Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review: Wireless headphones with studio quality sound

SoundCore Liberty 2 Pro

The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro headphones have a completely unique design that combines a dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver in each case, or, as it is most often called, armature. The new technology is called Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture, or ACAA. According to the manufacturer, only their headphones are endowed with such a design so far. No other manufacturer offers anything like this.


Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: Design

Anker has made a small revolution in wireless headphones. Most often, when listening to music through TWS headphones, there is a fairly strong imbalance towards low frequencies. A single miniature speaker is simply physically incapable of providing clear sound with a high degree of detail in the entire audible frequency range. In this case, each of the headphones has two emitters, not one. Moreover, of different types, which allows you to simultaneously use the advantages of both the armature driver and the dynamic one. The known advantages of the first include the absence of sound distortions and, as a consequence, high fidelity. But reinforcing headphones usually do not have a wide frequency range. This shortcoming is compensated by the dynamic emitter.

A product of the famous North American corporation Knowles is used as an armature driver. To the armature driver, the headphones owe their high detail at mid and high frequencies, which makes the sound as accurate as possible, similar to the studio. The manufacturer of the dynamic driver is unknown. But its relatively large diameter is known – 11 mm, as well as its purpose in this tandem. It gives the sound picture depth and palpability of low frequencies. Thus, the armature driver in the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro design is responsible for the fidelity, and the dynamic driver for the scale and depth.

Like other modern TWS headphones, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro connects to the sound source using the built-in Bluetooth 5.0 module using SBC, AAC and aptX codecs. A Qualcomm chip is responsible for Bluetooth operation and headphone control. The manufacturer does not specify which processor is used, but it is known that it ensures the operation of the noise cancellation system during a call, which is assisted by four built-in microphones – two on each earpiece. Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro does not have active noise cancellation when playing music. We will definitely pay attention to this indicator when working with a new product.

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Like other TWS headphones, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro can be used as a headset. By pressing the mechanical buttons, you can accept or reject incoming calls, as well as call the voice assistant. While listening to music, the same buttons are used to control playback.

One of the most interesting additional features implemented in the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is HearID technology. Thanks to an algorithm specially developed for this model, the headphones test the hearing of its owner and, using the Soundcore software application, automatically adjust the equalizer to its individual characteristics. We will try to find out during testing how magical this “pill” will turn out to be, which decides the eternal question of which headphones one likes best. In the meantime, we note that the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro model has been recognized by ten world-renowned music producers who have been awarded the prestigious Grammy award.

In terms of battery life, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is on par with the best wireless models on the market. According to the manufacturer, the headphone battery will last for eight hours of  continuous use . Well, the case provides at least three more full charge cycles. Thus, the autonomous playback time (with three breaks) can reach 32 hours. At the same time, in just ten minutes of finding the headphones in the case, they receive a charge, which is enough for two hours of work. Very good.

Well, the case itself received a Qi-certificate confirming the possibility of wireless energy reception. In other words, the battery built into the case can be charged not only with a USB cable, but also with a wireless charger from any third party manufacturer.

The headphones are delivered in a colorfully decorated box made of very thick cardboard. In this case, the designers have worked very carefully on the packaging. It is colorfully decorated and ensures reliable transportation of all components of the kit. It’s just a pleasure to hold it in your hands and study the contents. And to send this masterpiece to the trash bin after extracting the contents from it simply does not raise a hand.

A traditional set of accessories is supplied with the headphones:

  • storage and charging case;
  • six sets of additional silicone tips of different sizes;
  • two additional pairs of silicone temples of different sizes;
  • USB-C cable for charging the battery built into the case;
  • printed user’s guide for operating the device in different languages ​​and other printed materials.

Despite the fact that all accessories are standard, there are simply a huge amount of silicone tips in the kit. This accessory is quite inexpensive, but for some reason, manufacturers rarely put it in such a generous amount in a package with headphones.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: Appearance

The headphones are available only in dark or white colors. We got the first version, in which the dark gray color of wet asphalt prevails. The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro headphones turned out to be quite big, but the developers tried to make them look the most aesthetically pleasing in the ears.

The outer part of the body is slightly flattened, but stretched in area. This shape allows for maximum displacement of the center of mass towards the ear, which means more reliable wearing of the headphones. And although the specifications do not say anything about sports, during the testing process we will definitely check their performance even with this mode of use.

The outer part of the case of each earphone is decorated with oval decorative inserts, slightly lighter than other elements. The inserts adorn the corporate logo, and on the side there is a narrow strip of white LED backlighting, informing the user about the modes of connection with the sound source. Also on the large outer part of the body of each earphone there are one control button and two microphones: outside and at the end.

Reliability and comfort during installation are provided by replaceable silicone temples of different sizes. They cling to the curls of the auricle and hold the headphones in place when making sudden movements. For precise positioning of the silicone earbuds, there is a small protrusion on the body of each earphone, and at the earbud itself there is a recess that must be joined during installation.

Behind the main part of the body, on which the temples are attached, there is an outlet tube with a beautiful golden mesh and removable silicone inserts. The ear cushions of the headphones are standard, which allows you to replace them with any others in case of loss or damage.

The storage and charging case for Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro matches the headphones themselves. It is made in the same design and also has quite large dimensions. Outwardly, it resembles a rough pebble, in which the upper part is made in the form of a sliding cover. If the outside of the “pebble” has a soft coating, then inside it is trimmed with black lacquered plastic with recesses for each of the headphones.

They have a traditional magnetic headphone mount and contact pads for recharging their built-in batteries. On the outside of the case, there are three LED indicators that inform you of the battery charge, a button for checking the charge and a USB-C port for recharging. The latter is closed with a plastic lid so that moisture or debris does not get into it.

The magnets on the headphones are quite powerful. However, in order to fit the earbuds into place in the case, they will have to be carefully and correctly oriented. Just bringing them to the open case, like some other models, will not be enough. And the earbuds perfectly magnet to each other. In this form, it will be more difficult to lose them in the absence of a case.

In general, the design of the headphones are thought out to the smallest detail. It is unlikely that he will leave someone indifferent or cause negative. We also note the simply excellent workmanship and materials from which the headphones are made.

We tested the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro with several Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones, as well as an ASUS Zenbook laptop. The first connection goes smoothly and takes only a few seconds. In this case, the headphones are recognized as two devices – left and right. This model does not have an in-ear sensor. If, while listening, you take off the headphones and put them on the table, they will not turn off – the user will have to take care of this. The headphones will turn off only if they are removed in the case and the case is closed. Well, or simply turn off the power of each earphone by long-pressing the control button on the case. Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro was connected to smartphones automatically when turned on in our case.

Each earbud has one multifunction button, so the control options of the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro are far from limitless. A single press on the button of any headphone will start playback or pause the track. In the same way, you can answer an incoming call or cancel it. These functions cannot be reconfigured in any way. But the actions with double pressing or long (within 1 s) can be programmed. In the Soundcore application, you can set commands for skipping to the next or previous track, adjusting the volume and calling the voice assistant. Unfortunately, there are only two options for programmed clicks, and there are three possible actions, so you have to sacrifice something.

And, probably, the most interesting thing that can be done using a mobile application is to adjust the equalizer. In this case, the manufacturer paid much more attention to this section than usual. First, there is the usual custom EQ with eight knobs, which in itself is pretty good.

The manufacturer offers ten completely unique preset modes that were created by the very ten world-renowned music producers who recommend this headphone model. The only pity is that the settings themselves are not disclosed. Well, there are also 22 additional presets designed for different musical styles and tastes of the user.

But the most interesting is yet to come. We are talking about the HearID technology. Headphones detect hearing sensitivity in different frequency ranges, and the app adjusts the equalizer to the results. Testing takes about three minutes. In this case, the user needs to specify his age, after which the application will start broadcasting sound separately for the right and left ears, changing the frequency. The user only needs to confirm by pressing a button whether he hears a sound or not. Well, the testing itself must be carried out in the most quiet place in a calm environment. Testing creates a completely unique personalized setting that can be turned on or off in the EQ section along with other preset and manually created options.

So far, we have not seen anything like this on any TWS headphones that we have tested. In terms of its capabilities, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro model can really be called unique in its kind. Well, now it’s time to find out how these capabilities relate to application practice.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: Sound quality

Surprisingly, the sound of Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro contains everything that the manufacturer writes about in its advertising brochures, that is, pure sound without the slightest impurities and distortions combined with a spatial bass picture. In these headphones, the mids and highs sound very effectively against the background of deep bass. The headphones owe this effect to the dual driver.

Original preset equalizer settings give the sound a variety of colors. You can argue for a long time about whether this is good or bad, as well as about the fact that the “right” headphones should sound out of the box, but everyone’s hearing is different, and so are the requirements for sound. The equalizer allows you to correct this flaw and do something that is not available to any headphones out of the box – to allow the user to  enjoy the sound exactly what he wants and at a given moment in time.

This is the principle behind the work of personalized sound settings created when testing the user’s hearing using the HearID technology. After testing and connecting the created profile, the sound of the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro has changed quite a lot. The basses have hardly changed, but the mid and high frequencies have a bright color. But the most interesting thing is that in some compositions sounds appeared that were not heard before. And for this, the engineers from Anker should be thanked!

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro: Comfort

For wearability and comfort, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro can be called one of the best in its class. Yes, they are quite large and not the lightest, but at the same time they cling very tightly to the cartilaginous folds of the ear. The main thing is to choose the right size of the silicone temples and inserts. If you did everything correctly, then you will not feel any discomfort from prolonged wearing. During testing, we ran a little with headphones on a city park with different terrain and even sharp dives and natural obstacles in the form of trees, puddles and other things. A couple of times, the headphones had to be adjusted a little, but in general they passed this test very well. Most of the similar non-sports-oriented models fall out from the very first jumps, but the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is a pleasant exception to this rule.

In the ears, they look quite harmonious and do not greatly attract the attention of others. Due to the slightly elongated shape of the outer part of the case, they resemble a traditional headset more than the large round kegs that other TWS models are often produced in. The headphones are quite compatible with a knitted hat of any cut, which is especially important for any climate. But if your headgear does not stretch at all, then you will most likely not be able to put it on with the headphones.

The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro is insulated from the sounds of the surrounding world in the same way as other in-ear headphones with silicone ear pads. In this case, to a greater extent, everything depends on the correctly selected size of the silicone earmold and the individual characteristics of the structure of the ear. When the headphones work as a headset, you can hear the interlocutor very clearly, without distortion, just as the interlocutor hears you. The system of four microphones with noise cancellation copes well with noise, not just when talking outside, but even in strong winds. In this case, the sound is slightly distorted, but not drowned out by noise.

Controlling playback and telephone conversations using Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro does not cause any complaints. Mechanical buttons are more convenient and easier to use than fashionable touch panels. You can do this even with thin gloves. If you do not use voice assistants, it will be more convenient to replace this command with a more popular audio volume control.

The claimed eight hours of battery life, the headphones work out at about fifty percent volume level. It is quite enough for listening at home, but a higher level is required on the street and in transport. Well, the battery built into the case, as stated by the manufacturer, fully charges the headphones at least three times. Such indicators of autonomy are quite enough for any scenario of using headphones.

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The Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro headphones represent a new generation of wireless models, some of the capabilities of which would be worth a closer look even for those companies that absolutely every inhabitant of the Earth knows about. The endorsement of a dozen Grammy-winning music producers is not just a clever publicity stunt designed to attract an unlucky user with a beautiful picture. It seems that in this case it really is the result of serious work of the engineers who worked on the creation of the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro.

The headphones has much more advantages than disadvantages, which more likely even belong to the category of wishes than negative aspects. Let’s hope that the manufacturer will not stop there and will continue to improve both the headphones themselves and the original sound personalization technology. It only remains to note that the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro model is one of the most interesting wireless in-ear headphones in its class. Moreover, their cost, which is less than ten thousand dollars, they justify one hundred percent.