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Sennheiser CX True Wireless Review: Affordable quality headphones

By Sennheiser’s unimaginable amount of high-quality sound of fans, including me, are treated with great warmth. This brand has literally become the quintessence of the concept of “German quality” and every year it does not slow down. But one way or another, things in the world of wireless headphones have not gone very well for the company, and for about a month I often hear the news that the company wants to completely sell part of the company that develops and produces wireless headphones and will focus on professional equipment.

But until that happened, Sennheiser, following an example from the market leaders of fully wireless headphones, is gradually continuing the expansion of its lineup and this time it was decided to release the most budgetary TWS headphones that they only had in history. In this review, we will focus on the Sennheiser CX True Wireless headphones and now we will compare them with the entire line of fully wireless headphones from Sennheiser, the Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless and Momentum True Wireless 2.

Contents of delivery

Sennheiser CX True Wireless comes in exactly the same white box as the CX 400BT, only the model name is different. Compared to the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 , it is immediately clear that headphones are more expensive. Outwardly, they may seem similar, but the cardboard from the “momentums” is noticeably more expensive and hints to the buyer that this product is not cheap.

In all three cases, the package includes interchangeable ear pads, a USB to USB-C charging cable and a little documentation, but in the case of momentum TWS 2, it is twice as much simply because the headphones themselves have much more additional functions than the younger ones. models.


To be honest, the design of the CX True Wireless didn’t impress me much. Yes, the headphones are completely black and it certainly adds brutality to them, but still it is clear that no one really bothered about the appearance.

This can be seen especially clearly against the background of momentum TWS 2, the appearance of which I liked. Smooth lines and a fabric case definitely add sophistication to the headphones, but here the price is completely different for you.

Workmanship and tactile feel

As befits absolutely all products from Sennheiser, CX True Wireless are assembled very soundly: either a case or headphones. In general, taking into account almost 100 percent similarity with the CX 400BT, to which there were no complaints either, this is absolutely logical, although the case of the CX 400BT seemed to me a couple of percent better in terms of quality, but the difference, if there is, is absolutely microscopic.

Both the case and the headphones are completely made of high-quality plastic, and I very much doubt that even after a few drops it will start cracking. But still, to be honest, these headphones do not give a feeling of premium. Yes, they are assembled well, but in comparison with the Momentum TWS 2, of course, they are noticeably inferior. And the point here is not even in some fundamental design decisions, but in the banal attention to detail.


As you’d expect, the Sennheiser CX True Wireless plays well. In general, we can note good detail and, most importantly, even flow. The headphones play softly and even after several hours of listening, they are still very interesting to listen to. The headphones play with soul, the sound is very warm and you don’t want to tear yourself away from them. Still, this model belongs to the middle price segment, where it seems to me that the biggest competition in the world of TWS headphones is now.

Stage width

Like all Sennheiser’s wireless headphones, these headphones cannot boast of steep stage width. But we can see the same thing in the much more premium Momentum True Wireless 2, so there can be no special claims here.

High frequencies

Like the whole sound, they are very soft and delicate. There is no sharpness or assertiveness here, and your ears will undoubtedly thank you for such a calm character of the sound, because for comparison, relatively recently I had BOSE Sport Earbuds on my review , which played piercingly sharp and exciting, but after an hour of listening from these headphones, my ears were no longer able to listen to something.

Mid frequencies

The mid-frequency range, frankly, has slightly poorer detail than the treble or bass, but at the same time it has good dynamics. Also, some instruments seem to lack airiness and technicality, and as a result, their sound seems a little tense and peculiar.

Low frequencies

Quantitatively, the bass is more than sufficient here, but still, even though it sounds more relaxed in general, it lacks precision and lightness. Yes, the bass is very good, but I would like more detail, coupled with the clarity of its sound.

CX 400BT vs Momentum True Wireless 2 comparison

Previously, I expected that the CX True Wireless would sound slightly different from the CX 400BT, but it turned out that they sound exactly the same. There is no difference at all. Of course, taking into account the fact that both models have the same drivers, a similar sound was to be expected, but that it would be exactly the same and that no one would even tune these same drivers a little differently, I could not imagine.

Of course, “momentums” that cost two and a half times more play much better. Their sound is much cleaner and more rhythmic, the detail is a cut higher, and there is also an active noise reduction system. Shumodav here is clearly not a marketing gimmick and it copes with its task excellently. In everyday scenarios of using passive noise isolation in the CX TWS, you will be enough headlong, but somewhere in public transport or an airplane, the difference with the Momentum TWS 2 will be very noticeable.


Ultimately, we can say that the Sennheiser CX True Wireless turned out to be very good. In fact, for a much more humane price, we get the same CX 400BT. In all respects, these headphones are exactly the same, and in some aspects, such as battery life and Bluetooth versions, even better.

If you want something better, then the Momentum TWS 2 will give you a noticeable increase in sound quality, a good  active noise cancellation system  and that very premium feeling that many people love.

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