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LG F4WV3008S6S Review: Interesting washing machine compatible with mini AddWash


The LG F4WV3008S6S is a stainless steel washing machine with which you will wash and take care of your clothes as much as possible while saving even more. With this LG washing machine and its compatibility with AddWash, you can even do up to two washes at the same time and take much more time.

About the LG F4WV3008S6S

When we have a quality washing machine, we are not only talking about clean clothes, but also neat clothes. A good washing machine like the LG F4WV3008S6S will be prepared and designed to guarantee less wear on your clothes and, therefore, a longer useful life.

In fact, today’s washing machines, many of them, have different technologies focused not only on the quality of the washes, but also on making our lives much easier with programs that clean when we need it , self-diagnostic systems, compatibility with virtual assistants of the moment, and so on.

The goal, however, is to be able to enjoy our favorite clothes for many years, and this is achieved, as we say, with a washing machine that is capable of taking care of them and not wearing them too much during washes. This, believe it or not, also helps us to take care of the environment, since the textile market is very polluting, and if we avoid throwing clothes frequently, we will also be helping the planet a little more.

Also, taking into account the increased awareness of the importance of hygiene that we are experiencing in recent times, it is always good to know and be aware that our washing machine will be able to sanitize our garments in a safe way and with deep cleanings that eliminate bacteria . That, as you will see, is the case of the washing machine we are going to talk about.

Good washing machine with steam technology

The LG F4WV3008S6S is a smart washing machine, with it you can download additional programs to complete the catalog that it already brings. This is a model designed in stainless steel that offers up to 8 kg of front load , reaches 1400 rpm and comes with an energy efficiency rating of C from the new labeling put into effect in 2021.

Like other models in the LG 300 series, this washing machine has been built by an AI Direct Drive motor , which means that it is intelligent in being able to detect some of the characteristics of the fabric to guarantee better results. Thus, the weight and type of fabric will be detected by the washing machine for a better wash.

And not only this, it also has a special steam function that will help us eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria , making it ideal, above all, for bedding and for the smallest of home. Thanks to these characteristics, the wear that occurs on clothes during washing is reduced by up to 18% less.

Besides, these detectors serve so that the movements of the drum can adapt to the type of load that we have put in. In this way, we ensure that our clothes do not suffer so much from spinning, do not wear out and continue to come out clean, just as we want.

LG F4WV3008S6S

Durable design

Another advantage that we can find in this washing machine is in the construction materials. These materials are of quality and, in addition, hygienic , so the washing machine will not only keep the clothes clean, but also itself. Do not forget that a dirty washing machine can be a trigger for bad odors, so if it offers easy maintenance, we will not have this problem.

To give you an idea of ​​this, you just have to look at its door, for example, which is made of tempered glass. Plus, the batters are stainless steel for a much longer life. Apart from that you will also find other advantages in its design such as the large and practical display, together with a very easy to use and very functional program selector.

LG F4WV3008S6S

Two washes in one

Finally, we cannot forget to mention the TWINWash mini-washing machine. Why? Well, because it is compatible with the LG F4WV3008S6S. This mini washing machine will allow you, among other things, to do two washes at the same time so that you can save more time. For example, you can leave the larger load for heavy clothing and the smaller load for underwear or sportswear.

In addition, we also have to remember that this washing machine is smart for several reasons. The first because it is compatible with the ThinQ application , with which you can control it no matter where you are, in addition to scheduling cleaning or downloading other programs.

The other reason is because it is also compatible with the Google Assistant , so you can dictate what to do by voice, and this will save time by not having to search or select programs. As you can see, this model of washing machine is intelligent and designed for you and the whole family.

LG F4WV3008S6S

Opinions from the LG F4WV3008S6S

With a very good value for money , this washing machine cleans very well and is compatible with new technologies. In addition, it has a very nice stainless steel design and can be combined with LG’s TWINWash mini-washing machine to save even more time.
Therefore, as a negative point, we find that it is somewhat complicated to understand at the beginning in terms of its operation due to the amount of benefits it brings.

LG F4WV3008S6S

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Efficient and silent.
  • Compatible with the washing machine of the same brand.
  • Nice design.
  • Compatible with WiFi.
  • It takes a while to understand how it works.


Features of the LG F4WV3008S6S



LG F4WV3008S6S
Maximum washing capacity (kg): 8
Drum volume (l): 68
Variable spin speed: 1400/1200/1000/800/400 / No spin
Energy efficiency (Scale A to G): C
Energy consumption per cycle kW / h 63
Water consumption per cycle (l): 48
Sound level (dBA) centrifuged: 73
AI Direct Drive- with artificial intelligence: Yes
Automatic detection of tissue load and characteristics: Yes
Inverter Direct Drive ™: Yes
Steam Steam ™: Steam
6 Motion: Yes
Add garment: Yes
Smart Diagnosis: version 3.0
Colour: Inox anti-fingerprint
Variable temperature selection: Cold / 20/30/40/60/95?
Automatic restart: Yes
Standby Power zero: Yes
Washer opening angle: 150
Büey eye dimensions (mm): 300
Batters: Stainless steel
Display type: White LED
Deferred completion: 3-19 hrs
Start / pause indicator: Yes
Error messages: Yes
Number of washing programs: 14: Cotton, Eco 40-60, Mixed, Synthetics, Bedding / Duvets, Tub Cleaning, Anti-Allergy, Steam Child Care, Sportswear, Silent Wash, Quick 14, Delicate, Wool / Hand Wash, Rinse + Spin.
Prewash: Yes
Deferred completion: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Spin only: Yes
Sound warnings on / off: Yes
Intensive: Yes
Normal: Yes
Rinse +: Yes
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height mm): 600 x 565 x 850
Dimensions with packaging (Width x Depth x Height mm): 660 x 660 x 890
Weight (kg): 66
Compatible Miniwash Model: F8K5XN4 / TWM15S




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