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Tefal Clean & Steam Revolution Review: Extremely effective

The power of steam is associated with the industrial revolution, the appearance of steam locomotives and steamboats … It was once upon a time, in the century before last, and we switched from steam engines to electric ones. However, in household appliances, steam continues to make revolutions today. The principle of operation of the new steam vacuum cleaner is thorough cleaning and disinfection of premises without the use of any detergents.

Tefal Clean & Steam Revolution Vacuum Cleaner Review

Yes, for cleaning floors with Clean & Steam Revolution VP7777, no additional chemicals are needed, only steam power. And instead of the already familiar smells of detergents, the vacuum cleaner offers real aromatherapy. The built-in diffuser allows you to spray essential oils directly while cleaning. You just need to add a fragrant drop to the flower-shaped cartridge and place it in the special compartment of the nozzle. Naturally, the oil itself is not included in the delivery set, because the choice of aroma is a very personal matter.

The functionality of a classic vacuum cleaner hasn’t gone anywhere either. The VP7777 uses a cyclone-type suction device, which means that dirt and debris is collected in a special dust container. An important feature of the vacuum cleaner is an innovative nozzle that sucks in dust from both sides and pre-cleans the surface, and in its center there is a microfiber cloth that is moistened with steam and washes the floor. Cleaning your home with a steam vacuum cleaner is twice as fast.

Naturally, you can vacuum and steam the floor at the same time. The combination of wet steam and dry cleaning is the main advantage of the model.

How does the Tefal Clean & Steam vacuum cleaner work?

First you need to collect it. There is an instruction manual in the box right on top, but most likely you can handle the assembly without it. We install the handle (click – and you’re done), attach the brush (even a microfiber rag is already on it!), And all that remains is to connect the vacuum cleaner to the outlet.

Yes, in the age of wireless technology, the handsome Tefal Clean & Steam Revolution VP7777 is still tied to a power outlet. The inventors would like to deceive physics, but they cannot: for the formation of steam, such an amount of energy (power of 1500 W) is needed that compact batteries cannot yet provide. However, the VP7777’s wire is long, it allows you to reach the opposite corner of even a very large room. And if the entire length is not needed, it can be wound on special holders directly on the body of the vacuum cleaner.

Oh yes, we still need to fill in the water. As in dishwashers, special cartridges are used here to soften the water. One cartridge is immediately installed in the body of the vacuum cleaner, a couple more lies in the box along with three replaceable rags. The manufacturer recommends changing the cartridges every 6 months, and each rag must withstand up to 100 washes in the machine. So the starter kit of consumables will last for a long time.

Of the accessories, we also note the plastic stand for the vacuum cleaner. It will not roll off from it, and a damp cloth (if you forgot to remove it) will not contact the floor. There is also a special nozzle for steaming carpets. In the “parked” state, the vacuum cleaner stands upright, taking up a minimum of space. We tilt the handle with a little effort – and he is ready to go.

All controls, except for the power button, are literally at hand. This is a large button for supplying steam, a button for switching on the vacuum cleaner mode and a three-position regulator of steam generation.

In the set you will find two types of interchangeable microfiber cloths. A rag with a blue nap is designed to remove dried stains and stubborn dirt, and with a gray nap it is suitable for all types of coatings and light dirt.

What and how to clean with a steam vacuum cleaner?

Before starting cleaning, we recommend that you carefully read the Clean & Steam Revolution VP7777 instructions in order to correctly select the steam power for different floor coverings. For example, tiles and linoleum are not afraid of steam, and they can be safely washed with maximum power, getting a brilliant result in the literal sense of the word. It is recommended to refresh carpet and carpets on the minimum setting for gentle steaming. With parquet and laminate flooring, it’s also best to be tidy and use minimal steam.

Tefal Clean & Steam Revolution Vacuum Cleaner Review

The vacuum cleaner is ready for work in 30 seconds, you won’t have to wait long! There are three steam power levels for different types of flooring.

Convenience and quality of cleaning with Clean & Steam Revolution

Tefal Clean & Steam Revolution VP7777  is a moderately compact device. The body itself is not too large, and the vacuum cleaner nozzle is wide enough, so maneuvering between obstacles can be difficult in a cramped apartment. If there is a lot of furniture in the room, for example, there is a table with several chairs, then you should clear the space before cleaning. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner is comfortable to roll on the floor. It will wash out a large open space very quickly.

Possible inconveniences (construction with a wire, maneuverability) are more than compensated by the guarantee of cleanliness. In a pandemic, this is especially important. After steam cleaning, you can be sure that the surface is decontaminated. Carpets that children play on, tiles in the hall, parquet floors in the living room – all these surfaces become absolutely clean. When cleaning with steam, stubborn dirt can be easily removed with a cloth or sucked up with a vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaner washes the floor quite effectively, providing a high quality cleaning. You won’t be able to get the same result with a mop and detergent.


Tefal Clean & Steam Revolution VP7777  is a very effective cleaning product. Thanks to the simultaneous dry and wet steam cleaning, the vacuum cleaner effectively removes not only dust, but also stubborn dirt, literally dissolving dirt with steam. The force of steam is not able to resist bacteria and viruses. So it is especially effective in terms of room decontamination. During cleaning, no additional detergents are used, which may be relevant for people with allergies or principled views on environmental issues.

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