Panasonic SC-HC200: Affordable micro audio system

Panasonic SC-HC200 Review
Panasonic SC-HC200 Review

There are not many audio devices today that adopt the style of classic sound equipment, and especially that offer compatibility with physical formats such as CD playback. That is why the protagonist of this analysis manages to be a unique option on the market and its official name is Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K .

Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K is a 2.0-channel , 20W power micro audio system that allows you to play your favorite music wirelessly through the Bluetooth standard, but also do it from other sources such as its USB input, FM radio tuner or even read your classic CD collection.

A modern and original style

Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K is a fine and beautiful model

One of the best elements to highlight in the analysis of this equipment is its aesthetics, since it avoids falling into the conventionality of the sound equipment of yesteryear and gains points in its originality (something that we already saw in creations such as Panasonic SC- GN01 ). Its black rectangular structure has a central piece along with a pair of speakers on its sides, although it is best appreciated when viewed from a side position.

And far from being a robust product, its thickness is significantly reduced to take up very little space on any desk or piece of furniture where you want to place it. Its official dimensions are 40 x 10.7 x 19.7 cm, while its total weight is 1.9 kg.

Panasonic SC-HC200 have a truly modern look
Panasonic SC-HC200 have a truly modern look

Finally, although it is possible to completely control the model from the mobile control App, there are a series of small physical buttons distributed on the top frame of the Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K with which you can do all the conventional actions.

Music from any source

Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K has a USB and 3.5 mm auxiliary input

Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K ensures you have good sound technology at your disposal based on a 2-channel digital amplifier that offers you clear and dynamic sound without distortions with a total power of 20W. For example, just by connecting a USB drive you can directly play your collection of MP3 files that you have stored.

If, on the other hand, you like to listen to more traditional music sources, you can use your CD collection to tune in to FM radio signals , while music streaming via Bluetooth allows you to send your songs from any mobile phone or computer in close range. , in addition to the Panasonic Music Streaming App with which you can control and stream all the content you love with the integration of your music subscription services from the same screen.

Panasonic SC-HC200 Pros and Cons


  • Original and attractive design
  • Allows you to play CDs
  • Compatible with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quite affordable price


  • Low power output

Panasonic SC-HC200EG-K Features

Brand panasonic
Model SC-HC200EG-K
Dimensions 40 x 10.7 x 19.7cm
Weight 1.9 kilograms
Colors Black
Materials Aluminum
Sound power 20W
Equalization Yeah
Connectivity Bluetooth
FM Radio Yeah
Integrated battery No
microphone input No
Other entries 1 x USB, 1 x 3.5mm auxiliary
CD playback Yeah
Box contents 1 x Microchain, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty