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Nespresso Vertuo Review: A whole Coffee shop in your own home

The new model from Nespresso can immediately prepare 414 ml of quality drink from one capsule. And it does it differently from most other capsule coffee machines.

Capsule coffee machines are one of the easiest ways to get an aromatic coffee drink at home. And it seems that the technology has already been worked out: heated water under pressure passes through the capsule with its contents and enters your cup. But now there is an alternative. The new Nespresso Vertuo machine does not extract under pressure, but due to centrifugal force: after all, the capsule spins up to 7000 rpm. How much more effective it is, whether the taste changes in comparison with the traditional one, we will find out during the test.

What’s interesting about Vertuo?

Even in our editorial office there are different coffee lovers. Some drink only thimble ristretto, others like to stretch a large latte for half a day. When it comes to home use, you usually have to use two capsules for two coffees. Vertuo is universal in this sense. The collection contains capsules with different blends, designed for different volumes of coffee, from 40 to 414 ml.

At the same time, the cooking process is fully automatic: the machine itself knows how much water is needed in a particular case. Need more good coffee? Just take a high volume capsule.


The coffee machine has a classic? ...

The coffee machine has a classic design for these devices and actually consists of two parts. One is the main one (in fact, the coffee machine itself). The second is a water tank on a small plastic stand. The stand can be moved: for example, if you need the machine to take up a minimum of space in width, slide the container by the body. Other options are on the right or left, in either direction.

The container holds about 1.2 liters of water, and in order to fill it, you just need to pull up – there are no latches here.

The capsules for Vertuo coffee machines are not the same as for the Original models, which are already familiar to many. They are noticeably larger and have a different shape. The blend and the volume of the drink for which the capsule is designed are indicated on the aluminum lid.

By the way, there is important information on the reverse side as well. True, not for you and me – for the machine itself. The black and white stripes located on the inside of the capsule are nothing more than a barcode. According to it, the machine understands which capsule is inside, selects the optimal temperature regime and calculates the volume of water.

There are only two governing bodies. The first is a lever that you pull upwards to open the lid. After you install the capsule, push it down – the lid closes. To start the cooking process, you need to press a single button.

After the coffee is ready, you can lift the lever again and the used capsule will fall into the special compartment.

If it seems to you that the coffee turned out to be too strong or, conversely, weak, you can either try a different blend, or reprogram the amount of water that the machine will spill. This is done simply: once you set the volume manually (the algorithm is detailed in the instructions), and the next time you install a capsule of the same hood, you will receive exactly as much water as you wanted.

By the way, about the capsules. A welcome pack of 12 is already included. And this is great, because choosing a blend “at random” would not be easy.

For Vertuo, we counted 28 variants of different strengths and for different volumes.  It is slightly more expensive than for Original machines, but for a 230 ml portion, the price is quite normal. There are no capsules with milk or “mix”, as for other coffee makers. If you are not a fan of black coffee, simply heat the milk and pour it into the cup before starting the machine, or use the cappuccinatore.


The first thing that attracts attention during preparation is the appetizing and dense crema foam. It takes less than 2 minutes to prepare an average coffee dose – and, of course, no effort is required from you. The main thing is to substitute a cup of the appropriate size. We will not undertake to recommend the blend – opinions are divided.

The only remark that was born after the test is the top position of the button. It serves not only to start the cooking process: there is an LED indicator around the button, which can signal problems. For example, if it blinks, you may have forgotten to insert the capsule or fill the reservoir with water. If the coffee machine is on the table, the indicator is clearly visible. But we put it on the bedside table, and only colleagues with a height of 170 cm could see the indication.

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