MSi GH50 Review: Solid headphones with good sound


In 2019, MSI introduced new headphone models: GH50 and GH30. “Thirty” is simpler, moreover, it has a 3.5 jack and theoretically can be used both with computers and with mobile devices. The GH50 is more serious: first of all, it supports 7.1 virtual surround sound. The connector is USB, so no smartphones. Let’s see what’s special about it?


The headset looks very stylish, the workmanship is quite decent. The headband is made of metal, the adjustment range is quite large. That is, even on a large head, the MSI GH50 will sit normally. The ear cushions are made of soft artificial leather, there are no additional ones in the kit, the filling is also very soft. However, the ears do not touch the speakers.


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The cups are backlit, and it is made very competently. The side surfaces are slightly submerged, so the illumination is not reflected in the monitor and infuriates interlocutors during video calls.


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Of course, the backlight can be configured through the proprietary Dragon Center utility.


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The headset microphone is removable, made in the form of a console without the possibility of adjusting its position. In principle, it is not needed, but more on that later.


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The cable is also quite decent, with a nylon braid, but not removable. Moreover, its length is as much as 2.2 m. Here the principle “more – not less” works ambiguously. If you are sitting next to a laptop, the cable dangles and gets in the way on the table or under your feet. As a countermeasure, we can advise you to wind it up, pull it off with an elastic band or wire from the kit.

Why did we notice that the cable is not removable? The headset itself has a folding design, and when folded takes up very little space (there is even a carrying case in the kit). And here the wire starts to get in the way again. If there was an opportunity to detach it and neatly lay it next to it, it would be great. Winding all these 2.2 m around the headphones is not the best option, because sooner or later the wire may simply fray.


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7.1 format in headphones – of course, not for everybody. If CS fans will definitely like it, the stereo sound is quite enough in other types of games. Enabling this mode, as well as controlling all other functions – from a traditional remote control on a cable. It is quite convenient, although the volume control wheel is small. In addition, they are located at the end of the remote control, and in the dark it is not always easy to hit it with your finger. At the same time, right in the center of the console is a huge Vibraring BASS switch.


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What about the sound? Let’s just say, this is not a sample, given the rather high cost of the gadget. But we have no global claims. It is clearly worth playing with the equalizer here, and then you can get a good result. The 40mm drivers provide rich sound and depth to the stage, although some details are still lost. The vibration system is not annoying – at least we enjoyed playing with it much more than without it.


We definitely liked the workmanship and materials. We put a solid four for the sound quality. From remarks – for that kind of money I would like to have a detachable cable. By the way, one more nuance: the Dragon Center utility works only with Windows 10, which is tactfully reported on the manufacturer’s website. It seems strange, because many people continue to use the “seven”. On the other hand, there will be a reason to upgrade to a modern OS, which is also good.

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