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Logitech G333 Review: Great headphones made for gamers

Mobile gaming can be viewed in different ways, but this does not negate the fact that around the world there are tens of millions of people who are passionate about it. And someone has to make their life better and more comfortable with the help of special gadgets. Today we’ll talk in detail about the Logitech G333 – a wired headset designed specifically for lovers of mobile entertainment.

Beautiful box and rich delivery set

Acquaintance with the headset immediately begins with pleasant emotions. The accessory is packed in a beautiful cardboard box with a cool design and high quality printing. On the inside of the box there is a mini-instruction: devices with which the Logitech G333 can be used (computer, tablet, smartphone, portable console, gamepad), and combinations for controlling playback using the built-in remote control – you should immediately pay attention.

In addition to the headset itself, inside the package you will find a nice mesh case in which it is convenient to carry it with you, two sets of interchangeable ear pads, and an adapter from a standard 3.5 mm audio jack to USB Type-C. The latter is not only an extremely useful thing in a world where manufacturers sometimes refuse audio output even in laptops, not to mention smartphones, but also a confirmation of positioning. Logitech G333 is a headset (and at the same time headphones for every day), primarily for fans of mobile games.

Logitech G333: Practical materials and comfortable fit

The Logitech G333 is available in three colors: black with blue , white with cyan, and  purple with bright yellow . The first is the color of the headphone housing and wires, the second is the color of the ear pads and the middle button on the remote control. The brightest version came to the test, and we liked it very much: it looks fresh, perky and interesting. And this is logical: the accessory is still for games, and not for sad office meetings in Zuma.

It’s great that Logitech chose the most practical materials and shapes for the G333. The wire is matte and flat: the dust on it is not particularly noticeable, and it gets confused much less than a regular wire with a round cross-section. And the earbuds themselves are made of two parts: matte plastic where they fit to the ear, and brushed aluminum on the outside. Good balance between beauty, durability and economy.

Everything is fine with its compactness and ease of transportation. The supplied case easily fits both the headset and the adapter. The case does not get in the way either in the inner pocket of the jacket or in the front pocket of jeans. The ergonomics of the headphones themselves is a purely individual matter, but from ourselves we can say that we liked them. The shape is quite universal, and all that remains is to choose the appropriate size of the ear pads.

On the go or during games, you can control playback using the mini-remote control located on the right on the wire. The top and bottom buttons are plus and minus to the volume. The middle one has several functions: single press – start and stop, double – next track, triple – start of the current track or switch to the previous one.

We tested the built-in microphone both in games and in conference calls in the aforementioned Zoom. In both cases, everything was great: the interlocutors immediately noted that in comparison with the microphones of a laptop and smartphone, everything became noticeably better. For communication on the phone on the street G333 are also suitable, but still do not expect miracles in terms of isolating external noise from them: a noisy highway three meters away from you or an active construction site will become a serious obstacle to comfortable communication. However, the manufacturer did not promise anything of the kind, so there is nothing to find fault with.

Well, about the most important thing! Good sound quality is ensured due to the fact that each compact earphone contains not one, but two drivers at once (5.8 + 9.2 mm): the first is for high and medium frequencies, the second is for low frequencies. Considering this fact and game positioning, it is quite expected that the bass dominates in the sound: they are bright, clear, powerful and spacious. Exactly what you need for dynamic team games, where the speed of reaction to the events taking place around the player determines the victory or defeat. Positioning is also complete –  it was really nice and convenient to  use the G333 in the ears in PUBG MOBILE and WoT Blitz, the position of the sound source in games is read instantly. The middle frequencies are even and calm, but the “highs” seem to be somewhat pushed into the background.

Logitech G333: Conclusion

Logitech G333 is a striking and memorable wired headset in a classic closed-back in-ear form factor. At the same time, it is focused primarily on lovers of mobile games and those who are uncomfortable playing in full-size headphones. Or those who do not want to carry them with them to the computer club: also quite a script for use, by the way. If you recognize yourself, then the accessory will almost certainly not disappoint you: there is a good microphone, great bass and clear positioning of sounds in games. But the musical component is more likely an additional one – high frequencies fade into the background, which makes the G333 much less “omnivorous” in terms of genres. However, this can be corrected with equalizers.

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