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Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 Review: Simply an outstanding player


The founders of Ruark, which has been producing acoustic systems since 1985 and has become very famous in the Hi-Fi / High End community, in 2006 began producing radios using Ruark’s acoustic developments under a new brand – Vita Audio.

After 12 years on the market, embarking on a business expansion, Ruark decided to return to the original name in order to emphasize the inextricable connection of all product lines and once again remind of the Hi-Fi origin of the company.

Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 0.jpg

British manufacturer Ruark Audio has announced the release of a new version of the Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 compact home music system.

This is, according to the manufacturer, a significant announcement, as the new R4 has been thoroughly redesigned.

The new model uses the latest version of the RodoDial controller (with a knob on the top) as well as a modern version of Bluetooth (with aptX).

In this model, on the bottom, in addition to the bass reflex port, there is a separate subwoofer with a diameter of 5 inches, and instead of rubber feet there are wide metal brackets. For the rest of the frequencies, the 75-mm broadbands familiar from previous models are responsible.

Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 6.jpg

The front panel of the R4 differs from the R2 in its width and in the presence of a slotted disc drive (which also reads CD-R with MP3 and WMA).

Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 is equipped with aptX technology, which works with Bluetooth, so you can stream music directly from compatible devices to the R4 in CD quality sound from up to 10 meters away.

Bluetooth’s ease of use has made it the cutting edge method for streaming audio, and it works with just about every major music app, including Spotify, Apple Music and BBC iPlayer Radio. Most importantly, the Bluetooth audio quality with the R4 is outstanding.

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For music and sound lovers, CD is still one of the best ways to experience quality music, and Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 is a multi-format player that will make your CD collection better than ever.

In addition to standard CDs, the R4 also plays CD-Rs encoded with WAV, MP3, AAC or WMA music files, and displays track and artist information when that data is available on the disc.

Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 includes an improved and faster CD player (slot loading mechanism), DAB / DAB + / FM radio and USB port compatible with MP3 and AAC WMA file formats. The USB port can also charge mobile devices. Built-in speakers deliver 2.1 sound with built-in subwoofer.

There is an OLED display on the front panel, for connecting sound sources there is an analog input with a 3.5 mm jack, there is also a headphone output and an optical input, useful for connecting a TV to use the Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 in a home theater.

Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 3.jpg

All functions of Ruark Audio R4 Mk3 are accessible via the aforementioned RotoDial or from the supplied remote control. The new audio system will be available in three finishes: soft white, soft black and rich walnut.


Ruark Audio R4 Mk3, despite its modest dimensions, produces a weighty sound – it can fill a room at a comfortably low volume.

As a background hummer, with a special desire to be able to hit, the R4 suits well – after all, its own subwoofer, because of which, I suspect, I had to put the amplifier at 80 W, allows the system to play a little more drive. Of course, first of all, devices of this kind are more suitable for a non-binding bossa nova, but both Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails sounded quite pleasant on R4.

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