Sony Inzone: The perfect earbuds for gamers

Sony Inzone Buds Review
Sony Inzone Buds Review

Sony has had a leading presence in the audio devices segment for many years, although recently it has sought to bring this type of proposals closer to its most successful platform, its Playstation 5 video game console. Thus, you will find in stores with a variety of options to choose from and Sony Inzone Buds is one of them.

Sony Inzone Buds are mid-range wireless headphones that are designed to optimize your gaming experience, whether you want to play from your computer, mobile device or console. Its operation allows you to use Bluetooth connectivity as well as a USB-C dongle that will ensure a reduction in latency to below 30 ms.

The style of the Playstation family

The first thing that can be highlighted about this model is a representation of its game console in the choice of colors with a mixture of white and black on its surface , something that for example we already saw in the Sony INZONE H3 headphones that we already had the opportunity to analyze previously. While the brand has its own line of Playstation-branded accessories, it’s impossible not to appreciate the closeness.

On the other hand, although there are other wireless headphones that are even smaller and less noticeable when worn, Sony Inzone Buds are still accessories weighing just 6.5 grams each so that you can continue using them during long gaming sessions without that you feel pain or discomfort. In addition, its format has been optimized to find the ideal angle in relation to your ears as well as the auditory cavity.

To conclude, if you want to perform the typical playback control actions as well as accept an audio communication, you only have to press several times or hold them down for several seconds on its touch surface. When it comes to durability, you have an IPX4 certification to withstand water splashes and dust accumulation.

Promise of sound and immersion

Sony Inzone Buds promise comfort and good grip

It is worth emphasizing that these models have been developed in collaboration with the Fnatic company to respond to the conventional needs of professional players. The result allows them to be more compact than headphones but without compromising an audio experience that meets the demands.

Thus, Sony Inzone Buds use an 8.4 mm driver accompanied by compatibility with spatial sound so that you can appreciate each of the sound details in the scene arriving at you from different angles in a 360º range. This way, you will be able to better understand where the shots are coming from or where your enemies are during a game.

As if that were not enough, you can use active noise cancellation technology to completely isolate yourself from what is happening around you in case you are in noisy places or traveling on public roads. Do you need to stay in touch with your friends? There is also an integrated microphone that uses AI-based algorithms to recognize your voice and give it more prominence while reducing background audio so that it does not filter into your call.

Featured battery and connectivity

Sony Inzone Buds include a small case to charge them

The official figures for the Sony Inzone Buds in terms of battery life are more than outstanding for this type of small headphones, as it will give you enough energy to exceed 12 hours of continuous playback with a USB connection and without ANC activated , while It drops to 11 hours if the Bluetooth LE standard is used.

Likewise, its fast charging capacity will give you up to an hour of additional playback after charging it for five minutes, something that can clearly help you in certain moments of urgency, while its storage case included with your purchase will allow you to recover 100% even when you are away from home or during trips.

Finally, in addition to being able to synchronize with any current device via Bluetooth, you can use a USB-C adapter that connects to the computer to reduce latency to less than 30 ms and thus avoid delays in audio input compared to what that you are seeing on the screen when playing. This will also be very useful for you to be able to use them on your Playstation console, since at the moment it is not compatible with the use of Bluetooth headphones.


  • Original and quality design
  • Support for spatial sound and noise cancellation
  • Battery for more than 10 hours of use
  • Can be used with USB-C adapter


  • Price may be a little high


Sony Inzone Buds Specifications:

Weight 6.5 grams each
Colors Black White
diaphragm unit 8.4mm
Endurance IPX4
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3, USB-C DAC
Bluetooth LE audio profile TMAP, CSIP, MCP, VCP, CCP
Technology Spatial audio, noise cancellation, ambient mode
Battery life Up to 12 hours with ANC off, 11 hours with ANC on
Loading time 120 minutes with quick charge for one hour of playback after five minutes
Accessories Earphones
Hybrid Silicone Ear Tips
USB Cable
Charging Case
Reference Guide
Warranty Card
USB Transceiver
Official site sony