Arcam SA30 Review: Demonstrates impeccable sound


The new flagship Arcam SA30 integrated circuit is part of the HDA series. Arcam specialists have gained serious experience with G-class circuitry.

Its principle provides, in fact, the use of class A with the connection of an additional power supply for processing signals of increased amplitude.

The result achieved in the Arcam SA30 amplifier: 120 watts of power per channel at a load of 8 ohms and 220 watts into 4 ohms. Equally interesting is the structure of the model, which, in particular, is complemented by a 32-bit ESS Saber ESS9038 DAC.

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The Arcam SA30 delivers the first 20 watts of power output in class A, so at low volumes the sound of this model will be extremely smooth and musical.

The amplifier’s audio path has very low harmonic distortion and delivers extremely detailed and balanced sound over a wide frequency range. The output stages of Arcam SA30 are made on specially selected transistor pairs, and a toroidal transformer of high power is installed in its power supply.

The chassis of the device has damping, which protects the electronic circuits from any external mechanical vibrations, as well as damping resonances that can occur when the speaker systems operate at high power.

Wireless connectivity provides the Arcam SA30 with AirPlay 2, uPnP streamer mode and Chromecast compatibility. On the other hand, the presence of HDMI ARC makes the amplifier an excellent addition to the TV.

When connected via a local network, work with Roon and MQA support is provided, which guarantees decoding of the stream (for example, with TIDAL) with the highest possible quality. Roon Endpoint status will allow you to work with the platform player and its library system.


System integration of the model will ensure compatibility with Control4 and Crestron control systems.

As for the cabling, the Arcam SA30 received four digital inputs and five analog inputs, including a switchable input from the built-in MM / MC phono stage.

Finally, Dirac Live, powered by Arcam SA30 room correction technology, will optimize the sound quality of an amplifier-based system, neutralizing the effect of the room where the music is supposed to be playing.

Commenting on the launch of the Arcam SA30, Scott Campbell, ARCAM’s Director of Sales and Marketing, said: “The Arcam SA30 represents the new pinnacle of ARCAM stereo amplification.

Our extremely talented design team left nothing here. It is a Class G technology cleverly crafted and combined with the latest features including Dirac Live room correction technology, high-resolution audio support and custom setup.

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The austere minimalism of the front panel of the amplifier emphasizes the row of buttons for direct source selection and control of other functions.

The amplifier is also equipped with a display with a large indication, well readable from a long distance, and using the rotary knob, you can adjust the volume and adjust the stereo balance. The Arcam SA30 amplifier comes with a fully functional remote control.


The amplifier Arcam SA30 is extremely tempo-rhythmic, it works out small and fast rhythmic sequences without any problems and perfectly leads long legato.

Any popular music will bring a lot of pleasure to the connoisseur of true narratives, the voices of the vocalists will not lose their individuality and originality, nowhere will there be a drop of exaggeration or emphasis on anything.

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