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Koss TWS150i Review: Beautiful and high-quality headphones

In-ear headphones with a high leg are one of the classic formats for TWS headsets. However, KOSS brought something of their own: the straight lines and the silver metal insert give the leg a touch of originality. The upper part, which plunges into the ear, is smooth and anatomical for comfort. The earbuds are IPX5-rated and are rain-proof or sporty.

The result is lightweight headphones that practically do not protrude from behind the ears and do not fall out even when playing sports. For a more powerful sound, I recommend slightly recessed KOSS TWS150i in the auricle.

Connection and management

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC codec;
  • without a proprietary Android app.

Connecting TWS150i is simplified as much as possible, just open the case cover and select the device in the Bluetooth settings. No utilities are provided. During operation, white LEDs flash at the top of the leg at intervals of 5 seconds. The glow is inconspicuous, but the very fact gives out an inexpensive product in the new product. Another more unpleasant nuance: if the case is discharged, the hidden headphones are not disconnected from the smartphone, but continue to play.

There is one touch pad each at the top of the legs. Double-tapping any earphone pauses playback, long hold on the left – the previous track, long hold on the right – the next track. A triple-tap on the touchpad is enough to launch the voice assistant. Holding the touchpads on both sides of the TWS150i enters pairing mode. The size of the reacting surface is very small and requires an accurate hit. The touchpads work all the time, and the headphones do not respond to being removed from the ears due to the lack of sensors.

Sound and microphone

The company does not disclose the characteristics of the installed drivers, because it makes no sense for a good-sounding headphone. And in the KOSS TWS150i, the brand’s signature notes are guessed: a slight emphasis on bass, coupled with an excellent sense of volume and stereo – a very good result for miniature plugs with a closed design. Despite the modest SBC codec, there is no compressed audio experience. To summarize, the new product does not require an equalizer adjustment at all, thanks to the pleasant sounding right out of the box.

One in each earpiece there are microphones on the underside of the leg, that is, at a relatively short distance from the mouth. This gives good audibility in a quiet room, there is a metallic sound in the voice. In windy weather, it is more difficult due to the lack of noise cancellation.


  • declared operating time: 5+ hours of continuous listening;
  • real working time: 7 hours and 15 minutes in mixed mode at medium volume;
  • four full charges from the case, up to 25 hours of operation in total;
  • charging the case via microUSB.

The manufacturer indicated the data on the operating time with a large margin! In reality, the plugs provided 7 hours and 15 minutes of continuous playback, after which the left earphone turned off. The right one lasted another 20 minutes in mono. For reference, next to the Bluetooth icon in the status bar, the charging level is displayed, in addition, voice warnings about a low level are given, the first – 15 minutes before discharge.

The battery built into the case is enough for 4 charges of a pair of headphones. The charge level is indicated by three lights on the outside, working like a portable battery. When the earbuds are charging, the left and right indicators on the case blink smoothly.

The manufacturer skimped on a modern interface, opting for microUSB. The connector is located on the right side, which is why the case can hardly be put on a flat edge during recharging. The set includes a short and thin wire.


  • pleasant sounding in the style of KOSS;
  • distinctive design with straight lines;
  • good ergonomics of the plugs;
  • long battery life;
  • no communication problems.


  • microUSB for charging the case.


The impressions of the new Koss TWS150i headphones are mixed. On the one hand, this is a really beautiful and high-quality accessory with high autonomy, long range and powerful signature sound. On the other hand, it lacks infrared sensors, more actions for touchpads and USB Type-C on the case.

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