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Logitech H800 Review: Great headset for the office

Logitech H800 1

Choosing a new headset is not always an easy task, although it may seem like it.  The first thing you have to do in order to make the best decision is to  think about your needs . One person who is going to use it to play games does not need the same product as another who wants it for a one-off video call, to listen to music or to play the first season of Friends for the umpteenth time. Once you are clear about this, you should also think about your budget, how much can you spend?

Finally, it is best to let yourself be advised and read at length about that product that you already have in your sights to see if it will meet your expectations or not. And for all this we bring you today our review of the characteristics of the  Logitech H800, a set of headphones and microphone.

Design of the Logitech H800

We find these Logitech with a  headset with horn microphone. It is true that, at first glance, its appearance may seem too modest and the truth is that we are not looking at high-end headphones, but they cannot be compared with the classic headphones that we find for 20 or 30 euros. Logitech has developed very versatile headphones that allow you to use them with computers, mobiles, tablets …

Logitech H800 2

The microphone rod is adjustable and you can even pick it up fully upright if you don’t need to use it, so it doesn’t bother you. The headphones themselves can also be  folded , the headband is padded and the earmuffs have foam cups so you can wear them for hours and still feel comfortable.

Also, on the right earbud you have  physical buttons so you can mute the microphone, raise and lower the volume, skip songs, select device or manage calls. In this way, you can control everything directly from the headphones, without having to touch the mobile or the PC. For its part, the left earphone has a small slit so you can store the nano receiver in it and never get lost, a detail that we really liked.

They are available in  black and have dimensions of  21.5 x 7.8 x 18 cm and a weight of  120 grams , so they are quite light and will not weigh you down on your head.

How do they sound?

If you are one of those who like to know the technical details, we serve them below. These headphones have a sensitivity of  97 dB +/- 3 dB , a frequency response of 30Hz-15KHz,  and an impedance of  32 ohms . Its microphone is  unidirectional , with a sensitivity of -47 dBV / Pa +/- 3 dB and a frequency response of  100 Hz – 6.5 KHz .

Logitech H800 4

And this, in practice, how does it translate? It is a headset that we would recommend especially for video calls, work and basic office activities (watching a video, listening to music from platforms, etc.). The drivers are laser-optimized and a built-in equalizer is included to reduce sound distortion as much as possible. Of course you can also use them to play, but in this case they will not give you the best experience and, for our part, we recommend that, if this is your goal, you look at other models especially focused on gaming, such as the  Razer Nari. Ultimate .

Connectivity and battery

Connectivity is via  Bluetooth . If your device doesn’t have this technology, for example some older laptops, you can use the included USB-A nano receiver. The range is  up to 12 meters .

A very interesting detail is that you can continue to use them while they are charging, in case you run out of battery at an unplanned time. Of course the loading time will be longer, but it will get you out of trouble. In any case, the average battery life is  6 hours , so they should be useful for your work day.

Logitech H800




Logitech H800 are a good headset if what you are looking for are headphones and a microphone that can give you a good performance in the office or at home. We do not recommend them to play or to go out to do sports, since for this price you have other models that can be more versatile for all kinds of occasions or be more focused on one of these specific things, if you think you are going to get more out of them. game playing or giving it all in the gym.

Keep in mind that it is around 100 euros, so it cannot be considered a cheap product, but it is also true that if you think that you are going to use them a lot in the scenarios that we have mentioned, they will be an investment of these that they do deserve the sorrow.

  • Attractive design
  • Good quality of materials
  • Comfortable
  • Flip-up microphone
  • Foldable Headphones
  • Controls built into the headset
  • The nano receiver can be stored in the headset
  • 12 meter range
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can be used while charging
  • Good sound and microphone quality
  • Adjusted battery
  • We do not recommend them for games

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