The Best TWS Headphones Spring 2023

The Best TWS Headphones Spring 2023
The Best TWS Headphones Spring 2023

In the first months of 2023, many interesting models of TWS Headphones of various price categories entered the market , in our article we decided to talk about those that stand out not only for their high sound quality, but also for their original functionality.


8. Creative Zen Air

Creative Technology’s new headphones feature Active Noise Cancellation with Ambient Mode to let in just the right amount of ambient sound. The model is equipped with four microphones and is reliably protected from moisture and dust according to the IPX4 standard. The acoustic part includes 10 mm dynamic drivers with a neodymium magnet system. The manufacturer promises up to 18 hours of battery life and up to 6 hours of music playback without recharging. For fast charging, users can simply place the charging case on a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. The headphones support SXFI READY devices with Super X-Fi spatial holography technology that recreates a multi-channel speaker system in headphones.

Pros: inexpensive, active noise cancellation, support for the Super X-Fi algorithm

Cons: battery life is short

Verdict: Original and cute headphones with good functionality


7. Yamaha TW-E3C

The third generation of budget true wireless earphones is rich in equipment and a wide choice of colors. The model is available in six different colors – gray, black, red, beige, blue and green. Wireless communication in the headphones is provided by a Bluetooth 5.2 module that supports the aptX Adaptive codec. The model is certified according to the IPX5 standard, which guarantees good protection against moisture and dust. The acoustic part of the model includes 6 mm dynamic drivers, four pairs of silicone ear tips of different sizes are supplied with the headphones. The battery life, taking into account the battery built into the carrying case, is 24 hours, on one full charge, the headphones can work up to 9 hours. A proprietary mobile application allows you to select one of the preset equalizer curves, the Listening Care function,

Pros: built-in loudness, good battery life, large selection of colors

Cons: Hard to come by

Verdict: Lovers of branded sound can take care of delivery from abroad


6. TRN-T350

The hybrid true wireless headphones support aptX Adaptive, AAC and SBC codecs and are IPX54 certified for water resistance. Two different types of drivers are installed in them – a dynamic driver with an 8 mm graphene diaphragm and a dual magnetic system is responsible for the bass, the rest of the range is reproduced by a Knowles 33518 reinforcing driver. The cases are made by 3D printing from synthetic resin. The battery life on a single charge is 7 hours, when used with the charging case, the total battery life reaches 25 hours. The charging case supports wireless charging as well as charging with a USB-C cable. When a special game mode is activated, the signal delay is reduced to 68 ms, and a special sound processing algorithm allows the gamer to better hear the movements of opponents.

Pros: excellent acoustic part, moisture protection, support for aptX Adaptive

Cons: except perhaps the design

Verdict: Good model for audiophiles and gamers


5. Nothing Ear (2)

The second generation of transparent TWS headphones from the British startup Nothing outwardly practically does not differ from the first model – the main improvements in Nothing Ear (2) relate to the electronic part. There is support for the LHDC 5.0 codec, which allows you to transmit high-resolution audio via Bluetooth with virtually no compression. The headphones also allow the user to customize their own sound profile using the proprietary Nothing X application. The acoustic part has changed for the better, it has an 11.6 mm dynamic driver with a graphene-coated diaphragm. The model has an active noise reduction system, and the cases are protected from moisture according to the IP54 standard. The charging case is IP55 protected. When using a charging case that supports wired and wireless charging,

Pros: LHDC 5.0 support, graphene driver, long battery life

Cons: transparent case

Verdict: Excellent development of the theme of transparent headphones


4. Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+

These are the first wireless earbuds in the world capable of measuring the user’s temperature and pulse rate both continuously and on demand. The manufacturer claims that the measurement accuracy is 95% compared to traditional methods. Specialists from the French company Devialet participated in the creation of the acoustic part of the headphones, it is made on an armature driver and an 11 mm dynamic driver with four magnets, which increased the return by 30%. The lower limit of the frequency range of the headphones is impressive – 14 Hz. Headphones support L2HC and LDAC codecs, allowing you to transmit a high-definition signal with a bit rate of 960-990 kb / s. The active noise canceling system of the headphones reduces the level of extraneous noise by 47 dB and has several modes of operation.

Pros: Unique features, Devialet driver, L2HC and LDAC support

Cons: probably nothing

Verdict: Chance to join the pinnacle of progress in TWS headphones


3. Philips Fidelio T2

Philips true wireless headphones support LDAC and LC3 codecs, as well as LE Audio technology for additional battery savings. Without active noise cancellation, the headphones can work up to 10 hours, while the charging case adds another 30 hours of autonomy. With the ANC system turned on, the performance is also very decent – 9 hours and 27 hours. Three microphones are installed in each earbud, providing not only the noise reduction system when listening to music, but also excellent call quality. The acoustic part includes two transducers – a dynamic driver with a 9.2 mm graphene-coated diaphragm and a small reinforcing transducer. The earbuds are IPX4 certified, which means they are dust and moisture resistant.

Pros: hybrid speaker, long battery life, LDAC and LC3 support

Cons: ambiguity with supplies

Verdict: For fans of Fidelio’s sonic signature


2. Logitech G Fits

These TWS gaming headphones feature ear cups that take the shape of the ear for personalized passive isolation. The ear pads are made of a special pliable material filled with a light-curing gel, thanks to which they conform to the shape of the user’s ear. Before use, you must insert the headphones into your ear so that the ear cushions take the form of a shell and an entrance to the auditory canal. After that, you should use the LightForm function, and the light of special diodes will fix the shape given to the ear cushions. The model uses 10 mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth-adapter version 5.2 supports the aptX codec. From a single charge, the headphones will work for 10 hours, the charging case will add another 12 hours. Another important and interesting feature is that the headphones come with a special LightSpeed ​​dongle,

Pros: anatomical personalized ear cushions, wireless communication without signal delay

Cons: you have to order from abroad

Verdict: Unique headphones for gamers and audiophiles


1. Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2

Bowers & Wilkins’ top-of-the-line TWS headphones come in three colors: matte black, canvas white, and midnight blue. The headphones have improved wireless performance thanks to an updated antenna design with an increased range of up to 25 m. The operating time on a single charge is small – only 5 hours, but the charging case gives another 16 hours of autonomy. The model is fully integrated with the Bowers & Wilkins Music app, which, in addition to adjusting noise reduction modes and adjusting the proximity sensor, supports high-definition streaming directly from your mobile device to your headphones. The hybrid acoustic part combines a 9.2 mm dynamic driver and a high-frequency armature driver. The Pi7 S2 model offers wireless audio relay,

Pros: excellent sound, hybrid acoustic part, relaying from external sources

Cons: Expensive, short battery life

Verdict: Audiophile’s Definitive Choice


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