MSi GH62: TWS headphones made for gaming

MSi GH62

At the Computex 2021 exhibition held these days , MSI announced the release of the MSi GH62 TWS headphones , which the manufacturer positions as the ideal headset for gaming battles. At first glance, the headphones are no different from the many completely wireless headphones offered on the market today.

However, in the MSi GH62 model the proprietary Gaming Mode is implemented , which minimizes the latency of the wireless signal transmission at the level of 50 ms. In dynamic computer games, this point is extremely important.

Latency minimization is usually mentioned in the part of displaying video on the screen, but it is clear that for a comfortable game, the soundtrack must also keep up with the video sequence.

TWS headphones MSI Immerse GH62

In addition, the Immerse GH62 headphones are equipped with an active noise canceling system with two microphones in each of the modules. There is also a “transparent” mode, which can be activated to stay in the context of what is happening around.

TWS headphones MSI Immerse GH62


One full charge of the built-in rechargeable batteries provides 7 hours of use, while the backup battery in the storage and carrying case extends this time to 27 hours. 10 minutes of charging provides up to 60 minutes of operation for the headphones, and the included case supports wireless charging of the built-in battery.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the timing of the new items on sale and the recommended prices.

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