Marantz SR5014 Review: Delivers crystal clear sound and a powerful and deep bass

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- Dimitri Sokolov

The Marantz SR5014 is a 7.2-channel AV receiver that can handle the current 3D object-oriented sound formats – Dolby Atmos (up to 5.1.2-channel configuration) and DTS: X (from 2.1.2 to 5.1.2). The DTS Virtual: X format is supported, which turns a conventional two- or multichannel system, not equipped with ceiling or dedicated speakers, into a full-fledged DC with virtual immersive 3D sound. The receiver supports Ultra HD and has an upscaler that upscales any video format to 4K.

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The Marantz SR5014 is equipped with HDAM modules that use current feedback and provide high-quality amplification, which translates into clear dynamic sound with an extended frequency range. This guarantees 100 watts per channel at 8 ohms (180 watts / 6 ohms). The receiver is capable of handling even a 4-ohm load, and uses eco-mode to save power consumption.

The calibration of the speakers connected to the Marantz SR5014 receiver is placed at the disposal of the Audyssey MultEQ XT system. From the Audyssey suite there are also Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume technologies. The first corrects the frequency response, tonal balance and guarantees sound with full bass even at low levels, and the second evens out jumps in volume in real time.

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A 32-bit AKM DAC is provided for each channel, allowing you to play Hi-Res formats, incl. DSD (5.6 MHz) over LAN or USB on the front panel. The model has on board Wi-Fi (dual band), Bluetooth and works with the latest AirPlay 2 protocol, which provides wireless multi-room audio for iOS devices.

Supports Denon’s HEOS wireless multi-room technology, which allows you to stream Hi-Res audio to any room in your home over the air without loss in quality and delays, as well as control playback of all available audio content (including web services Deezer, Tidal, Spotify Connect and etc.) on all HEOS devices with one app. To control the Marantz SR5014 receiver, you can use the Marantz AVR Remote app or the OEM remote control. You can also command the receiver using the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. This requires an Amazon Echo device and installation of the HEOS Home Entertainment Skill app.

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The Marantz SR5014 is equipped with HDMI inputs (8 pcs including one on the front) that work with 4K (60Hz), BT.2020 color space, HDR video (HDR10 / Dolby Vision / HLG) and support HDCP 2.2. There are two HDMI outputs, a set of S / PDIF inputs, 7.1 channel input and 7.2 channel Pre Out. There is an MM phono stage, which will be appreciated by vinyl lovers, and there are seven pairs of screw terminals for connecting the speakers (each pair is marked with a different color).


The developers have embodied the very philosophy of the company in this receiver model – musical works should sound exactly as the performers intended – with all the expression, mood and emotions. And soundtracks, effects, and generally the soundtrack of films should be reproduced exactly as they were recorded in the studio. That is why the Marantz SR5014 is by far one of the best home entertainment options demanded by audiophiles and true video lovers.

Delivering powerful Hi-Fi sound, this unit is equipped with discrete amplifiers. Their power is 100 watts per channel. The audio part uses 32-bit D / A converters, model AK4458. Plus, the device is equipped with a new generation of amplification modules – HDAM, which provide high quality without the slightest distortion and a wide dynamic range during high-resolution audio playback. Moreover, this receiver can operate with a low-impedance load, which means that the consumer has the ability to connect to it speakers of completely different classes with a guarantee of impeccable sound quality.

The undoubted merit of the Marantz SR5014 is the technology of virtual ceiling channels implemented in it, which is called Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization. Its essence is to create stunning surround sound without physically adding ceiling speakers. It turns out that a three-dimensional sound field is created without the need to purchase and install height speakers.

The SR5014 offers audio return support – eARC, which allows you to transfer all audio information without the slightest loss through a single HDMI cable. This applies to the object-oriented formats – Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Atmos, which means the user can enjoy surround sound in all its glory, while keeping the other HDMI ports free.

The receiver implements a special game mode – ALLM, which creates conditions for more convenient and accurate gameplay, which is very important in modern games saturated with dynamic scenes and requiring extremely fast reactions from players. True, this applies only to owners of game consoles of the Xbox One family. However, this does not mean at all that other game consoles, for example, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and others, cannot connect to the device. Vinyl fans can enjoy the purity of their favorite turntables by connecting a turntable to the phono input. The device will transmit all, even the most elusive sound nuances, such as, for example, the characteristic crunch of a vinyl disc.

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Even one glance at the rear panel of the receiver will be enough to conclude that it has enormous commutability. As the main advantages from the point of view of commutation, it is important to note the presence of eight HDMI-inputs. The receiver is capable of processing high-definition video 4K / 60Hz, with support for dynamic brightness expansion technology – HDR 10 and BT.2020.

The device is equipped with support for Dolby Vision and the new HLG technology, which is currently the most advanced option for transmitting HDR images. Without going into the technical details of this technology, the essence of it is to transfer standard and dynamically extended ranges together. This feature provides image reproduction both on conventional screens, which simply ignore it, and on HLG-compatible ones. As a result, the brightness, clarity and excellent visibility of images will be ensured both in the lightest, practically illuminated areas, and in the darkest ones. And all this with wonderful juiciness of flowers.

The Marantz SR5014 receiver can be safely called a multifunctional audio “splitter”. It is able to receive music from multiple sources, decode, amplify, and conveniently deliver it to speakers. Online streaming services are no exception. The device is equipped with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and works with many popular online services. In addition, additional streaming capabilities are provided due to the implementation of AirPlay2 streaming technology and Bluetooth wireless protocol in the receiver. And more convenient control is provided by the support of popular voice assistants. With their help, it is possible not only to control audio streaming, but also to switch between sources, adjust the volume, mute, pause, return to playing the previous track, or play the next one.


An overview of the Marantz SR5014 AV receiver cannot be without an emphasis on the HEOS technology built into it. Its essence lies in the ability of the receiver, in the presence of a local network, to reproduce different music tracks in different rooms. Moreover, you can control the system from anywhere. You just need to install HEOS audio systems in the rooms of the house where you plan to listen to music, and make the appropriate, rather simple, settings.

Now the user is freed from time-consuming operations for setting up audio systems. The receiver will do everything for him. Automatic setup is made possible thanks to the built-in Audyssey MultEQ XT system, which automatically analyzes the locations and distances to the speakers, determines their parameters and adjusts the optimal sound for the place where the listener is, taking into account the architectural specifics of the room.

For this, built-in high-resolution filters are used, which are applied to all channels without exception. The focus is on subwoofers where accurate sound correction is needed most. After auto-calibration is complete, each speaker, including subwoofers, operates at maximum efficiency. The experts who conducted the tests claim that the device performs perfect auto-calibration even in the most acoustically difficult rooms. Advanced circuitry with innovative HDAM modules, support for the latest surround sound formats, built-in Wi-Fi, 4K resolution with HDR, multi-room streaming with HEOS – all this and much more make the Marantz SR5014 AV receiver a real breakthrough and at an affordable price. for a wide range of connoisseurs of high-end audio equipment.



Test results for the SR5014 AV receiver showcase the legendary Marantz signature sound that’s particularly smooth, natural and crisp. The sound at high frequencies is very clear, without the slightest crackles and rattles, the mids are especially saturated, and the bass is powerful and deep.

Moreover, the high sound quality does not change depending on the source, be it music, video games, soundtracks of feature films, radio, streaming audio and much more. The receiver is capable of decoding signals with a resolution of 24bit / 192kHz from ALAC, FLAC, and WAV audio files without the slightest loss.

It is clear that such an opportunity allows listeners to perceive the recordings exactly in the same quality in which they were recorded in the studio.

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