheap, despite the impressions they may make. Be that as it may, these stand out for their stability and fit when they are in the ears. The silicone ear cushions are comfortable and the cushioned wings keep the headphones in place during sudden movements, and that’s exactly what we need when playing sports.

In this sense, they are appropriate for the gym and also for running outdoors, since their shape does not lend itself to the wind tunnel effect that occurs with certain headphones. In addition, they are extremely breathable, decently insulate noise and there is nothing to worry about contact with water / sweat, since they receive an IP55 certification grade .

With that said, they’re also lightweight, barely weighing 6 grams each , but they do suffer from being bulky, so not all users will find them comfortable, especially after wearing them for a long time. However, JLab includes three different sized tips to help the user find the best personal fit.

The touch controls they have are not great ; while properly positioned on each earcup, this pair of tactile buds feels quite stiff and sometimes struggles to register commands, so we’ll end up sinking the earbuds into our ear.

How about the sound?

When it comes to sound, the headphones are passable for neutral sound. These overemphasize the bass , which can be very enjoyable for fans of electronic music and Hip-Hop, but can be too boomy and muddy in other music genres. The treble range is uneven, causing some sounds to be muffled, while others are sharp and piercing. The midrange on these headphones , meanwhile, is excellent , though there’s still a slight overemphasis on the bass range.

The consistency of the frequency response is commendable  if you can achieve a good fit of the headphones in the ear, something not very difficult to achieve with any of the 3 included tips.

As far as sound customization is concerned, there are 3 equalization settings from which we can choose, these are: Jlab Signature (normal), balanced and bass boost.

In another order of ideas, the quality of the microphone can be improved and we advise against using them as hands-free, since the voice is generally heard distant.


In theory each earphone promises a duration of 6 hours, but in practice the actual duration falls to 3.3 hours with a constant output of 75 dB (SPL). The saving grace is the charging case, which can provide an additional 3 charges for a total of an additional 10 hours of use (18 according to the manufacturer) . Recharging the case would only take about 2 hours, so that can be somewhat forgiven.

Curiously, the case has a built-in USB cable  so you never lose it, but if it gets damaged, then we can say goodbye to the case in general.


  • Good price
  • automatic connection
  • very stable
  • Good blocking of external noise and minimal filtration
  • USB cable integrated in the case


  • Battery life could be better
  • low quality microphone


JLAB JBUDS AIR specifications:

wearing style  True Wireless 
Colors  Black White 
Dimensions  41.9×35.8×75.9mm 
connectivity  Yes, Bluetooth 5.0 
profiles  AAC, SBC 
Headphone type  in-ears 
Wire  Not 
Microphone  Yes 
Diaphragm  8mm 
Frequency response (Hz)  20Hz-20kHz 
Rated Impedance (ohms)  32 
Sensitivity  103dB 
Autonomy  6 hours per earphone, up to 18 hours with the charging case. 
Loading time  2 hours (case) 
Compatibility  Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS 
Waterproof  IP55 
Official site  JLAB  

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