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360 SmartAI G50 Review: Affordable and smart

The basic models of robotic vacuum cleaners are very similar in appearance to each other. They do not have the features of the top versions – such as building maps, assigning restricted areas, and so on. But they are several times cheaper.

With external similarity and similar design, they may differ in characteristics. 360 SmartAI G50 is a relatively new model, which the Chinese manufacturer has tried to make better and more functional than the past.

Design and features

Differences from many basic fashion & ...
Differences from many basic models from other manufacturers are noticeable even without switching on. The robot looks very stylish, including due to the glass top panel – usually in this class they are content with plastic. However, keeping the glass clean is quite troublesome: it collects not only dust, but also fingerprints. The only button on the top panel is for starting the vacuum cleaner and connecting it to the application (more on that later).

On the reverse side, everything is traditional – two wheels with suspension, a central brush with fibers and two side brushes. The main brush can be easily cleaned if hair is wrapped around it by pushing back the two latches and removing the small pressure plate.

The power button is on the side, and there is also a connector for connecting a network cable. You can charge the vacuum cleaner in two ways: using the base and through a direct connection on the body.

Main characteristics

Although the case turned out to be rather low (7.9 cm), there was a place in it for a large dust container (510 ml). The manufacturer did not combine it with a water container – in order to start wet cleaning, you need to take out one container and install another, with a fixed napkin.

It is noteworthy that the manufacturer put all the main consumables in stock: a napkin, three brushes (two side and a central one), a fine filter.

The brushless Japanese Nidec motor can provide up to 2600Pa suction power. But in order to save the battery, 4 power levels are provided here (from 600 Pa and above). With an economical use of energy, the vacuum cleaner can be cleaned without recharging for up to 2 hours. By the way, there is another function that distinguishes it from other budget models: if the battery starts to run out, the robot goes to charge, and then continues cleaning. Usually for this you have to start the process again from a button or remote control.

The water tank has a capacity of 300 ml, it has 3 feeding modes. But even at the most intense, there is not much moisture on the floor.

Connect to app

The device can be started with a button, but there are also remote ways to turn it on. Firstly, this is an infrared remote control included in the kit. Secondly, the Smart AI application is Russified, although not perfect. You can download the software using the QR code in the user manual.

We had no problems connecting the robot. We press the only button, hold it for 8 seconds, until it starts blinking quickly. Then in the application we find the item “Robot vacuum cleaners” and add a new device. It worked the first time. But there is a caveat: the smartphone must be connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

In the application, you can schedule cleaning, as well as enable one of the modes – for example, cleaning along the perimeter of the wall or local cleaning. Traditionally, a work log is kept and the wear of the main elements is recorded – it will be possible to find out when it is time to change the brushes.

How is it cleaned?

Cleaning of a two-room apartment of 40 m 2 (including furniture) took us 39 minutes. In general, the robot does not make many unnecessary movements, although the complex configuration of the room and the abundance of furniture give it problems. Although he tries to thoroughly sweep debris from every corner, some areas remain uncleaned.

There were no long-pile carpets in the apartment, but the robot passes through synthetic surfaces without any problems. Suction power is sufficient to remove even coarse grains of sand or lumps of dirt. After cleaning, the battery level was 35%, so in principle the 360 ​​SmartAI G50 is suitable for large apartments too. Unless the carpets will make the motor run at full power, and the battery will be consumed much more intensively.


SmartAI G50 vacuum cleaner did not show any wonderful qualities, but for its price it has very good parameters. It would not hurt to improve the application, make it more logical and convenient for use, but it was not developed by the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner, so there is no point in making a complaint about it.

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