Sennheiser HD 250BT Review: Good honest headphones

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When I start to forget about how cool wireless on-ear headphones with an adequate price tag can play , then Sennheiser HD 250BT falls on my head – cheap and very musical!

Contents of delivery

With the box and all the contents it is very simple – only the most necessary, this is me talking about the cable. Everything, nothing else is included in the kit.


On the one hand, we have before us very Spartan headphones made of the simplest materials. Black plastic, a minimum of unnecessary elements, a simple headband without soft pads, no touch panels. But the design is simple, like the corner of this house, it is not going to break even after 5 years of operation, you will change the maximum ear pads. The HD 250BT looks universal and restrained, this is not a Marshall Major or something like JBL headphones , they will not be forced to wear a special sweater.


For the convenience of control, there are five buttons, there are only 3 buttons, they are pressed clearly and clearly, the indicator will tell you when it is time to charge. Charged with USB-C cable. It is not difficult to adjust the bowls to fit your kettle, especially since they, the bowls, have a free stroke and fit well to the ears. Specifically for the ears, since the ear pads are small enough and put directly on the ears, this means that it will take some getting used to. Also, the moment of adjusting the arc is made in such a way that the part that slides inside the bowl is rubbed straight during the first adjustment. Not a bug, but a feature! But you can see right away whether someone measured them or not. They sit on their heads ok, for a quiet run and pokatushki in places where you will not be hit by a car, they are suitable.


I have no idea what kind of marketers are there at Sennheiser, but on their official website you can see the inscription “Sounds better than they look”. At the expense of the company’s policy, let them decide for themselves, but thanks for the honesty, because this is so – the sound here is excellent. Just a couple of years ago, such a sound could not be achieved even in wired headphones for $ 100, but now you are on bluetooth, and even so to listen to Dire Straits! I’m not kidding, I really enjoyed listening to our entire test set, from David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and Moby to Kavinsky and Tokimosta. The sound resembled that of the Sennheiser HD 25 Light , which are both wired and more expensive. In general, you can feel the sound of the DJ series from the Senkhs – the bass is fabulous.

Here is a voluminous and downed bass, it is collected and pumped up, a normal middle and well-developed sonorous. You shouldn’t count on perfect cymbal detail in the fastest and hardest moments of the Bullet For My Valentine tracks, but in general, the sound is really warm and wide, at maximum volume the sand on the highs becomes even greater. But this is nit-picking, the sound is excellent for your money, no competitor will give you the best.

At the expense of competitors, there really are not many of them here – these are the old Marshall Major III Bluetooth, which are a little more expensive, play a little worse, but more beautiful, Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth , which are also hard to find and play easier and JBL Live 400BT , which are more smooth in design, but the sound is worse. If you find a classmate by sound, then it will be Marshall MID but they are more expensive.

Bluetooth 5.0 supports aptX with Low Latency, so rejoice IPTX lovers and those who hate YouTube video latency, it’s minimal here.

The battery lasts 25 hours at average values. This is a good result for wireless headphones in this price segment. No fast charging, but 100% HD 250BT charges in 3 hours.


Such unexpected headphones always surprise me more than something very expensive and innovative. There, after all, you already expect something like that, and in the case of the Sennheiser HD 250BT, I did not expect anything at all, well, it should have been normal for myself, but no more. And how they took it, how they played with all the money in the world, how they surprised me.

Good honest headphones with excellent sound, as simple as possible, 100 years of reliability and a bad mic, if you ever need one. Oh yes, for myself, I personally noted the absence of a mini-jack for a wired connection, they would be useful for me several times for installation, but I will not mount via bluetooth, even minimal delays do not save there. The rest is 5/6, but this is despite the fact that if you perceive these headphones not as a headset and are not going to speak on them.