Xiaomi Roidmi F8S Review: Up to the task

Xiaomi Roidmi F8S
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Household appliances are not a frequent visitor to our resource. But often, between the rolling of a new version of GCam and disputes about AMD’s superiority over Intel, you also need to deal with household chores. And so that the apartment does not turn into a dusty “Neanderthal cave”, it would also be nice to vacuum it.

Since we are “geeks”, the usual huge vacuum cleaner is not an option for us – we need something more interesting. That is why today we will take a look at the wireless solution from Xiaomi – Roidmi F8S.

So, this is the Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner in the F8S modification. In simple words – Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner. Like any other creation of this company, it captivates with the declared characteristics, stylish design and, of course, an affordable price.

Appearance and equipment

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The main thing in such a device is what? That’s right, design. And I’m serious now! No matter how powerful the vacuum cleaner is, you wouldn’t buy something ugly. The F8S has no problems with this – a stylish and laconic body made of white matte plastic with a bright accent, which should suit any interior. Tactilely, both the device itself and the accessories are pleasant. It gives the impression of an expensive product, but such a light color has one obvious drawback. The slightest contact with surrounding objects (chair leg, sand on tiles and any other hard surface) can leave marks on the body. Most of them rub off, but the body will have to be monitored.

From accessories – a minimum of unnecessary details. The set includes: an additional roller for a turbo brush, a replaceable spare filter, a small dismountable brush and a special magnetic mount. The latter allows you to leave the vacuum cleaner in an upright position. The main module of the vacuum cleaner turned out to be not very heavy, about 2 kg, and the grip is well thought out, the hand does not get tired during cleaning.

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Characteristics and autonomy

The power of the motor used can reach 115 W (about 80 thousand revolutions per minute), which should be enough to clean most household dirt. The battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh is responsible for the autonomy. The manufacturer promises 55 minutes of operation in normal mode and 10 minutes in “turbo”. I had enough full charge for light cleaning of a room of 100 sq. m. covered with tiles / parquet / carpet. Cleaning took about 20 minutes, after which the vacuum cleaner asked to be charged.

The only thing that was sometimes lacking was the power. When cleaning high-pile carpets, I often had to go through the vacuum cleaner several times to get the result or use the turbo mode. And if I was not particularly worried about the remainder of the charge, then the 0.4-liter container I had for one cleaning was filled 4 times for sure. If you have a dog at home, like me, you will need to tinker with the container. Fortunately, it is difficult to miss this moment. Roidmi F8S warns the user when the container is full.

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By the way, after cleaning, I advise you to remove the dust filter and rinse the container, as some debris remains inside. Of the design minuses, it is worth highlighting the lack of adjustment of this tube in length, which is why, with my height, it is not very convenient to carry out cleaning. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner turned out to be “top for its money.”

But, as a separate item, it is worth noting some confusion with the available models of the vacuum cleaner. Not only is it quite difficult to understand what their difference is, but the presence or absence of certain chips can only be found out using the device. For example, the backlight of the turbo brush. On the Internet, everyone is talking about her, but she is not there. Roidmi F8S also lacks a connection between the vacuum cleaner and the phone, for this you will have to buy the more expensive X20 model. But, despite this, the instructions mention this feature several times and even the name of the necessary applications is there. However, Bluetooth itself is not here.

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It is worth noting that the loss is not particularly great, because such “synchronization” provides information of dubious benefit (distance traveled, etc.). The only useful feature is changing the power of the vacuum cleaner in standard mode. The Roidmi F8S lacks this a bit.


Discarding the voiced cons, I can say that Xiaomi Roidmi F8S is a good vacuum cleaner for its money, which allows cleaning away from the outlet, and a set of available accessories will cover most tasks. It looks stylish, the announced chips are mostly confirmed, what more could you want? There are plenty of competitors and all have their own key features, but in terms of the combination of capabilities, this Roidmi F8S is one of the most interesting proposals on the market.

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