Yamaha A-S501 Review: Extraordinary amplifier

Yamaha A-S501 Review
Yamaha A-S501 Review
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The world of hi-fi is steeped in a rich history of innovation and sonic excellence. In this context, the Yamaha A-S501 amplifier emerges as a masterpiece that seamlessly fuses tradition with modernity, taking the listening experience to new heights. Yamaha , recognized for its legacy in creating superior audio equipment, has once again managed to capture the essence of musical performance.

This amplifier is not simply an electronic device, but rather a portal that transports music lovers to a realm where sound quality becomes a tangible and enriching experience.

Exterior design

Aesthetically, it is not a device that will attract attention, although with good placement it can improve slightly

The Yamaha AS-501 , a gem of acoustic engineering, stands out not only for its exceptional sound performance, but also for its carefully conceived design. In this detailed analysis of the aesthetic section, we will explore the positive aspects and possible points of improvement of this amplifier’s design. It features a timeless design that combines clean lines and minimalist aesthetics .

Its appearance is not only contemporary, but also has a touch of classic elegance, making this amplifier an aesthetic complement to any environment. The solidity of the chassis and the quality of the materials used are evident upon first contact. Yamaha has maintained its commitment to durability and longevity , creating an amplifier designed to stand the test of time.

Controls and buttons are strategically located on the front panel, providing quick and easy access . The logical arrangement of components ensures an intuitive user experience, allowing both hobbyists and experienced audiophiles to enjoy all the functions without complications. Indicator lights on the front panel provide clear information.

Yamaha A-S501 Rear
Yamaha A-S501 Rear

Although the sobriety of the black or silver finish is attractive, some users may want a greater variety of color options to suit different decorating styles. The rear panel, although packed with connectors and options, could benefit from a more intuitive organization . The grouping of inputs and outputs could be improved to make it easier to connect external devices.

Yamaha A-S501 in a silver finish
Yamaha A-S501 in a silver finish


Connectivity is a crucial facet of the audio experience, and this amplifier spares no effort in providing a range of options to meet the needs of modern audiophiles . In this review, we will take a closer look at the positives and possible areas for improvement in terms of connectivity that this impressive amplifier has in store for us.

It stands out for its generous variety of input options, both analog and digital. With phono, line and digital inputs, this amplifier easily adapts to a wide range of sources, from turntables to digital music players. The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity adds an extra layer of versatility. It allows users to wirelessly stream their music.

Providing a wireless experience without compromising sound quality. The option to connect two pairs of speakers is an appreciated touch for those who want to expand their audio system to multiple rooms or setups. This expands the customization possibilities , allowing for a more immersive listening experience. The presence of an effects loop input and a dedicated subwoofer output add flexibility.

Allowing users to adjust and personalize their listening experience according to their specific preferences. Although Bluetooth connectivity is a big step forward, the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity could be considered a limitation for those who prefer a more stable and longer-range connection for music streaming. Some more advanced configurations may require a greater number of digital connections.

Audio quality and general functions of the Yamaha AS-501

The Yamaha A-S501 amplifier is not only a masterpiece in design and connectivity, but also stands out for its exceptional sonic performance. Diving into the audio quality offered by this amplifier reveals aspects that elevate the listening experience to extraordinary levels. The audio quality is simply sublime. Every note, every chord, is reproduced with exceptional clarity.

Yamaha engineers have achieved an exquisite balance between power and precision, delivering a sound that captures the authenticity and richness of the original recording. The bass reproduction is impressive. The bass is deep and powerful, without sacrificing definition. This amplifier allows you to feel the resonance of the lower bass , bringing an additional dimension to the musical experience .

The ability to handle a wide dynamic range ensures that the subtleties and nuances of the music are clearly noticeable. From the softest whispers to the peaks of energy in a recording, this amplifier embraces the full range of musical expression. The ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) circuit architecture contributes significantly to sound purity.

This meticulous design ensures flawless signal transmission, minimizing interference and preserving audio integrity. In situations of continuous use or at high volumes, it can become noticeably hot. Although this is common in many amplifiers , some users may prefer more efficient thermal management to extend the life of the device to several more years.

Although this amplifier provides solid power, audiophiles looking for extremely powerful setups might want an option with even higher power. This is more of a consideration for audio enthusiasts looking for high-power systems.

Is this amplifier worth purchasing?

It stands out for offering various features that provide a powerful experience no matter what we listen to.
It stands out for offering various features that provide a powerful experience no matter what we listen to.

At the crossroads of searching for an amplifier that balances elegant aesthetics, versatile connectivity and exceptional audio quality, the Yamaha AS-501 positions itself as a choice that deserves attention and consideration. The synergy between its aesthetic design, efficient connectivity and captivating acoustic performance creates a listening experience that goes beyond mere sound reproduction.

In short, purchasing this device is recommended for those looking for a refined balance between form and function, with audio quality that transforms each listening session into a memorable experience. Its ability to integrate with different sound sources and exceptional sound performance support the claim that this amplifier is worth the money for music enthusiasts.

Yamaha A-S501: Pros and cons


  • Good construction materials
  • Connectivity
  • Audio quality
  • Price


  • Does not have Wi-Fi


Yamaha A-S501 specifications:

Make model Yamaha A-S501
Audio output channels 2.0
Peak power per channel 120W
THD, total harmonic distortion 0.019%
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) 99 dB
Damping factor 240
RMS power output per channel (8 ohms) 85W
Frequency range 10 – 100000Hz
  • 8 X Audio input (L, R)
  • 2 X Audio output (L, R)
  • 1 X Digital Audio, Optical Input
  • 1 X Coaxial digital input
Market positioning Home
Connectivity technology Wired
Amplifier Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 151 x 435 x 387mm
Total amplifier weight 10.3kg

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