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LG TONE Free HBS-FN7 Review: Comfortable and versatile headphones

LG has released a new model of the TONE Free line - HBS-FN7. Unlike the FN6, the "seven" has an active…

LG has released a new model of the TONE Free line – HBS-FN7. Unlike the FN6, the “seven” has an active noise cancellation system. We checked how it works and the headphones in general – it’s time to share your impressions.

Design and device

Unlike many other TWS earbuds, the LG TONE Free HBS-FN7 has a very compact and neat case. Round, with a hinged lid, the diameter is like a cup of 125g yogurt.



The headphone jacks are illuminated in blue, just a decoration reminiscent of the UV treatment capabilities. For disinfection itself, this blue color has nothing to do with it.

The headphones themselves are made of high-gloss ...
The headphones themselves are made of glossy plastic. To remove them from the case, it is better not to try to pick them out of the nests, but simply pull the vertical straight “stick” to the side. It is much more efficient. 

Despite the unpretentious shape, the earbuds are held securely in the ear. You can even jump or run – they don’t fall out. In addition, they have IPX4 protection, so the LG TONE Free HBS-FN7 is quite suitable for fitness activities. As usual, there is a set of replaceable medical silicone ear cushions in the kit in case you have not the most standard-sized ear canal.



On the side surface of the earphone ...
On the side of the headphones, you can see small areas that look like physical buttons. Of course, these are not buttons – rather, a design element or a hint as to which area to touch when operating.

How do they sound

LG has partnered with Meridian Audio, a renowned authority on the creation and customization of audio systems, for several years. TONE Free HBS-FN7 was also created with the participation of this company. It is not surprising that in terms of music reproduction, the headphones turned out to be practically exemplary. This is especially nice considering that the headset belongs to the middle price segment.

You can listen to almost any genre of music in headphones – the sound is balanced, even at close to maximum volume, no perceptible distortion occurs.

Due to the design of the TWS headphones, the bass is weak, but TONE Free HBS-FN7 in this regard sound much better than many competitors. Especially if you set the correct equalizer settings, which are just below. The new model, like the other TONE Free range, uses 6mm double diaphragm drivers.

Configuring via app

Owners of LG TONE Free HBS-FN7 should download the LG Tone Free app. It is through him that all the basic settings are made. Here you can reassign the logic of the operation of the touch panels on the headphones. Although initially it is quite convenient: to pause and play music, just touch any of the surfaces, to increase the volume – knock twice on the right earpiece, and to decrease – on the left. On a triple touch, you can “hang”, for example, switching tracks.

Another important option in the app is the selection of equalizer presets. There are only four of them: Natural allows you to listen to the original sound without any accents, Immersive will help you to relax and immerse yourself in the music, Treble Boost “boosts” the mids, and Bass Boost – lows. Speaking of bass, if you’re into electro, dubstep, and other bass-rich genres, you should love the new LG model. If you are not satisfied with the presets, you can create your own configuration.

Noise reduction and UV treatment

The headphone case has UVnano antibacterial treatment – it is able to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria on the headphone speaker mesh and external surfaces in just 10 seconds. It works only when the case is connected to the charger, but of course, it is not necessary to do this every day.

The design uses 6 microphones, 3 on each earpiece. Those located in the lower part of the “tail” are responsible for the transmission of speech, the remaining 2 are involved in the active noise cancellation system.



The noise reduction compensates for the majority of parasitic sounds surprisingly well. The hum of the fans of the system unit, the noise from the road can completely disappear … The speech of those sitting at the next table in the cafe becomes noticeably more “dull” (and less annoying). In open spaces popular before the era of covid, this option is successfully used not only for deeper immersion in music, but also simply to reduce background noise – very convenient.

The transparency mode is no less useful – in-ear headphones have good passive noise isolation, but sometimes it is not needed. For example, if you are cycling along the road or buying something from a store. The function allows you to broadcast ambient sounds along with music, and if with some headphones it sometimes amplifies the background too much, the sound picture looks very natural in TONE Free HBS-FN7.


The earbuds can work up to 5 hours in active noise canceling mode, and up to 7 hours without it. The charging case adds another 15 hours of operation with noise reduction and up to 21 hours without it. Total – actually a day. My own experience confirms that if you use noise reduction (otherwise why buy TONE Free HBS-FN7), the battery lasts for almost 5 hours. …



The earbuds have a fast charging mode: if they suddenly sat down, it is enough to put them in the case for only 5 minutes so that they can work for another hour. The case itself can be charged both with a cable and using a wireless device.


The new LG TONE Free HBS-FN7 proved to be quite versatile. No serious restrictions on the genres of music: listening to rock is no less pleasant than pop. At the same time, there is IPX4 protection, and this also gives additional freedom: no need to worry that sweat or raindrops will disable the devices. The active noise cancellation system is by no means a fiction, it really isolates well from most unnecessary sounds. And, finally, autonomy: 7 hours without recharging is a very good result today. So the Koreans were not trying in vain.

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