The 50 Best TWS Earbuds of 2022

The 50 Best TWS Earbuds of 2022
The 50 Best TWS Earbuds of 2022

The abundance of TWS headphones has become such that far from everyone can figure it out. It seems that even clothing and beverage manufacturers have begun to produce them. However, we keep a close eye on this overheated market and know how to separate the wheat from the many chaff. In this article, we have collected the most interesting and original fully wireless headphones released in 2022 and featuring both good sound and unusual technical solutions.

The rating is compiled in ascending order of price, while all the presented models deserve attention.


50. Digma TWS-16

Traditional semi-submersible headphones that are held in the ear not so much by immersion in the auditory canal, but by a stop between the tragus and the antitragus of the auricle. The headphones have a dynamic driver with a 10 mm diaphragm, which allows you to add a few decibels in the low-frequency range. The headphone cases are made of durable and pleasant to the touch plastic, the carrying case has the usual smooth shape. On the front panel there is a small screen that displays the charge level of the batteries built into the headphones. Their charge is enough for 4 hours of operation of the model in talk mode.

+ Minimum price, comfortable bass sound

 Slightly confusing controls, short battery life


49.boAt Airdopes 100


Price – 1,299 rupees

Indian fully wireless headphones feature low signal latency, which is only 50ms when BEAST Mode is activated. The acoustic part of the model is built on 10 mm dynamic drivers, the manufacturer claims that the headphones have an impressive low-frequency range for their design. Four built-in microphones and ENX technology provide clear speech and noise-free calls. The battery life of the earbuds on a single charge is 10 hours, while the full battery life using the charging case reaches 50 hours. At the same time, just five minutes of charging gives the user 60 minutes of listening to music. The earbuds are protected from moisture and dust according to the IPX4 standard, the built-in voice assistant is activated with one click and supports Google Assistant and Siri.

+ Low latency, low price, IPX4 protection, long battery life

 You will have to order from India


48.Meizu mBlu Lifeme TWS

Price – $32

Headphones with an excellent combination of performance and value. They are equipped with 12 mm dynamic drivers, providing the necessary support on the bass. Claimed battery life without a charging case is 6.5 hours, with its use it increases to 30 hours. The cases are protected from moisture according to the IPX4 standard, the model supports a gaming mode with a low latency of 50 ms. Flyme’s proprietary function connects the headphones to your smartphone immediately after opening the charging case.

+ Good sound, IPX4 certified, low price

 Except the design


47. Baseus Bowie EX

Price – 329 yuan

The new model of fully wireless headphones from the Chinese brand supports Panoramic sound technology. It was developed by the company in collaboration with WANOS and combines surround sound with object-oriented sound processing algorithms. The manufacturer claims that when using the charging case, the headphones can work up to 30 hours offline. The acoustic part is built on traditional dynamic radiators, the Bluetooth 5.3 module is responsible for wireless communication.

+ Original sound processing technology, Bluetooth 5.3

 Have to order from China


46 Edifier Lolli Pro 2

Price – 379 yuan

Inexpensive headphones with a two-way design. Each has two dynamic drivers – a 6mm titanium-plated diaphragm driver for high frequencies and a 10mm composite diaphragm driver for bass reproduction. The model is Hi-Res Wireless certified and supports the LDAC codec. The advanced noise reduction system reduces the noise level by 45 dB. In addition, a special algorithm with deep learning elements and three built-in microphones provide clear and crisp speech reproduction when talking on the phone. The headphones have a search function using a proprietary application. The battery life is 6 hours on a single charge, with the charging case extended to 24 hours. Headphones are protected from moisture and dust according to the IP54 standard.

+ dual-lane design, advanced hardware, LDAC support

 Currently only available in China


45.OPPO Enco Buds2

The headphones are equipped with dynamic drivers with titanium diaphragms with a diameter of 10 mm. They feature Enco Live presets with powerful bass for music lovers of different genres. Each earbud weighs only 4 grams and has an IPX4 waterproof rating. The model can work up to 7 hours without recharging and up to 28 hours with a charging case. The earphones are equipped with an AI-based noise reduction system that dynamically tracks the human voice and separates it from background noise in real time. For control, the headphones are equipped with touch zones and can work as a remote control for the camera.

+ Great bass, long battery life, advanced noise reduction system

 Virtually nothing


44. KZ SK10

Price – $40

The cute headphones are available in three colors – white, black and pink, their distinguishing feature is the use of a hybrid acoustic part. It includes one dynamic emitter with a composite diaphragm with a diameter of 10 mm and one 30019 armature driver. From a single charge, the headphones can work up to 6.5 hours, coupled with the charging case, the battery life increases to 26 hours. Wireless communication is provided by the Bluetooth 5.2 module. Playback and calls are controlled by pressing the touch area on the outside of the case, each earbud weighs 6 grams.

+ Two-way design, great sound

 Slightly increased weight



Price – $42.99

The main difference between the updated version of the popular headphones was the use of the new Bluetooth 5.2 wireless module, which improved the quality of communication and reduced the noise level. Headphones are offered in two colors – black and white. The rest of the specs remain unchanged from the original model – a 13mm titanium-coated dynamic driver, five key-switchable preset EQ curves, and Active Noise Cancellation. The earbuds last up to 4 hours on a single charge and up to 12 hours with the charging case.

+ Original design, built-in EQ curves, titanium diaphragm

 Short battery life


42. KZ VX10

Price – $52

Advanced headphones have a three-way design and are equipped with hybrid drivers. Each earphone has one dynamic driver with a double magnetic system and a 10 mm diaphragm, two 50024 armature drivers and two 30019 armature drivers. They are tuned in such a way that the resulting frequency response is as close as possible to the standard Harman curve. The cases are anatomically shaped and come with a set of silicone ear pads. The operating time from one charge is 4 hours, together with the case – 20 hours. Each earpiece weighs just under 6 grams.

+ Three-lane design, competent adjustment

 Short battery life



Price – $55

The electronic part of this model is built on a Qualcomm QCC 3020 chip, which means support for the aptX audiophile codec and cVc 8.0 noise reduction system. The built-in rechargeable battery in the case has a capacity of 600 mAh, one charge is enough for the headphones for 6 hours of continuous operation. Together with the case, the user can do without going to the outlet for 24 hours. The headphones have one dynamic driver with a titanium diaphragm responsible for bass reproduction, as well as one reinforcing radiator. The weight of one earpiece is 5.3 grams.

+ Great sound, two-way configuration, aptX support

 Design only



Price – $58

The model is built on the Qualcomm QCC3046 chip, which provides support for aptX, AAC, SBC codecs, cVc 8.0 noise reduction system, as well as low input lag. The headphones are IPX5 certified, which promises reliable protection against moisture and dust. The acoustic part of the model includes two 30019 armature drivers and one dynamic driver with an 8mm diaphragm. One of the main features of the model is a case with a large battery and support for wireless charging, which can provide the headphones with up to 72 hours of continuous operation. True, from one charge cycle, the headphones can work no more than 4 hours.

+ Hybrid design, powerful charging case

 Short battery life on a single charge


39. ZMI PurSpace 2 Pro

Price – $60

This fully wireless earbuds features an advanced noise reduction system based on three microphones and deep learning artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as ZMI EQsmart 2.0 system that allows you to adjust the depth of noise reduction. The acoustic part of the earbuds includes an 11mm dynamic driver with a titanium diaphragm. Headphones can simultaneously connect to two signal sources and have a signal delay of no more than 69 ms. The battery life on a single charge is 9 hours, when using the charging case, the battery life increases to 30 hours. The headphone cases are protected from moisture and dust according to the IPX4 standard.

+ Long battery life, advanced noise reduction system

 Not the lowest signal delay


38.Skullcandy Mod

Price – $60

The new model of the American brand is capable of operating on a single charge up to 7 hours, and using the carrying case adds another 27 hours of operation, bringing the total battery life to 34 hours. The acoustic part of the model is built on 6 mm dynamic drivers, another important feature of the model is the ability to simultaneously connect to several signal sources and switch between them without delay. The headphones are also IP55 certified, which means they are water and splash resistant.

+ Dual source connection, IP55 certified, dynamic sound

 Only one color


37. Noise IntelliBuds

Price – $75

These headphones were developed by an Indian company in collaboration with the German company Bragi. The main difference from most competitors is the ability to program user-friendly gestures to control the headphones, and the built-in neural network will help distinguish random head movements from those in control. It is possible to voice control using the Hot Voice function, in addition, the headphones can be used to remotely control the camera of a smartphone. Built-in case battery has a capacity of 600 mAh and is able to provide battery life for 36 hours.

+ Management from Bragi, excellent equipment

 Can only be ordered in India


36. BGVP Q2S

Price – $77

The headphones differ not only in the hybrid acoustic part, but also in the use of high-quality Knowles RAF-32873 armature drivers in it. Bass support is provided by a dynamic transducer with a 6 mm diaphragm made of natural material, and an electronic separation filter is entrusted with ensuring the joint operation of all emitters. The electronic part is built on the Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, which provides support for the aptX codec and low input lag. The outer panels of the case and the acoustic loading chamber are 3D printed from German-made hypoallergenic epoxy resin. Headphones can work both in wired – MMCX connectors are provided for this – and in wireless mode. In the latter, the total battery life is 28 hours.

+ Hybrid design, Knowles armature drivers, wired capability

 Probably nothing.


35 Edifier W240TN

Price – $80

The new model from Edifier features a two-way design and uses dynamic-type drivers with a diameter of 10mm and 6mm. The first of them is responsible for the low-frequency range, the second – for high frequencies. The headphones also have a customizable Active Noise Cancellation system with a “transparent” mode. Wireless connection provides a Bluetooth chip version 5.3. The capacity of the built-in battery is enough for 7 hours of operation without noise reduction, with a charging case, this time will increase to 21 hours. Headphones are reliably protected from moisture penetration according to the IP55 standard.

+ Two-way circuit, powerful bass, low price

 Not the most sophisticated design


34. Tanchjim Echo

Price – $85

The original grey-white headphone housings contain each one dynamic driver with a 10mm beryllium diaphragm on a flexible suspension. The Qualcomm QCC3040 chip, supplemented by a DSP processor, is responsible for signal transmission and conversion. The model supports the advanced aptX Adaptive codec, and the built-in triangular antenna promises reliable communication quality. On a single charge, the earphones can last 6 hours, and the powerful charging case adds another 42 hours, bringing the total time to 48 hours. Included with the headphones are six pairs of silicone ear tips of various shapes and sizes.

+ Sleek design, 10mm beryllium-coated driver, aptX Adaptive support

 White color only


33. Gravastar Sirius P5

Price – 85-90 USD

A distinctive feature of these semi-submersible headphones is the original charging case with three interchangeable designs, while the owner can change the outer shell of the case to his liking. The acoustic part of the model is built on 12 mm dynamic drivers, the total battery life paired with a charging case is 40 hours. Headphones are equipped with ENC noise reduction system and are IPX4 certified. When pre-ordered on the manufacturer’s website, the price is $89.95 for a set with three case designs and $84.95 for a set with one design.

+ Unique design, 12mm dynamic drivers, good battery life

 Sold by pre-order


32. Moondrop Sparks TWS

Price – $90

Cute headphones are produced in three different colors. They are equipped with dynamic drivers with 10 mm beryllium emitters. True, we are talking about a layer of superhard metal deposited on a polymer substrate, but in combination with a powerful magnetic system made of N52 neodymium and a proprietary acoustic filter, such an emitter provides excellent sound quality. The electronic part includes a Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth 5.2 chip supporting aptX. The charging case is equipped with a 700 mAh battery, which provides a full battery life of up to 48 hours. From one charge, the headphones will work for 8 hours.

+ Beryllium-coated diaphragm, aptX support, good power reserve

 Non-serious appearance


31. Tin HiFi Tin Buds 3

Price – $90

The new model of a popular brand from the Middle Kingdom is distinguished by the use of high-quality dynamic emitters. They are equipped with 6mm beryllium-coated diaphragms. This solution provides them with increased rigidity and allows you to play loudly and without distortion. The headphones use the latest Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth chip, which supports aptX Adaptive and aptX LL codecs. The package includes an aluminum alloy charging case, and the headphone housings are made by 3D printing from a special epoxy resin. A single charge guarantees up to 6.5 hours of playback, with a total battery life of 30 hours using the charging case.

+ Beryllium diaphragm, aptX Adaptive support, aluminum case

 No moisture protection


30. Anker Soundcore Sport X10

Price – $100

The main feature of the model is fixing hooks with a special swivel mechanism that allows you to choose a comfortable fit for any person. The earbuds are protected from moisture according to the IPX7 standard, and the proprietary Soundcore SweatGuard technology protects the earbuds from the corrosive properties of sweat. The application has 22 equalizer presets, the model has 6 built-in microphones and proprietary noise reduction technology. The Wind Noise Reduction function allows you to “turn off” the annoying rustle of the wind. Another useful option of the Sport X10 is the so-called “transparency mode”. The compact case allows you to charge the headphones three times, which will last about 8 hours until the next charge (that is, a total of 32 hours when stored in the case). Headphones are available in three colors.

+ Advanced features to protect the earphones from sweat and moisture, long battery life

 More focused on athletes


29. Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro

Price – $100

The original model with the possibility of wired connection is addressed not only to gamers, but also to music lovers – the headphones support the latest aptX Lossless codec, which provides uncompressed audio signal transmission. With a wired connection via USB-C, the built-in DAC on the ESS 9280 chip is turned on, which ensures high sound quality and no input lag. But even in the wireless version, the delay is only 45 ms. The acoustic part is built on 10 mm dynamic drivers, the model is equipped with an active noise reduction system and is IPX4 certified. The maximum battery life when using the charging case is 21 hours.

+ Support for aptX Lossless, wired connectivity, great DAC

 Short battery life


28. Anker Soundcore Space A40

Price – $100

The main difference between the model is the ability to work offline for up to 50 hours when using a carrying case that supports wireless charging. At the same time, from one charge, the model will work for 10 hours. The headphones are also equipped with an active noise canceling system. The acoustic part is built on 10 mm dynamic drivers with a double-layer diaphragm, the Bluetooth chip supports the audiophile LDAC codec. The model is IPX4 certified, the weight of one earbud is only 4.9 grams. You can adapt the sound of the headphones to your own preferences using a proprietary application.

+ Long battery life, LDAC support, proprietary application

 Virtually nothing


27. Clear Audio Arc

Price – $130

Interesting sports headphones that allow you to avoid immersion in the auditory canal and are distinguished by an original attachment to the auricle. Unlike traditional in-ear models, the Cleer Audio Arc uses special earhooks that allow the headphones to hold on even with sudden head movements. In addition, they are IPX4 certified, which makes them suitable for sports and running in the rain. The acoustic part includes large dynamic drivers equipped with a 16.2mm graphene diaphragm and a neodymium magnet system. The operating time from one charge is 7 hours.

+ Unusual solution for athletes

 Don’t expect high quality sound


26. Dirac Virtuo Sudio E2

Price – $129

The fruit of cooperation between two Swedish brands – the manufacturer of wireless headphones Sudio and the developer of sound optimization and processing algorithms Dirac. The model has a dual-core chip with built-in Dirac Virtuo algorithms, giving users the opportunity to enjoy surround sound when listening to music in stereo, regardless of the signal source. This solution allows you to get the illusion of listening to a full-fledged stereo system, in addition, the headphones have a frequency response correction system depending on the position in the auditory canal. The carrying case supports wireless charging technology and comes with a set of silicone ear pads.

+ Dirac technologies at the lowest price



25. Teufel Real Blue TWS 2

Price – 150 euros

The second generation of completely wireless headphones from the Berlin company received a hybrid noise reduction system with a “transparent” mode, for which two microphones are installed in each headphone. In addition, the acoustic part has also been improved – it uses 12 mm dynamic drivers that promise to reproduce frequencies from 10 Hz. Battery life on a single charge is 6 hours with noise cancellation enabled and 8 hours without it. The charging case adds three more full charge cycles. For protection against moisture and dust, the model received certification according to the IPX3 standard. The headphones use a Bluetooth 5.2 wireless module, but codec support is limited to SBC and AAC.

+ Bass and dynamic sound, long battery life

 No support for audiophile codecs


24 Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed

Price – $150

These fully wireless headphones are aimed at gamers who prefer gaming consoles. The model is available in two versions – for PS5 and Xbox Series X, while the console version from Microsoft can simultaneously work with PS4 / PS5. This is explained by the fact that to work with the Xbox requires a special chip in the transmitter, which is not needed to connect to the PlayStation. Both models can connect both via Bluetooth 5.2 and via a secure channel at a frequency of 2.4 GHz, for which a special USB-C dongle is included. The battery life on a single charge is 8 hours, using the charging case gives another 22 hours, bringing the total operating time to 30 hours.

+ Ideal choice for gamers, Wi-Fi connectivity

 Except the color


23 Final Audio ZE3000

Price – $150

One of the main features of the model is the f-Core for Wireless dynamic emitter with ultra-low distortion. Its diaphragm is a rigid diaphragm in a silicone external suspension, which is the diaphragm used in large compression drivers. Connection to mobile gadgets is provided by Bluetooth 5.2 with support for SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive codecs. The rechargeable battery in the headphones will last for 7 hours, and the charging case will add another 28 hours to them. The device is protected from moisture and dust according to the IPX4 standard. The special f-LINK damping system optimizes the pressure in the acoustic space inside a fully sealed enclosure.

+ Excellent emitter of our own design, thoughtful design, original design



22. Yamaha TW-E5B

Price – 159 euros

New headphones from the Japanese company Yamaha are available in white, blue, green and brown. The sound in them is answered by 7 mm dynamic drivers with a membrane made of PEEK material (polyetheretherketone). The Bluetooth chip supports SBC, AAC and aptX Adaptive codecs, and the proprietary Listening Сare function monitors volume leveling. It should be such that the user can comfortably listen to musical compositions without causing unique damage to his hearing. Headphones meet the requirements of the IPX5 standard, and the built-in rechargeable battery is enough for 8.5 hours of operation.

+ Great sound, aptX Adaptive support

 Virtually nothing


21. FiiO FW5

Price – $159

The acoustic part of the model received a hybrid circuit, including a dynamic driver with a diamond-like carbon diaphragm and two Knowles RAD reinforcing radiators. The electronic part includes a Bluetooth QC5141 chip from Qualcomm with support for LHDC and aptX Adaptive codecs, as well as a DAC based on an AK4332 chip from Asahi Kasei. Each earphone has a built-in 60mAh battery, supplemented by a 380mAh battery in a carrying case. Together they provide an autonomy of 21 hours, while on a single charge, the headphones can work up to 7 hours. Noise reduction during a telephone conversation is provided by cVc technology, which uses two microphones in its work. All headphone functions are controlled using physical keys on the case or the FiiO Control mobile application.

+ Audiophile sound, LHDC and aptX Adaptive support

 No moisture protection


20 Jabra Elite 5

Price – 170 euros

The current model of Jabra TWS headphones is available in two colors – black and beige. Headphones are equipped with a hybrid active noise reduction system and can be connected simultaneously to several signal sources. From one charge, the model will work for 7 hours, together with the charging case, the battery life will be 28 hours. The Jabra Elite 5 is also IP55 certified and comes with six built-in microphones. Headphones weigh only 5 grams each, the acoustic part includes dynamic drivers with a diameter of 6 mm.

+ Beautiful headphones with good power reserve

 The price is high


19 Philips A7507

Price – 179 euros

Headphones boast ANC Pro active noise cancellation, which will allow you to hear everything that happens around you while listening to music. There is also a special algorithm for reducing wind noise. Built-in rechargeable batteries provide 8 hours of battery life on a single charge. The total time is limited to 29 hours when using the charging case. Connection to smartphones and tablet computers occurs via Bluetooth communication with support for the LDAC codec. The headphone design was developed in collaboration with the Team Jumbo Visma sports team.

+ Pleasant comfortable sound, LDAC support, good noise reduction system

 Overall battery life is short


18 Sennheiser CX 500BT

Price – $180

The premiere of the new headphones from Sennheiser took place in October 2022, sales have so far only begun in the Chinese market. The model has a traditional design based on proprietary 7mm TrueResponse dynamic drivers operating in the range from 5 to 21,000 Hz. The headphones also feature Transparent Mode Active Noise Canceling and support SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive codecs. The battery life on a single charge is 8 hours, using the charging case provides autonomous operation up to 24 hours.

+ Signature Sennheiser sound at a reduced price, aptX Adaptive support

 Currently only available in China


17. ZMI PurSpace X

Price – $175

Headphones are distinguished by a case made of titanium alloy and decorated with red decorative elements. The surface of the headphones has a special coating that prevents slipping. The acoustic part of the model is built on 12 mm dynamic drivers with diamond-like carbon diaphragms. The headphones use an original noise reduction system that includes three microphones and a bone conduction sensor. The built-in battery, also made of titanium, provides 5 hours of operation on a single charge, when using the carrying case, the battery life increases to 24 hours. The Bluetooth 5.2 chip is responsible for the wireless connection.

+ Titanium cases, excellent sound resolution, support for LC3 codec

 Relatively high price


16. Sony WF-L900 LinkBuds

Price – $180

The headphones have a “super-open” design, its essence is to allow the wearer to control the situation around, without wasting battery power to operate the microphones in the “transparency” mode. Open acoustic design is complemented by a noise reduction system during voice conversations. Each earbud weighs only 4 grams. The model received the DSEE function, which improves the sound of compressed files. To configure the gadget, use the branded mobile application Sony Headphone Connect. Connection to smartphones and tablets is provided by Bluetooth technology with support for AAC and SBC codecs. The built-in battery will last for 5.5 hours, and when using the charging case, this time can be increased by another 12 hours. Declared protection against moisture according to the IPX4 standard.

+ Original design, light weight, great sound

 Battery life is short


15NuraTrue Pro

Price – 190 euros

The earbuds are equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Bluetooth 5.3 QCC5171 chip. This chip provides support for the aptX Lossless codec, when using which the bit rate can reach 1.2 Mb / s, which means that uncompressed audio in 16/44.1 format can be transmitted. For outstanding performance, you have to pay with weight – each earbud weighs 8.6 grams. The charging case weighs 51.2 grams and provides up to 24 additional hours of autonomy, and on a single charge NuraTrue Pro will work for 8 hours. It comes with four pairs of silicone eartips, one pair of memory foam eartips, and one pair with built-in ear cups. The acoustic part of the model is built on 10 mm dynamic drivers, the presence of Dirac Virtuo surround sound technology should also be noted.

+ Supports aptX Lossless and Dirac Virtuo, secure fit in the ear

 Too heavy


14. Moondrop Alice

Price – $190

In order to bring the sound level of TWS headphones closer to that of in-ear wired headphones, the model uses the same dynamic driver with a diamond-like carbon diaphragm as in the top-end wired Moondrop Kato model. The frequency response is tuned in accordance with the proprietary VDSF curve, the model also uses an advanced sound processor. The proprietary VDSF+ algorithm creates a voluminous and deep scene, and the professional parametric equalizer built into the application allows you to flexibly adjust the sound to your taste. The QC5151 Bluetooth chip from Qualcomm, which supports the aptX Adaptive codec, is responsible for communication. The battery life on a single charge is 8 hours, when using the case, battery life reaches 40 hours. The model also uses the ENC noise reduction system.

+ Correct sound setting, reasonable price, high-quality emitter

 Available in white only


13. Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Price – $230

The new generation of headphones turned out to be 15% more compact than their predecessors. The model uses a 10 mm dynamic driver and three microphones, the headphones received Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification. The model has support for the Dolby Head Tracking format, which simulates surround sound. To connect to the signal source, Bluetooth 5.3 is used, the cases are protected from moisture and dust penetration according to the IPX7 standard. The battery capacity is enough for 8 hours without the noise reduction function turned on. The charging case will increase this time to 29 hours. Specialists from AKG were responsible for setting up the sound in the model.

+ IPX7 Certified, Dolby Head Tracking Support, Long Battery Life

 Price only


12. Apple AirPods Pro 2

Price – $250

The second version of the top “apple” TWS headphones turned out great. It boasts a new surround sound processing system, achieved through the use of the H2 processor, improved noise reduction system, but, most importantly, excellent sound. The battery life on a single charge is 6 hours, when using the charging case, the headphones will work up to 30 hours. The headphones have a search function, a loudspeaker built into the case, as well as an adaptive noise reduction system.

+ Good sound, advanced noise reduction system, built-in speaker

 In the first games there were problems with a sudden interruption of communication


11. Beyerdynamic Free Byrd

Price – $249

The first fully wireless headphones of the legendary German company are built on dynamic emitters and can operate on a single charge for 8 hours with the active noise reduction system turned on and as much as 11 hours without it. When using the charging case, these values ​​are 24 hours and 30 hours. The model supports aptX Adaptive and AAC codecs. The earbuds are IPX4 certified and come with five different sizes of silicone ear cushions, as well as three memory foam ear cushions. A proprietary mobile application allows you to measure the characteristics of the user’s hearing and adapt the sound of the headphones to them. The model is available in black and grey.

+ Long battery life, proprietary application with original functionality

 Wish the price was lower


10. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3

Price – $249.95

The new generation of the German company’s top-end fully wireless headphones continues the tradition, but now Sennheiser’s signature balanced sound has become 20% cheaper. The third iteration of Sennheiser’s flagship TWS earphones is built around 7mm dynamic drivers, while the charging case is still covered in a soft-touch fabric. Significant changes have been made to the shape of the headphone cases, which has become more ergonomic, and the proprietary ANC active noise reduction system now adapts itself to the level of external noise. Management is carried out using the proprietary application Smart Control. The model is IPX4 certified and can operate on a single charge for 7 hours (24 hours with the charging case).

+ Improved case shape, new ANC noise reduction system

 Battery life could be longer


9. JBL Tour Pro 2

Price – 250 euros

The world’s first touchscreen headphones with a charging case. In addition to the ability to control playback, it displays all the information the user needs – the charge level of each earphone, active mode, volume level and many other parameters. The headphones also support the LE Audio standard with the advanced LC3 codec. The battery life on a single charge is 10 hours, together with the JBL Tour Pro 2 charging case, it will last 40 hours. The acoustic part is built on 10 mm dynamic drivers, the frequency response of the headphones is as close as possible to the proprietary Harman curve. The start of sales is scheduled for December 2022.

+ Touch display on the case, support LE Audio

 Not cheap


8. Audio-Technica ATH-TWX9

Price – 33,000 yen

Audio-Technica’s top-of-the-line true wireless headphones feature a 5.8mm triple-diaphragm dynamic driver, complemented by a powerful magnetic system. The claimed frequency range extends from 10 to 40,000 Hz. The Bluetooth 5.2 chip is responsible for communicating with signal sources with support for SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive and aptX Voice codecs. Most importantly, support for 360 Reality Audio technology from Sony. The headphones have a hybrid noise reduction system. The battery capacity is enough for 6 hours of work, and the charging case will add another 12.5 hours to them. Protection against moisture and dust is provided by the IPX4 certificate.

+ Support for advanced codecs and 360 Reality Audio format

 Poor overall battery life


7.Yamaha TW-E7B

Price – $275

The main features of the new top model from Yamaha are proprietary Listening Care Advanced and True Sound technologies. The first of these is a kind of loudness that allows the listener to perceive all frequencies of the spectrum evenly at any volume level. The second uses digital signal processing in combination with acoustic tuning in order to sound as close as possible to the original intent of the performer. The headphones also have an active noise cancellation system when listening to music and phone calls. The acoustic part of the headphones is built on 10 mm dynamic drivers. Battery life on a single charge is 6 hours, using the charging case adds another 16 hours. The earbuds come with five different sizes of ear pads.

+ Advanced sound processing systems, customization

 Average power reserve


6.Final ZE8000

Price – 36,800 yen

As the developers of the top TWS headphones of the Japanese company assure, the components and technology used provide better sound quality than in wired models. This is achieved by a combination of quality components and a sound processing system called 8K Sound. The model is equipped with 13 mm dynamic drivers with a diaphragm attached to the gimbal without glue, the housings are IPX4 certified. From a single charge, the model will work for 5 hours, the charging case will add another 15 hours to the battery life. The kit includes several ear pads of the original form, designed specifically for this model. All sound settings can be changed in the proprietary mobile application.

+ Audiophile sound, original technical solutions

 Manufactured in pre-order batches, short battery life


5. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II

Price – $299

The new model from the American company received Custom Tune technology to optimize sound parameters and noise reduction for a specific user. Four microphones in each earphone are responsible for noise reduction, there is also a “transparency” mode. The earbuds are IPX4 water-resistant, and the battery capacity, together with the charging case, is enough for 24 hours of operation. To connect to mobile devices, the Bluetooth 5.3 protocol is used with support for SBC and AAC codecs.

+ The most correct noise reduction, excellent fit in the ear

 You have to pay for comfort


4. Astell & Kern UW100

Price – 300 euros

In these headphones addressed to audiophiles, the developers decided to do without an active noise reduction system, relying on high-quality passive isolation. In addition, the model uses a separate DAC on the AK4332. The package includes five pairs of ear pads of different sizes, so finding the right ones is easy. Headphone functions are controlled by pressing the touch area on the outer part of the case; the manufacturer also offers to use a proprietary mobile application. The battery life is 6 hours on a single charge, and with the case that supports wireless charging technology, the battery life will be 24 hours.

+ High-quality DAC, recognizable corporate design, excellent sound

 No active noise cancellation


3. JVC HA-FW1000T

Price – $350

The world’s first fully wireless headphones equipped with diaphragm drivers, which, in addition to carbon coating, have an outer layer of natural wood tens of micrometers thick. The emitters are notable for the presence of a one-piece stainless steel housing with an integrated acoustic lens and a powerful magnetic system. The speaker itself has a fairly large size – 11 mm – and is located in a closed acoustic chamber. Headphones support Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive technology, and when using a standard Bluetooth connection, proprietary technology “K2 Technology” is automatically activated. Each earphone weighs 7.8g and is capable of continuous music playback for up to 9 hours, and when using the charging case, the total battery life reaches 27 hours.

+ Advanced speakers, K2 technology, support for audiophile codecs

 Too heavy


2 Sennheiser TV Clear

Price – 400 USD

The original model of fully wireless headphones that allow you to take calls without interrupting your TV. The Sennheiser TV Clear comes with a special transmitter that connects to the TV’s audio output. With it, a wireless connection is established with the headphones using a proprietary protocol with low latency. Thus, the headphones will simultaneously connect to the smartphone and TV via different channels. For better intelligibility during calls, five levels of speech clarity are provided, in addition, the signal volume can be adjusted on the headphones themselves. The model has an active noise reduction system, as well as a transparency mode. The battery life on a single charge is 15 hours, with the charging case it increases to 37 hours.

+ Interesting technical solution, long battery life



1. Nova H1

Price – 595-695 euros

Only the price determines the presence of H1 in the top of our rating, in fact, they are out of the competition. These original headphones use the patented Directional Sound Technology, which allows you to do without the use of bone conduction, but at the same time wear headphones on the auricle, like earrings or clips. A full charge of the battery lasts for 3.5 hours of playback. The model has a standby mode that allows you to save battery power. The weight of one earphone is 7 grams. The company offers two versions of the model – Nova H1 Gold has a gold finish and is offered for 695 euros, a version with a silver finish will cost 595 euros.

+ Beautiful and unusual solution for women, original technology

 Hi-Fi sound is not worth the wait