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Review: The 12 Best Turntables 2022

Best turntables - Summer 2022
Best turntables - Summer 2022

The market for turntables is changing day by day – new models of the company are presented at a cosmic speed. If you want to choose and buy a turntable right now, welcome, the editors have compiled a visual rating for you as of the summer of 2022. All models, as usual, are sorted in order of increasing cost.


12. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO


Small, but daring, as they say. This turntable is equipped with a steel platter, supports speeds of 33, 45 and 78 rpm, achieves a signal-to-noise ratio of 68 dB and weighs 5.6 kg. Adding a new motor mount, precision vibration-absorbing mounts, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO really surprises with the quality of its sound for this price category.


11VPI Industries Cliffwood


The entry-level from the most famous audiophile brand is a plug-n-play device that is ready to play records “right from the store”. There is also a 9″ aluminum proprietary tonearm, and a VPI / Grado Green cartridge. The company is especially proud of its 600 rpm asynchronous motor, which provides an extremely accurate and quiet drive. The sound of the model captivates with its liveliness and dynamism.


10. Technics SL-1500C


This classic direct-drive from Technics not only sports its signature mechanics and electronics, but also comes with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. The built-in phono stage, again, is available. And in terms of sound, the Technics SL-1500C can surprise with its coherence and clarity. Yet, direct-drive players are not so loved for nothing.


9. Vertere Acoustics DG-1

Gorgeous looks, brand new tungsten carbide bearings and branded tonearm, aluminum frame-sandwich body, microprocessor for motor control, full shielding of electrical circuits – Vertere Acoustics DG-1 is built “for all the money.” The cartridge, again, is included, and the sound of the model is characterized by incredible transparency and excellent bass.


8. Rega Planar 10

In many ways a unique turntable, the quintessence of the company’s approach to analog playback. The Rega Planar 10 surprises even seasoned audiophiles with the quality of its presentation, and the list of engineering innovations can make your head spin. Judge for yourself – here is the RB3000 tonearm with specially designed horizontal bearings with tolerances of one micron, and the P10 external power supply, and the extremely lightweight TANCAST 8 polyurethane foam body on the HPL frame.


7. Well-Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 GT

Sandwich body made of wood and aluminum plates, vibration isolation based on squash balls, proprietary LTD tonearm, precise speed control CTRL Electronic Speed, balanced outputs – oh, this device is radically different from the mass products on the market. And in terms of sound too – the device simply sweeps away with its dynamics.


6 Palmer 2.5i

Update of the most famous model of 2017 – now the manufacturer has upgraded the engine, bearing and power supply. And the cherry cabinets for the Palmer 2.5i are now available in Italy. An elongated spindle crowns a ten-kilogram disk driven by a belt system with a low-power motor. The sound of the turntable is exceptionally mobile and “silk”. The device can be equipped with a proprietary tonearm Audio Origami PU7.


5.Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird

Dr. The Feickert Analogue Firebird is one of the few models that uses a 3-motor DC belt drive with an external power supply and synchronized control! In addition, there is also a new thrust bearing with an oil bath. A special pride of the model is the ability to work with tonearms up to 14 inches long. The playback quality of Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird is outstanding.


4. VPI Industries HW-40

The relaunch of VPI’s direct drive turntable (the company previously had the VPI Classic Direct in its arsenal) is the talk of the day. Unsurpassed sound quality is achieved through the use of a unique motor that spins a disc weighing 11 kilograms in 1 second.


3. AMG Viella V12

Fasten seat belts! The base of the AMG Viella V12 body is made of 25 mm aluminum plate, it rests on aluminum legs with copper-steel spikes. The model uses the most complex spindle system with mechanical decoupling and a continuous oil circulation system, in which the axial bearing is placed inside two sealed radial bearings. The backing plate (11 kg), machined from aluminum, is completed with a steel plate, and the Lorenzi 2 brushless DC motor seems to be the crowning achievement of this type of electronics design. The sound of the AMG Viella V12 clearly shows what the High End is.


2. Oswalds Mill Audio K3

The body of the Oswalds Mill Audio K3 turntable is assembled from cast iron plates created on Neumann machines and has chambers filled with oil and a special powder – this approach ensures that all vibrational energy is removed in the form of heat. A decade ago, there was no metal cutting machine on the market that could handle a job as complex as the production of the OMA K3. The design is crowned with a K3 ultra-high torque engine – yes, the machine has a direct drive, with monstrous power (which exceeds the power of the aforementioned machines).


1. TechDas Air Force Zero

The model weighs 350 kg, 120 kg of which was on a four-layer (steel, cast alloys, tungsten) platter. Of course, the developer’s favorite air bearing and vacuum clamp are “on board”, but the real “icing on the cake” was the levitating base of the turntable, which now literally soars in the air, providing complete decoupling from vibrations. The TechDas Air Force Zero belt drive works with a heavily modified German three-phase twelve-pole motor from Papst.

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