Skullcandy Cassette: Budget, high quality wireless headphones

The Skullcandy brand has always positioned itself as a manufacturer of affordable equipment for active, extreme people. I have a positive experience of using his headphones, but it was using more premium models. The version that I got for review is in the budget segment and this adds to the interest of getting to know it.

This price category is distinguished by fierce competition from well-known market players who are trying their best to win the favor of their customers. This happens because it is with the budget versions that the acquaintance and disposition of a brand or company usually begins.

What’s interesting?

Skullcandy Cassette is a re-release of a successful wired version that has become obsolete. Just want to draw your attention to their cost, although the device has no wires, the price tag is more like wired models. The earbuds have impressive autonomy, Bluetooth 5.0, wired connectivity, and, at the moment, they come with a shipping case as a gift. Considering the affordable price tag, the feature set is impressive.

What meets us in the box?

Understanding the class of the device, I did not create illusions about the bundle. I was greeted by a detachable wired cord, a charging cord, and a user manual. The charging connector of the usb C format immediately catches your eye; most of my equipment has this charging format.

Design and ease of use

The model is made in black, with a bas-relief Skullcandy logo on the side arms. It looks discreet, like the whole device. The design was inspired by 80 years, when the practicality and quality of the device were most appreciated. The ear cushions are made of soft leather substitute, which is tactilely pleasant to the body.

They have a comfortable landing, several hours of operation do not lead to fatigue at all, although budget models often sin with this. The controls are implemented with intuitive keys, which you get used to very quickly. The design of the earbuds includes metal elements that extend the life of the earbuds, increasing the reliability of the device.

The build quality is at a high level, during the whole testing period I did not notice any backlash or squeaks. The autonomy of the device deserves special attention, which is 22 hours, also thanks to the modern charging connector there is a fast charging function. It allows you to get 2.5 hours of battery life in just 10 minutes from the network.

Sound, stability

I confess that I did not create illusions about the Cassette model, if only they made a sound. Everyone understands that they will not stand out with their audiophile, ‘correct’ sound. As it turned out, the headphones play quite adequately, most of the users of this quality will be enough.

They don’t have a booming bass, but there is an accent on it. lately electronic and pop music is gaining popularity. The middle is present in sufficient quantity, although it can be flat in places. According to my feelings, the high frequencies are slightly cut off, this happens so that the ears do not cut at certain moments.

In general, as I described above, they are tuned to popular musical genres and for complex instrumental music this is not quite the case. During the entire testing period, I did not notice random interference or disconnections of the device.


Skullcandy Cassette are interesting  on-ear headphones that could combine good functionality for a modest price. The design of the headphones is reinforced with metal, which allows you to use them without risks every day. Adding to this pleasant noise insulation, folding structure and a cover for transportation, we get a competitive device, which is not a shame to advise.