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Luxman D-380: Reference CD player you should have

The Luxman D-380 CD player is equipped with a tube output stage and is made in the retro style of the legendary “golden 38th” Classic series of Luxman tube components – in a wooden case. The Luxman D-380 is assembled in Japan.

The Luxman D-380 has state-of-the-art components inside, including a 32-bit / 192 kHz PCM5102A DAC from Burr-Brown, a jitter suppression circuit in the clock generator, a choice of filters at the output of a digital-to-analog converter (conventional FIR or IIR (IIR) – Low Latency) and gold-plated RCA connectors with 18mm pitch, which can accommodate even larger cables.

The output switching function allows you to select a tube output stage after the DAC or direct output from the semiconductor circuit.

If desired, you can turn off the digital output to improve the quality of the analog audio signal. The single-ended output circuit uses an ECC82 (12AU7) tube for amplification. Low distortion is achieved through local feedback from the anode to the grid of the lamp (PG).


The Luxman D-380 player is equipped with a specialized transport mechanism designed for playing CD-Audio discs, which is mounted on an anti-resonant chassis.

The transport works almost silently, and it takes a few seconds to load the disc before the start of playback. The player is equipped with a 32-bit digital-to-analog converter for precise signal processing, and the Luxman D-380 also has a special circuit to reduce jitter.

The power supply in the Luxman D-380 with a large power reserve uses an E-core transformer and custom capacitor banks with a capacity of 3300 uF x 3. The use of Schottky barrier diodes from Nihon Inter Electronics in the rectifier reduces switching noise and increases efficiency. p.d. power supply.

The internal wiring of the player uses original Luxman oxygen-free copper OFC cables to ensure smooth signal transmission. An 8 mm milled aluminum plate is used as the base for the CD drive mechanism. The rigidity of the chassis structure is also reinforced with a massive aluminum front panel.


If the magnetization of the output transformer core causes a degradation in sound quality, it can be eliminated by playing special audio signals by pressing the Clear button on the remote control.

By pressing the ZOOM button on the remote control, all displayed data will be enlarged. 4 levels of display brightness adjustment are available. The remote control body (RD-26) is made of aluminum. The buttons, pleasant to the touch, will bring true aesthetic pleasure to the user.

On the back of the Luxman D-380 CD-player there is a line-out, represented by a pair of gold-plated RCA connectors, as well as optical and coaxial digital outputs. This provides maximum flexibility in connecting the player to any audio system.



Luxman D-380 will be an excellent choice not only for owners of systems of this brand, but also for everyone who would like to listen to their CD collections with maximum quality.

The device has an extremely robust design and its design can be considered one of the most attractive in any fashion change. The Luxman D-380 CD player provides very high sound quality and can be considered a reference device among the models of this class.

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