Yamaha TSX-B235 Review: Is it the perfect household media player?


Yamaha Corporation presents an updated version of the Yamaha TSX-B235 desktop audio system with support for Bluetooth, USB, CD and a digital radio receiver, in fact, it is an absolute analogue of the previous super popular TSX-B232 model, but with NFC support and the addition of an additional USB port for connecting iPhone and flash drives.

Listen to your favorite tunes, check the time, wake up to the music – the Yamaha TSX-B235 desktop system will be a pleasant addition to your room. It has a very attractive design: soft, rounded shapes, a flat top panel made of natural wood, on which you can put small items. The system will perfectly fit into your interior.

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All music sources are available on one device. Plug your iPod or iPhone into the designated slot and listen to music in high quality sound thanks to the digital connection. The USB port allows you to connect an iPad or USB storage device. You can also listen to CDs or FM radio. The Music Enhancer function improves the sound quality of compressed audio data, and the 3-band equalizer lets you adjust the tone to suit your own preferences.

It is not only a stylish multimedia player that fits well with your interior, but also a device with useful and easy-to-use features.

You will love the large display of the Yamaha TSX-B235 watch, the slot-loading CD player and the easy-to-use one-touch interface. The device has the IntelliAlarm function, which, together with the alarm clock, gently wakes you up in the morning, controlling the volume and tone of automatically switched on music.

Thanks to the dedicated DTA Controller app, setting parameters is now easy and simple.

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A special application for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad expands the possibilities of setting the alarm and makes the procedure more convenient. You can set different times for different days of the week, change the volume and frequency of IntelliAlarm. Just connect your iPhone / iPod / iPad and press the Sync button.

In modern society, song helps not only build, live and love, but also eat, drink, drive, and even sleep. Therefore, it is difficult to overestimate the efforts of developers striving to endow literally all common household items with the ability to play audio files and radio programs.

The question is different – by means of which device the signal will be amplified and what will be the characteristics of the loudspeakers. This is where the area of ​​compromise begins, because the tiny speaker built into the iron does not want to create the atmosphere of a concert hall, and it is impolite to spend your whole life in headphones, because sometimes people still turn to us.

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As a result, the appearance of separate sound units in addition to portable equipment has long ceased to amaze and, moreover, is in demand by consumers. In this sense, the new Yamaha TSX-B235 desktop audio system is a typical representative of the segment of such technology, if not for a few fundamental reservations that make it a leader.

First of all, two USB ports stand out. One of them is designed to connect the entire family of compact Apple gadgets – iPod and iPhone. In addition, the model is capable of playing music from USB-flash drives, including large ones formatted in FAT16 and FAT32. If your player has an audio output, then it is also easy to connect it to a desktop system by connecting to its line input. Also, the audio system has a built-in Bluetooth module for pairing with mobile gadgets over the air.

The Yamaha TSX-B235 has a slot loader and works with CDs (R / RW), and not only with audio specifications, but also containing files in MP3 and WMA formats. If all of the above is not enough, then at your service there is also a built-in FM tuner (87.5-108 MHz) with a choice of 30 radio stations stored in the memory.

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However, the most important thing begins when a source is connected, a track is selected, and music will sound from the two speakers of the system with a diameter of 8 cm. You are surprised at how emotionally and harmoniously the familiar compositions from the test selection are served, about which much more serious devices broke their teeth. With the three-band equalizer, you can easily get the most out of the audio information from a particular medium for a selected volume.

The capabilities of the IntelliAlarm musical alarm clock should be especially noted. It awakens by playing your favorite audio track at first at low volume and with suppression of high frequencies, and then gradually goes to a given gain level and full spectrum.

Considering the opinions of leading analysts in the field of psychology and medicine about the beneficial effects of music on the body of a waking person, it is appropriate to present the TSX-B235 desktop audio system not only in the boudoir, but also in the office, so as not to miss lunch or the end of the working day with its help.

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