Denon AVC-S660H Preview: Great Features at an affordable Price

Denon AVC-S660H

We have noticed that receivers continue to grow in popularity, and this is because they are an excellent option to enjoy any content regardless of whether it is audio or video. Denon has left us excellent equipment for years and recently they released a new model that is focused on users who are looking for good quality in a more basic model. We are talking about the Denon AVC-S660H .

Denon AVC-S660H exterior styling

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We have a basic design that does not stand out too much, however, with a good placement we can get more out of it.

The first thing we notice is that this team does not have a very striking design, in fact, we find an older style , therefore, there will not be very significant changes. Despite this, with a good placement we can possibly achieve a good integration with the home.

This is because it has a black chassis that generates more presence. The difference lies in the dimensions that are a little wider . Therefore, despite the fact that it is not a very large unit, it does require a good space for its placement, thus avoiding strange views.

We must bear in mind that it is not a portable receiver, obviously due to its size we can transport it in a backpack without much complication, however, it weighs almost 7.5 kilos, which can be uncomfortable if we move it for a long time , like this that, we cannot take it from one place to another.

Its front adapts different buttons that have a good sensitivity, likewise, we note that its construction materials are adequate  and  resistant . The sides include ventilation slots to avoid overheating when occupying it for several hours.


The connectivity offered to us is very complete, adding essential ports for a great experience. To begin, let’s talk about the input connections that will allow us to connect external devices. Here we have six HDMI , two  AV composite , a  Phone input , an  analog audio , a  digital optical input,  and a  front USB .

We also have good outbound connectivity, although with a more limited number of ports. Since here we only have a single HDMI output  , an  AV composite , an audio pre-amplifier output   and a  headphone jack . As you can see we are well covered for any activity.

Finally we have other connections that may still be important depending on the use we want to give to this receiver. One of the most interesting things is its Ethernet input   that allows us to connect to the internet. Also included is a  microphone port  and  tuner antenna  for  FM  and  AM .

A sound quality that will be enough for you

As we mentioned at the beginning the Denon AVC-S660H is a little simpler than what is offered by the Denon AVR-S760H, however, we have exactly the same power per channel, Speaking of which this model includes 5.2 channels that will be enough for an excellent experience .

The main change is that this model does not have compatibility for Dolby Atmos or DTS: X technologies, which we will find in more advanced versions. This may seem like a problem, however we do find features like Dolby TrueHD ,  Dolby Surround ,  DTS HD, and  Master Audio .

With these technologies, the experience increases considerably and we will find a surround and clean sound regardless of the demand that the content has. Something interesting is that it offers us HEOS technology that allows us to enjoy music via streaming in a wireless way.

Thanks to this technology we can use applications such as  Spotify ,  Amazon Music HD ,  TIDAL ,  Deezer ,  Tuneln ,  Soundcloud  and others. Likewise, we have compatibility with  Audyssey MultEQ that allows us to reproduce sound files in high definition, which ends up being very valuable.

Enjoy a more complete video transmission

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This model has good features, which will be very useful for your entertainment.

The video quality that we are offered provides compatibility with 8K / 60Hz and 4K / 120Hz resolutions, which are the latest HDMI specifications, so we get incredible images with good details, yes, 4K is still more enjoyable , as well it is known the 8K still does not have much content.

Of course, the six HDMI inputs have 8K scaling, which prepares us for the future. Another interesting detail is that we can get realistic scenes full of color and contrast. Obviously there are technologies to improve the experience even more. Here we have HDR10 ,  HDR10 + ,  HLG ,  Dolby Vision  and  Dynamic HDR .

More cool features of this receiver

In general terms, the Denon AVC-S660H turns out to be very complete, since it has extra functions that end up being interesting in terms of operation. For example, voice control is included thanks to the fact that it offers Amazon Alexa  and  Apple’s Siri , so we can mainly control music and other important actions.

This model allows us to play at a high level, since it includes the most important functions for this subject, in addition, its image output is very good to make the most of the graphics. Here we have  ALLM ,  VRR  and  QFT  to enjoy our games with incredible fluidity.

We are offered a graphic wizard on the screen that guarantees us a much simpler and more intuitive installation. Let’s not forget that it has four buttons known as  Quick Select  that are located on the front, which allow us to save your preferred audio settings.

Denon AVC-S660H: Pros and Cons


  • Good connectivity
  • Acceptable sound
  • Video quality
  • Enhancement features
  • Has voice control
  • Works for gaming
  • Price


  • Does not include Dolby Atmos and DTS: X


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