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OPPO Enco Air Review: Versatile true wireless headphones

Following the major market players, OPPO is trying to fill its ecosystem with new gadgets. In pursuit of smartwatches, the company is actively developing the audio market segment. And, finally, we had the opportunity to properly test the novelty – OPPO Enco Air headphones.

Design, first impressions

We are greeted by an oval-shaped case with a matte translucent cover. The design seemed interesting to me, given the abundance of similar models, it always pleases me when something new appears on the market.


Thanks to the rough surface and rounded shape, the earbuds grip perfectly in the hand, ensuring pleasant use, without the risk of accidental falling out. The earbuds have an interesting fit, half in the ear.

You shouldn’t be scared off by this. the weight of the earphone is only 3.75 grams. They sit well, medium ear pads fit me, I did not feel any inconvenience during prolonged wear. The device has passed IPX4 waterproof certification, which allows you to play sports in them. OPPO Enco Air became the first headphones in its class to successfully pass comprehensive tests of the German company TÜV Rheinland.


I think it’s right to pay attention to the quality of the microphones when reviewing headphones. How often does it happen when your friend brags about his new product, telling all its advantages, and after a while you call up, and you can hear him, like from the basement. With Enco Air, a repeat of this scenario is unlikely because Our new product features AI-intensive noise cancellation technology that captures and cuts out noises around you, leaving your interlocutor with clear, clutter-free audio. And the cherry on top of the hardware is the latest Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which minimizes latency, bringing these headphones to the gaming realm.

The earbuds support instant sync when pairing with a transmitting device starts with opening the lid.


It is unlikely that now you can surprise someone with the presence of fast charging. We are all accustomed to the fact that in a critical situation you can recharge for 10 minutes and listen to your favorite music for a couple of hours, but OPPO has slightly rethought this feature and now in 10 minutes we get up to 8 (!) Hours of content playback. I think this is a big breakthrough for this model, making it your most portable gadget.


The device is equipped with 12mm composite titanium drivers, which has a great effect on their sound. The OPPO Blu-ray Team did a great job on our model, achieving significant acoustic balance. It turned out to be an interesting harvester that will be able to satisfy the needs of the majority of listeners. The first thing you notice is powerful, clear bass. It is not overdriven, even at maximum volume, distortion is almost subtle. The middle is surprisingly not a failure, the vocals are perfectly perceived without additional equalizer settings. The only drawback is that I did not have enough volume, but this is a matter of taste, and I cannot judge the sound of this model by this characteristic.

Apart from hardware surprises, I would like to draw your attention to software features that are also noteworthy. The presence of Bluetooth 5.2 gives us such an advantage as a game mode, even in the most intense gaming moment, where a large number of sounds are played at the same time, you will not notice lags and unpleasant freezes.

The control on the device is touch-sensitive, you can customize it for yourself, which I find quite a comfortable solution. Often manufacturers leave only one ‘master key’, limiting me in a rather limited scenario of operation.


OPPO has launched a versatile TWS headphone model at a nice price that combines good sound and premium features found in higher-end headphones. I periodically find myself on models that are overloaded with various interesting solutions, but if this is not the flagship version of the device, most often they simply work with a lot of errors. OPPO Enco Air is the golden mean in terms of price / quality ratio. After a week with them, I did not notice any errors, desynchronization and other unpleasant moments. And if you are looking for a reliable companion, I advise you to pay attention to them and of course try them on personally.

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