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Koss Pro4S Review: Great all-rounders at a good price

I think it’s not a secret for anyone that the market of budget professional headphones is now one of the most popular in the world of audio equipment, and all because for relatively little money you most often get headphones that will not only sound very worthy for your money, but and will have good comfort and solid build quality. This time, Koss pro 4s headphones came to my review, which have been on the market for more than a year, but at the same time they do not lose their relevance to this day and most likely will not lose it even in the next 10 years and then I will tell you why.

Contents of delivery

Koss Pro4S comes in a white box, which is typical for all of the company’s headphones, with a red stripe at the bottom, where it is proudly declared that these headphones are made by the legendary American company “Koss”. In the box itself, you can find a very cool, black and moderately hard fabric case in which you can store your Pro 4S, as well as take them with you, without worrying about the headphones themselves.

By the way, the case is very thin and compact, so I think that it will fit into almost any backpack. Also in the case there is a standard 3.5mm wire and an adapter from 3.5mm to 6.3mm. It should be noted that the Koss Pro 4S has 2 mini-jack connectors under the right and left ear cups, and you can connect the cable to these headphones on either the left side or on the right, which, you see, adds to the convenience of use.

Quality and comfort

The workmanship did not cause any complaints at all. It is clear from the box that the Americans are focusing on durability. The base of these headphones is made of metal, so you cannot break them in any way, but unfortunately, I cannot give an exact answer about the material from which the bowls are made.

At first it seemed to me that they were made of aluminum, but later, I began to suspect that they were still made of plastic. In any case, the bowls here, of course, are very strong and also hardly ever crack, so even if they are made of plastic, they are of very high quality and strong.

Aside from the cool build quality, these headphones offer fantastic comfort. Even if you sit in them for 3-4 hours in a row, then be sure that you will not have any problems with convenience. The two main trump cards in terms of comfort are, of course, full-size and soft ear pads, as well as low weight, which not every full-size headphones can boast in recent years .


Unlike the Koss bt740iqz wireless headphones , which I recently reviewed, there is no emphasis on bass here. Yes, the sound is a little concentrated in the mid and high frequencies, but in fact it is neutral. In principle, this is not surprising, given that pro4s is primarily studio headphones for working with sound and in comparison with the same Sony mdr-7506, and the mdr-7510 did not cut off the bass here.

Often, when listening to studio headphones for little money, I got the impression that taking them out of the studio and turning on music of different genres is simply contraindicated, otherwise one could go crazy with a complete lack of bass and the desire of headphones to show you all the flaws in the quality of recording compositions (well, on then they are also monitors), but the situation with Koss is as follows: you can use them almost anywhere and in any way.

Without exaggeration, these headphones are universal, not only from the point of view of the nature of the sound, but also from the point of view of working with a variety of equipment. Even sticking them into a smartphone, I did not feel prejudiced. Everything worked out not bad, but with the conditional Ibasso dc03so generally excellent. Here you need to thank the Americans for the low resistance, which does not oblige you to buy an entire power plant to power them.

Comparison with competitors

I will not be cunning, in terms of sound, the Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro may seem more attractive to some , but they will already be more expensive and, most importantly, they will not come close to being as mobile as Koss.

Koss Pro4S can be safely taken anywhere, because they are lightweight, have a foldable design and a convenient carrying case. But even try to take Beyerdynamic with you somewhere once a week, believe me, that masochism, it is better not to do this, especially if you often use public transport. Also, it will not be superfluous to note how the headphones will look on you. Not that this moment is very important, but if you, again, are going to use “buyers” every day, then on the street, because of their “professional” and very bulky design, they will look very strange, to put it mildly. There will be no such problems with “braids”, because, I repeat, they look neat, and, therefore, they will not attract a lot of attention.

From A-brands in this price range, you can also pay attention to the Sennheiser 500 line, but unfortunately all models in this series have an open design, which makes the comparison a little illogical, since due to such a design solution, the functionality is greatly reduced, and also changes music presentation.


In general, in my opinion, Koss Pro4S is a success. I will not say that they are ideal, but for their money in all respects they are really good. Perhaps someone may be confused that they came out in the “distant” 2014 and are therefore outdated, but if we look at the Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro, they came out in 2006, at the same time as the Sony mdr-7506 in general in 1991 … In fact, there is nothing wrong with that, moreover, by the standards of this segment, they are quite “new”, since this is a professional segment in which models can easily be produced for 20, and sometimes even 30 years, because technologies practically do not change.

Nevertheless, I liked these headphones and I’m very interested in what Koss is going to change in them in the future, because at a price of plus or minus $ 150, they are very good.

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