Koss BT330i Review: Awesome budget Bluetooth headphones

Koss BT330i Review
Koss BT330i Review
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The motto of the Koss company is “we don’t know how to make headphones more expensive, but everything is great with cheap ones!” This review was supposed to be about the new Koss headphones with ANC, which cost a lot of money, but they didn’t work for me and I didn’t waste my time on them. But I also received simple, cheap, well, almost no over-the-ear bluetooth headphones KOSS BT330i . And you know what? They are beautiful!

First of all. These headphones cost $50! You don’t expect anything from them, they are like a spendthrift, no person will expect something worthwhile from wireless earbuds for such money. And they take it and blow it up! They play like kings! But more on that later.


Describing the design of these headphones is equivalent to the design of a sheet of plywood – nothing special. Here and there are the simplest materials, a light body, cheap buttons and bowls that drum. Well, they look normal on the head due to the imitation of depth on the bowl.

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Over-the- ear headphones are always a pain, as the cups press against your ears, rather than around your ears like full-size headphones. One and a half hours of listening to the new ASDS album and my ears are tired, the next day there is pain, after a week you start to get used to it, after a month everything will be ok, and the arc will stretch. The buttons are simple, but very practical, easy to grope blindly, convenient to control. They sit quite firmly, even for their minimal weight, and are suitable even for jogging, there are no questions here.

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Again touching on the topic of expensive Koss ears – whoever writes a nice expensive modern model from Koss – will receive a gift from me personally. They don’t know how to make them, but it’s easy to do it cheaply and angrily. Connecting the Apple iPhone 11 smartphone to my hi-fi, I was determined to get porridge, soap, dust, a gray mouse, game. Anything but not the sound they gave.

Friends, this is great! Voluminous, soft and very versatile. Dare Straits don’t refuse to play here, yes, the panorama is not as bright as the best wireless headphones, but wait, do you remember the price? Zee Weekend with its non-synthwave plays very deeply and beautifully.

Royal Blood don’t hide their guitar riffs either. In general, really decent. For the sake of interest, let’s look at bluetooth headphones at this price, we will see very simple JBL, Sony and Panasonic at a discount and all kinds of Chinese. But no model will play even half as cool.

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The battery in this flimsy design lasts only 12 hours, and at maximum volume and if it’s still winter outside, then up to 10 for sure. But it’s ok for this class of headphones.


There is not much to say about such headphones, you have to take them and listen. This is a really unique case, even more unique than the release of full-sized AirPods. Yes, simple materials, but everything is very ascetic. But they play great.


  • Sound
  • Price


  • Budget sound
  • micro USB