FiiO Q15 Review: Stationary power made portable

FiiO Q15 Review

The Q15 brings together FiiO’s advanced technologies and platforms in a convenient package, providing more comprehensive performance than any other product in its class, and is designed to meet a variety of needs for portable or stationary use in a single device.

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For the first time, FiiO uses AG glass for the Q15 back panel, which is scratch-resistant, has an oleophobic coating and is pleasant to the touch. The 18:9 golden aspect ratio makes it comfortable to hold in your hand and to connect to other portable devices. Whether you’re just on the road or on a business trip, you can easily manage high-quality sound.


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FiiO Q15 is the only model among products of the same class that has a new DAC-combine from AKM – AK4191EQ+AK4499EX. In collaboration with the new “DWA Routing Technology”, a significant improvement in audio performance is ensured. The result is a more detailed, but natural and realistic sound that seems to transport the listener to a concert.


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“Iron” is impressive: TI Cortex M4 processor, XMOS 16-core XU316 with dual audio crystal oscillators and Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip, combining USB DAC, Bluetooth and coaxial decoding in one. USB DAC supports 768kHz/32bit PCM, DSD512 and full MQA decoding; Bluetooth decoding supports high-end Bluetooth codecs such as LDAC and aptX Adaptive; coaxial decoding supports 92kHz/24bit and DSD64.


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The FiiO Q15 has a 1.3-inch IPS display that allows you to clearly see the operating mode, sample rate, volume level, battery level, gain and more. Together with the universal tuning knob, you can quickly and precisely implement various functions such as volume control, input switching and menu settings.


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An independent phone mode switch, a standard RCA coaxial connector, a global parametric equalizer, 5-level amplification and two headphone outputs make the device versatile and convenient to use.


As a portable desktop device, the FiiO Q15 has a new “desktop” mode, with a separate Type-C power connector. When the Q15 is connected to the PD power adapter, it will be powered externally, completely bypassing the battery, allowing you to have a desktop amplifier experience even on the go. In desktop mode, the Q15 can deliver 1,600mW when balanced, in enhanced on-ear mode, which is more than enough to easily rock a variety of IEMs and full-size headphones .

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