Polaris PPA 5068i Review: Affordable and effective air purifier

Polaris PPA 5068i

More and more people come to the need to clean the air in their own apartments. This is especially true for allergy sufferers or families with small children. There are filters in most climatic devices, but not all of them are equally successful in cleaning. For example, the simplest filter of an air conditioner is designed to preserve the cleanliness of the internal parts of the device rather than for high-quality air purification.


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Climatic stations are quite another matter. They can provide cleanliness at the level of a medical laboratory, but they also cost, respectively, from $600. It is clear that not everyone can afford such expenses. Therefore, simpler devices – air purifiers – remain very popular on the market. With them, too, manufacturers are sometimes cunning – they save on filters. In our opinion, a good purifier should have a multi-stage system.

First, it's a banal mechanic ...
Firstly, it is a commonplace mechanical filter that retains large fragments of dust and dirt. Secondly, a HEPA filter to combat fine particles that ordinary particles pass through. And, finally, coal – to eliminate odors and neutralize many harmful compounds.

A typical multi-stage filtering device is the recently released Polaris PPA 5068i. It contains just all three types of filter, in addition, an ionization system is added to saturate the air with negative ions. One such device can work with a room up to 35 square meters.

The purifier looks like a cylinder: the air intake is from the bottom, and its supply is from the top. In the same place, on the upper part, there is a simple control system. There are only 3 buttons on it. One is responsible for turning on the device, the other for turning on the ionizer, the third regulates the air flow rate. The purifier does not have a display – only 3 LEDs, by which you can understand in which mode the device is operating.


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The noise from the Polaris PPA 5068i is not annoying. In the mode of minimum air flow, it is quite possible to turn it on at night – it does not interfere with sleep. In other modes, noise is audible and slight vibration is present.

The same filter system is located at the bottom. You can change them yourself – just unscrew the panel. And for this you don’t even need tools – just turn it to the side and it opens.

All three filters are collected in one ...
All three filters are collected in a single block and change at the same time. They are enough for about 3000 hours of work (with an 8-hour schedule, this is about 1 year). When the resource is exhausted, the device signals this on its own. A new set of filters will cost about $40.

The efficiency of the Polaris PPA 5068i is not so easy to assess, but, for example, dust in the room during its operation, indeed, accumulates less. Of course, this is not a climate complex that can diagnose the air condition itself and connect as needed. Nevertheless, it would not hurt to provide at least a timer in such a device – especially, in other Polaris models it is. On the other hand, with a consumption of only 15 watts, there is no need to worry about the excess energy burned.

In general, for its cost of less than $130, this is a quite decent device. You can discuss the nuances of design and functions as much as you like, but the main thing for such devices is the presence of a full-fledged filter system, and there is one here. All the rest are details.

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