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Soundcore Life Tune Review: Excellent headphones at a low price

soundcore life tune 2

For the first time, I want to give a prize for an adequate name to Anker headphones . This time we have not some Anker Soundcore ANC Life Dot Pro 2 Elite Good Bad, but just a Soundcore Life Tune. But, as before, any new Anker headphones are a great product. So it happened with the novelty. In the review, we will figure out how the manufacturer managed to cram ANC and good sound into a convenient body for the money .

Contents of delivery

Life Tune is delivered in a hard case, inside which there is still a charging cable, AUX cable and documentation.

Design and ergonomics

Externally, the headphones are similar to past Soundcore on- ear models and, as it seemed to me, to JBL headphones . The appearance of the five, exactly like the assembly with materials. The headband consists of several components – an iron bow, a soft inner layer and a plastic casing.

Soundcore Life Tune 1

The bowls are made quite original and seem to consist of two plates. The smaller plate contains all the controls and connections. On the left side are the USB-C charging port, power button, status light, and NC button. On the right cup there are volume buttons, a multifunctional button for controlling playback and answering a call, and a mini-jack for listening with a cable. Also, the right bowl is sensory and when you put your hand on the bowl, the transparency mode is activated.


obzor naushnikov soundcore life tune anc i krutoj zvuk za kopejki 1


The headphones look neat and very versatile, any style of clothing is in the subject. With the convenience of a complete order, they are very light, the ear pads are very soft, there is no discomfort for many hours. All control elements are located in their places and are perfectly located blindly. The design is foldable, the bowls can be rotated.


Soundcore Life Tune ear cushions are soft for a reason! They immediately show you the softness of sound! And this is really one of the softest and most comfortable headphones for me lately, yes, no honesty should be expected here, but the model is insanely user-friendly and will appeal to almost everyone who listens to it. Even Slipknot plays softly here. Because of the low, the middle and high frequencies are blurred somewhere, this should be immediately understood and accepted. That is, if you are looking for headphones for the classics and you need maximum detail and sonority, then this is not here. But with the volume there is complete order, it seems that the music is playing around you, and you are in the center. This is achieved not only thanks to the rather large 40mm drivers, but also due to the over-ear format and internal materials of the ear cushions.


obzor naushnikov soundcore life tune anc i krutoj zvuk za kopejki 10


I have practically no questions about ANC, especially considering the cost of the model. Yes, the noise reduction does not match Sony and Bose in their top-end solutions, but the price is also different. If we evaluate the noise reduction Sony WH-1000XM4 at 100 points, then Soundcore Life Tune I would put 80 with confidence, and this is an amazing result. Most importantly, there is no discomfort when listening to music with ANC activated, and this sometimes happens. There is a transparency mode, which also works well, the only thing I didn’t really like is its implementation – it’s not always convenient to hold the right cup for a couple of seconds, it’s better to use this functionality on a button, but that’s such nitpicking.

I will add a plus for those who work in headphones with sound – there is the possibility of connecting via cable, which will be appreciated by both stage monitors and sound people. What is there, and gamers with filmmakers too. By the way, at the expense of gamers – games sound very atmospheric here, I could even recommend these headphones as gaming due to their softness.


Since these headphones are made by the manufacturer of the best power banks in the world, there is complete order with autonomy. Without ANC Life Tune is played for 60 hours! And with 40 noise reduction. Both results are just excellent, despite the fact that they are fully charged in 2 hours. Fast charging is also supported in 5 minutes for 4 hours of listening.

Soundcore Life Tune


And so we got to the cost of the entire Soundcore Life Tune. For headphones with a pleasant soft sound, excellent appearance, ergonomics, good ANC, almost record autonomy and a cool microphone, the manufacturer asks for even less than $ 100. Sorry, but this is nonsense! 5 out of 6 and an extreme purchase recommendation while these headphones are in stock!

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