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Jimmy JV51 Review: Inexpensive vacuum cleaner with a battery


The Jimmy JV51 upright vacuum cleaner can be called versatile in terms of keeping your home clean. Complete attachments are provided not only for floors, but also for upholstery and mattresses. Thanks to the trigger switch and soft roller brush, the device resembles Dyson vacuum cleaners (although visually it looks like the Roidmi F8).

One of the main advantages of our test vacuum cleaner is that it is cheaper than the Dyson model V8 or even V7. At the same time, it has a high suction power of 115 attowatts (about 18,000 Pa) and a powerful 400-watt motor. But can this device work as efficiently as its more premium counterparts? We will tell you further in the text.

Packaging and equipment

The Jimmy JV51 comes in a sturdy white cardboard box, inside which we found three attachments: a compact turbo upholstery brush, a soft roller brush, and a combo and crevice tool with retractable bristles. There is also an extension bar, a power supply for charging the device and a wall bracket for vertical placement of the vacuum cleaner and storage of attachments.

The roller of the main turbo brush is very similar to that of the Dyson V8. It is ideal for collecting dust and dirt from hard floors (including parquet, laminate, porcelain stoneware) and lint-free carpets. The large gap between the roller and the visor allows the brush to pick up even large debris, such as cereals and fruit cuttings. And due to the flat design of the nozzle, it can remove dust from under chairs, sofas and beds.

Workmanship and convenience

The Jimmy JV51 is housed in a plastic case with an attractive combination of red and white. In terms of functionality, it dominates 2-in-1 devices: that is, it can act as a long vertical vacuum cleaner with a barbell and a compact device for cleaning sofas and car interiors.

The initial setup of the vacuum cleaner is pretty simple. This wireless machine does not have a Wi-Fi connection or complex control via mobile apps. Jimmy JV51 is “just a vacuum cleaner” that needs to be assembled and started (after charging the battery). All attachments are quick to attach and detach, including the extension bar, for faster cleaning.

In the main unit of the vacuum cleaner there is a garbage container and a 400-watt motor. Unlike the same Roidmi F8, the design of the dust collection tank implies a vertical design with a hinged lid at the bottom. The device also has a HEPA filter, which must be changed once a year and periodically serviced as it is used.

Controls and operating modes

Like the Dyson V8, the control unit of this cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a trigger switch located on the convenient handle. The difference is that as soon as you press it, it will remain pressed, and the vacuum cleaner will work until the next press. This relieves finger and wrist extra stress while cleaning. By the way, the weight of the vacuum cleaner is less than one and a half kilograms.

On the rear side of the “pistol” grip there is a speed switch under the thumb (there are only two speeds). Press it to put the vacuum cleaner in maximum power mode. The responsiveness of the button is nice, so you don’t have to put in extra effort.

Cleaning efficiency and productivity

During the test, Jimmy JV51 did an excellent job with tiles in the kitchen (clearing them of spilled sugar and scattered rice), laminate in the room (where we spilled soil from the flowerpot) and parquet in the hallway (cleaning even large pieces from the loose cat litter). Lint-free carpets, on which street dirt accumulates, were also not difficult for the test apparatus. At the same time, we did not even use the maximum performance mode.

But on carpets with pile, it is less effective due to the lack of replaceable hard bristles in the set for deep cleaning of the pile. A soft roller is simply not able to effectively clean the carpet pile, therefore this vacuum cleaner is optimal for those who do not keep “grandmother’s carpets” at home. Thus, it will be possible to remove large garbage (such as cat litter) from the carpet, but sugar – no longer.

What else we want to draw your attention to: the turning radius of the Jimmy JV51 is quite large, but the diagonal tilt (to the right and left of the nozzle) is about 45 degrees, while the backward bend allows the bar to be lowered perpendicular to the floor, which allows vacuuming under sofas and armchairs, as well as squeeze into confined spaces.

Cleaning filters and containers

Any vacuum cleaner requires maintenance during active use, and Jimmy JV51 is no exception to the rule. The dust collector must be emptied in a timely manner so that the draft does not deteriorate, and it does not hurt to clean the filters at least once a month and replace them with new ones once a year.

There is another feature that simplifies maintenance – the removable dust container and roller, which can be washed under running water. But keep in mind: Before installing these parts back into the vacuum cleaner, you need to let them dry for 24 hours. The dust container has a capacity of 5 liters, so the vacuum cleaner is enough for several cleanings before the device needs cleaning.

Battery life and charging speed

One of the features of the Jimmy JV5 is a removable battery that can be replaced if necessary. And you can charge it even if it is disconnected from the vacuum cleaner. By the way, by purchasing a second battery, you can significantly increase the cleaning time and not wait until the current battery is charged. This would be a logical step considering that it takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

According to the manufacturer, the vacuum cleaner works up to 50 minutes in standard mode and up to 10 minutes in turbo mode. In practice, the vacuum cleaner was able to last 46 minutes and 8 minutes, respectively. But this is when using nozzles without an electric drive. With the main brush, the battery life will be even slightly shorter.

Jimmy JV51: Conclusion

Jimmy JV51, given the low price, can be called a very good choice for owners of apartments with hard flooring. The evaluation of a given device largely depends on the scenarios in which it is used.

In particular: for those who do not have carpets at home, the Jimmy JV51 will be a great helper and will ensure one hundred percent cleanliness. Plus, it offers enough attachments to clean upholstery, mattresses, ventilation grilles and even keyboards. And the built-in HEPA filter for cleaning the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner is able to filter out up to 99% of allergens.

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4.6 / 5. 39

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