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Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless Review: Inexpensive High-end

The Sennheiser CX PLUS True Wireless is an evolution of Sennheiser’s most affordable TWS earbuds , combining low cost and active noise canceling.

Contents of delivery

The headphones are supplied in a standard white cardboard box for the company, where, in addition to the headphones themselves and the case, there are replaceable ear pads, and a USB to usb-c charging cable.


Naturally, any headphones bearing the “Sennheiser” logo must be of high quality and the CX PLUS True Wireless are no exception. Compared to the CX 400BT and CX True Wireless , absolutely nothing has changed in the tabs and in the case itself. Both the headphones and the case are made of high-quality matte plastic, which, judging by the sensations, should not have problems with durability. Of course, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 feels more premium in the hands. The only thing that I didn’t really like was the quality of the ear pads, or rather their material. As it seemed to me, they lacked plasticity a little, so sometimes they can turn inside out when removing the headphones from their ears.


CX PLUS True Wireless will certainly be able to please everyone with their convenience, both the case itself and the “plugs” themselves. The headphones stay in your ears with confidence, do not fall out even with active use and sit tightly in your ears. Unlike some models, which are not suitable for everyone in shape and design, the CX PLUS True Wireless has no such disadvantage. The case, in turn, boasts a fairly compact size and is ergonomically more convenient than a case from, for example, the Momentum True Wireless 2.



When I just got my hands on the Sennheiser CX PLUS True Wireless, to be honest, I did not expect anything special in terms of sound from them. Previously, I reviewed the same headphones without the “plus” prefix, tobit without the active noise cancellation system, and it did not impress me in any way. Yes, those headphones sounded good, but it was difficult to call them the best in class, unlike the plus version. Without exaggeration, these are two completely different models. They are similar in naming, but in sound it is a huge abyss. The CX PLUS True Wireless is two heads above the regular version in terms of sound class. Bass, mids, treble and especially sound transparency are all on a completely different level.

CX PLUS TWS is incredibly rhythmic, moreover, to such an extent that even my Momentum True Wireless 2 cannot be compared with them, they have detailing, again, in no way inferior to Momentum TWS 2, they have a very good volume margin, which is enough for almost any music lover, and high-quality noise reduction , but more on that later.

Low frequencies

As mentioned earlier, the bass, like the entire frequency range, is very rhythmic, detailed, but no special emphasis is placed on it. It should also be noted for its technicality, biting and depth, which were not previously inherent in any Sennheiser TWS headphones .

Mid frequencies

The midrange felt a little dry to me, adding balance to the slightly bright highs and lows. They are also incredibly open, unlike the same CX True Wireless and have almost the same detail as the Momentum True Wireless 2.

High frequencies

The high-frequency range impressed me with moderate sharpness and over-openness. The upper limit from about 12 kHz may seem slightly smoothed, but in this way, apparently, the manufacturer tried to hide some of the disadvantages of high frequency reproduction. Still, only the flagship wired models are given to play the entire range up to 20 kHz, so I will not attribute this to the minuses.

Noise suppression

The noise reduction here is of a high level, but you need to understand that this, of course, is not a Sony WH-1000XM4 and when the music is turned off from the entire surrounding world, these sennheisers will not cut you off, but at high volume they will be able to provide a very high level of noise absorption, which should be enough practically in all situations where this very system will be needed.


CX PLUS True Wireless, like the younger model, have absolutely no connection problems. A few years ago, I ran into serious connectivity issues with the PXC 550II and Momentum M2, where the signal often went bad even when the source was within 30 centimeters of the headphones. In the same headphones, even through 3 walls and about 12 meters, the sound did not deteriorate at all, and I have never encountered any problems with the connection. First of all, of course, this is due to the use of Bluetooth version 5.2, that is, the latest and most advanced which is generally available on the market. Of course, this does not cause a wow effect, but sometimes even eminent manufacturers in headphones for 300 or more dollars use version 5.0, and sometimes even 4.2, which negatively affects both the connection quality and the sound quality.

According to the manufacturer, in total, these headphones can play music for up to 24 hours using the charging case and 6 without, but personally I got about 22 hours. Most likely this is due to the fact that I listened to these headphones either at almost maximum or at maximum volume, and as a result, they were discharged faster.

Comparison with competitors

JBL Live Free NC +
These JBLs were on my detailed review and, to be honest, Sennheiser strikingly outplay them in terms of sound, regardless of genre preferences. Yes, many will find Live Free NC + more attractive in terms of design, but the CX PLUS True Wireless also has its own charm. For the price, the Americans will have almost exactly the same price tag, but based on the sound, I would definitely recommend more to the purchase of “Zenhi”.

Sennheiser CX True Wireless
As mentioned earlier, I did not expect any special differences in sound between the regular and plus versions, but the “older brother” CX True Wireless sounds at a completely different level, plus it also has an active noise cancellation system that works at a decent level … Yes, the difference of $ 50 will not please the buyer, but apart from design and materials, these headphones have absolutely nothing in common.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
Now let’s move on to the main question: “Is it possible to compare the Momentum True Wireless 2 with the CX PLUS True Wireless?” The answer is unequivocal: “Yes!” They sound in the same league. Somewhere better “momentums”, somewhere better than CX PLUS True Wireless, but given the price difference, Momentum True Wireless 2 no longer seems to be the right choice for the money. Of course, they seem tactilely more premium, but, let’s be honest, there is no sense in overpaying several thousand hryvnias for this.


Since Sennheiser began producing  fully wireless headphones , it is safe to say that with the CX PLUS True Wireless output, the Germans not only made the best headphones in their class, but also, in principle, a competitor to high-end models costing from $180! Honestly, after the CX PLUS True Wireless test, it became a bit incomprehensible to me why Momentum TWS 2 was needed at all, because in fact the difference between them comes down to banal “taste”, and not a significant difference in sound quality.

In conclusion, I can say that Sennheiser CX PLUS True Wireless have become an almost uncompromising solution with adult sound, good autonomy and decent comfort.

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