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Viomi SE Review: Awesome robot vacuum cleaner. Period!

The Chinese company Viomi is a sub-brand of Xiomi and produces high-quality and affordable household appliances: in particular, cleaning and kitchen devices.

The model has a classic & # ...
The model has a classic design: it is a small round robot in white. At the same time, the lid is glossy, and the sides are matte so that no dust can be seen on them. Above the body there is a turret, in which a laser sensor for navigation is hidden, and a round brush for collecting debris is attached to the side.


Viomi SE reaches a height of 9.45 cm. This is quite a bit – the device will be able to pass under armchairs and cabinets, cleaning in hard-to-reach places and near walls.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a combined container for water and waste. It is divided into two sections: 200 ml for liquid and 300 ml for dust. It can be easily accessed by flipping the top cover of the vacuum cleaner.



Also on the case there are two buttons: to turn on the robot and send it to the base. In general, this is enough to start cleaning, but for a more precise setting of all functions, it is worth installing a mobile application – about it below.

Functions and management

For navigation, the robot uses an LDS sensor – a laser rangefinder that rotates at 300 rpm, scanning the area around the device and helping it build a map of the room. In total, the vacuum cleaner can memorize 5 cards (Multimap function) – for example, for cleaning on different floors.

It is convenient to control the robot using the Mi Home smartphone program. It is available for Android and iOS in the official app stores. In it, you can configure the work schedule at a specific time and days of the week – up to 7 scheduling options are saved.



The suction power and the intensity of microfiber wetting during wet cleaning are also set in the application. There are 4 modes for dry cleaning (quiet night, standard, medium and maximum) and 3 levels for wet.

Also in the program, you can follow the movement of the robot on the map and send it for cleaning in specific areas. And if a certain area, on the contrary, should not be cleaned, virtual barriers can be placed around it, or even prohibit the vacuum cleaner from accessing this room.




Viomi SE is able to carry out dry and wet cleaning – and at the same time. Thanks to the combined water and dust reservoir in the application, you can start the Vacuum & Mop mode, in which the robot will collect small debris and dust into a dry container and immediately wipe the floor with a damp cloth, which is attached to the bottom of the case.

This model has a very high suction power – 2200 Pa. Previously, only flagship robotic vacuum cleaners cost two, or even three times higher than Viomi SE, could boast of such power. In practice, this means that the vacuum cleaner will be able to “pick up” even adhering dust from a smooth floor, easily pick up wool and hair, and also effectively clean carpets.

Interestingly, during cleaning, the robot does not move in a straight line, like many other models, but along a Y-shaped route, constantly deviating to the right and left from the main trajectory. This movement is shown more clearly in the picture below: as a result, the robot “passes” every section of the floor and leaves no dust and no chance.



We have said more than once that it is worth using a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning only to maintain cleanliness. Still, robots still do not know how to rinse a rag and change the water in a container without human intervention: they simply wipe the floor, constantly supplying liquid to a soft nozzle. And in order for the effect of such a procedure to suit you, the flooring must initially be more or less clean – otherwise the device will simply smear the dirt and leave behind ugly stains.

However, technology is evolving, and manufacturers are doing everything possible to improve the quality of wet cleaning. For example, Viomi has improved the design of the robot, equipping it with a “spring mop” – thanks to this technology, the microfiber always adheres to the floor under a pressure of 300 g, which allows it to more effectively remove stains and collect all fine dust.



If the house has high thresholds and stairs, it doesn’t matter. Viomi SE can climb curbs up to 2 cm high and is equipped with 12 collision and fall protection sensors.


The device is equipped with a 3200 mAh battery. Such a battery is enough to clean a room with an area of ​​200 m 2 or for 120 minutes. Upon completion of work, the vacuum cleaner will automatically go to the base to recharge. If the robot interrupts and does not have time to finish cleaning, then after charging it will return to the place where it left off.


Viomi SE is a awesome robot vacuum cleaner equipped with all the necessary functions. It comes with an advanced laser navigation system, and the possibility of simultaneous dry and wet cleaning, and a convenient application familiar to all Xiaomi fans.

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