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RHA TrueConnect 2 Review • Incredible sound and battery life!

RHA TrueConnect 2 is a true wireless stereo headset without ANC that carries a dynamic 6mm unit and two microphones…

RHA TrueConnect 2 is a true wireless stereo headset without ANC that carries a dynamic 6mm unit and two microphones for calls while supporting bluetooth 5.0 connection with the basic SBC and AAC codecs only.

The improvements over the previous model are the shooting distance which is about 15m thanks to the protruding antenna, the certification of resistance to dust, sweat and moisture that has been upgraded to IP55 and the much better battery life which is now 9 hours for headphones plus 34 full hours from the charging case that comes with them.

The handset supports fast charging which gives 3 hours of use in just 15 minutes while the case fully charges in 3 hours from the usb C port.

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Three LEDs on the outside of the case inform us about the battery life and the operating status.

In practice we found that the actual usage times are quite close to the theoretical ones which makes TrueConnect 2 a real marathon.

The weight of the handset is low at 6g, but the case due to the large capacity of the battery is at 79g much heavier and more bulky than the relevant competition, but this does not mean that it does not fit comfortably in a small bag.

RHA is famous for the wealth of accessories provided and in our case in addition to the headphones and the case we will find a usb cable A in C as well as silicone ear tips from two pairs of small, three medium and two large placed in an elegant and practical steel card .

RHA supports TrueConnect 2 with a pan-European three-year warranty, although it is rather unnecessary since we found that the build quality is top notch.

Application and use

The fit of the handset is generally very good and offers excellent passive noise isolation and relaxed use.

There is a case that if we have a very deep headphone port we may not achieve the ideal application due to the protruding antenna which prevents the headset from penetrating further inside.

In this case it would be very useful to have ear tips with double blades which unfortunately are not provided.

The control of the operation is done with small presses of the pointer on the capacitive touch surface of each unit separately.

The movements are simple and standard but there is no possibility of user configuration through an application.

The truth is, however, that it is one of the best we have tried in terms of ease of use.

Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa are supported.

The Bluetooth connection is very good and stable while thanks to the advanced software the reconnection in case the headphones are placed in their case is immediate.

The ringtone is crystal clear for both the speaker and the interlocutor, while to our great pleasure the function of the conversation is supported independently by both units separately.

Listening music

While before use and reading the specifications we were a little skeptical in practice we found that the sound for the type of headset is excellent.

We do not know how RHA has managed it but it has done a very good job despite the absence of high resolution codecs.

Obviously there is the expected loss of fidelity that almost always accompanies bluetooth headsets especially when they do not support aptX HD and LDAC but the end result we heard did not bother us much with mp3 and spotify files that we usually hear when we are on the road or in the gym.

The sound is pleasantly warm with good and dynamic low, clear and full middle area while high it is bright with satisfactory resolution and detail without a trace of sharpness.

TrueConnect 2 has responded comfortably to all types of music and all it lacks is a digital balancing app.



RHA TrueConnect 2 offers us very good sound, inexhaustible battery, build quality, ease of use and IP55 certification.

It may have some small shortcomings, the main one being the absence of support software, but the € 160 it costs is probably an opportunity and unreservedly recommended.

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