Yamaha A-S2200 Review • The most complete amplifier!

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- Jonas Müller

Yamaha A-S2200 amplifier is based on a fully balanced architecture with resilient suspension circuits to minimize the effects of vibrations in the power stage (which uses MOSFET) and incorporates a separate headphone amplifier. Yamaha states that the result of this approach to circuit design and material selection is a very natural stereo image. The A-S2200 uses high-purity copper internal wiring with large cross-section conductors to transmit the signal to the speaker terminals and to ground (2.7mm diameter), components that have been deliberately chosen to minimize high-signal signal resistance. . In addition, it has high quality polyphenylene capacitors in the signal path, a custom annular transformer with four capacitors of 20.

The Mechanical Ground Concept, a Yamaha idea used in the construction of the chassis, maximizes rigidity and reduces unwanted vibrations, while further rigidity is achieved by the way the power transformer is mounted, supporting the power capacitors, which are “built in” block form and the heatsink which is screwed directly to the frame. The mounting points of the chassis are heavy-duty, brass, chrome-plated and welded directly to the main frame. Created directly from pure copper, the luxurious terminals for connecting speaker cables offer easy manual tightening, achieving an extremely secure connection.

The connection capabilities are complete and include two balanced inputs (XLR), four single ended (RCA), one phono input for MM / MC heads (the corresponding preamplifier stage is implemented with separate semiconductors). In terms of outputs, the user will find preamp output and signal output to be recorded as well as the necessary sockets for connection to a home automation system. The feature set is complemented by a very good quality infrared remote control, which is designed as a system remote control and therefore can control other Yamaha Hi-Fi devices, be it streaming services or CD or SACD player.

The transfer of the emotional description of the artists can really only be achieved with a familiar understanding of how music is created. This form of understanding is embedded in Yamaha DNA and was ideally developed through numerous collaborations with artists to help them create music. The company’s tradition in its relationship with music is, one might say, evident through the performance of the amplifier and, perhaps, is what enables it to truly convey all the emotions contained in the recording and that the system owes to convey to the listener.

The A-S2200 brings art to the fore and makes the listener forget, for a few moments where he is. Listening acquires dimensions of active participation and becomes a really special experience.


  • Description: Integrated amplifier.
  • Power: 2x160W (4Ω, 1kHz, 0.7% THD).
  • Depreciation rate:> 250.
  • RIAA accuracy: 0 / -0.3dB (20Hz-20kHz).
  • S / N ratio: 110dB (single ended), 114dB (Balanced), 96 / 90dB (Phono MM / MC).
  • Inputs: 4x single ended (RCA), 2x balanced (XLR), 1x Phono (MM / MC), final input (RCA).
  • Outputs: 1x pre out (RCA), 1x Rec. Out (RCA), 1x Headphone (TRS 6.4mm), 1x Speaker.
  • Dimensions: 435x157x463 (mm, xxxβ)
  • Weight: 22.7kg.
  • Price: € 3259, –

Music for many of us is more than just a story and the amplifier seems to align with that idea. The rhythm and information of the music reaches the listener, consciously or subconsciously, to evoke an emotion from the story that travels through it. In the case of the A-S2200, the presentation of the music scene, as designed by the actors of the recording, reaches the lucky listener in full, creating an exceptional overall feeling which not only has precision in the spectrum but at the same time fills the space and is imposed with an admirable way.


The recipe for the success of the entire Yamaha Hi-Fi product line in recent years seems to have two sides. The first is based on the latest technology, while the second is based on the integration of the experience of all these decades of dealing with traditional Hi-Fi (and sound in general). This recipe proves to be extremely successful in the case of the A-S2200, which is based on high-tech solutions combined with a vintage touch that does not overflow. The end result is a modern integrated amplifier, perfectly balanced that is a temptation for any sought after audiophile.



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