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Doogee S61 Pro Review: Great smartphone with awesome protection

Doogee S61 Pro
Doogee S61 Pro

Secure smartphones are a parallel universe. In ordinary life, it would hardly occur to someone to carry a phone with a 12,000 mAh battery : it is frankly heavy, and you can hardly put it in a shirt pocket. But for those who are often away from civilization, durable cases and a capacious battery are a real salvation.

Recently, Doogee, one of the leading manufacturers of rugged devices, released the S61 Pro model, which is also not afraid of anything, but due to the usual 5000 mAh battery, it is quite suitable for everyday use. At the same time, it also looks attractive, and also shoots well. This option seemed interesting to us, and we took the smartphone for a test.


Doogee S61 Pro is not the most elegant among smartphones, which is quite normal for rugged devices. Although the screen is 6-inch, the gadget does not look compact, because the bezels around the screen are large enough. In addition to Corning Gorilla Glass, there is also a factory protective film plus spare glass in the kit.

Along the perimeter of the case has a rubberized insert, bevelled corners are designed to soften the blow when falling. All connectors are covered with plugs – this is a mandatory element of protection against water and dust according to top standards (IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810H). USB-C is hidden under the plugs for recharging and communication with a computer, a 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones and a card slot.

Speaking of the slot: firstly, it is triple, that is, you can use two SIM-cards and a memory card at the same time. Secondly, to pull it out, you do not need special tools: just pick it up by the ledge with your fingernail. Great option for the field.

There are a couple of additional holes in the lower right corner of the case: they are needed to install a loop for carrying a smartphone on your wrist. The loop is of course included.

On the left side there is an additional button. It can be programmed for certain actions through the “Settings”.

The cameras are located in the center of the back cover – as it is now fashionable, in the form of two large eyes. We will talk about them a little later.


  • Diagonal: 6 inches, 18:9
  • Resolution: 1440×720

The screen here is normal, on IPS with HD + resolution. Since the gadget is not a gaming gadget, they did not bother with an increased refresh rate. Declared brightness of 470 nits, but most likely this is the peak value for certain areas of the screen. In any case, the brightness is enough to work with a smartphone in an open area with sunny weather.

In the smartphone settings, you can find and configure the night light: set the schedule for turning it on and the color temperature.

Doogee S61 Pro
Doogee S61 Pro

In addition, there are three preset screen modes: “Standard”, “Bright” and “Cold”. They do not differ radically, only slightly adjust the color scheme.


  • Primary: 48 MP
  • Night vision: 20MP
  • Front: 16 MP

Protected devices are often noticeably inferior to conventional ones in terms of mobile shooting capabilities. Doogee S61 Pro, despite belonging to the budget class, the main camera has quite a decent resolution of 48 megapixels. There are not very many shooting modes: these are traditional photo / video, portrait, manual and maximum resolution. There is also support for HDR, scene recognition using AI, filtering. The quality of the photo for an inexpensive smartphone is quite decent.

Another camera on the back is infrared. Or, as the manufacturer describes it, night vision. In addition, she installed 4 LEDs that provide IR illumination. In fact, you can actually shoot in complete darkness. It is unlikely that this will be useful to anyone for photography, but in the wild it is quite possible to take cool shots at night.

Hardware and performance

  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G35, 8 cores, up to 2.3GHz
  • Memory capacity: 6/128 GB

Since the smartphone is positioned as a basic one, a processor of the corresponding class was also used for it – MediaTek Helio G35. Exactly the same is in realme C11 or Redmi 9C. In principle, it is enough for surfing the Internet and the operation of the interface. Moreover, the RAM is quite large, 6 GB (the maximum that the processor supports), and this saves the system from having to constantly close unused applications. You can run games that are not particularly demanding on graphics: pixel walkers, “three in a row” options …

The global version interface supports 48 languages.

Doogee S61 Pro
Doogee S61 Pro

One of the features of the Doogee S61 Pro is the “custom button”. The one on the left side. It can be programmed to launch a function (for example, turning on a flashlight or taking a screenshot of the screen) or an application. It is very convenient if your hands are wet or dirty and you do not want to touch the screen with them.

For convenience, you can display another button – already on the screen. Moreover, assign it both a specific action and the output of a quick menu. It seems to be a trifle, but this is rarely seen in budget devices.


  • Battery capacity: 5180 mAh

As we have already noted, the Doogee S61 Pro uses a battery of almost standard capacity: 5180 mAh. In the city, it is confidently enough for 1.5 days – including, thanks to not the most powerful filling and a screen with HD + resolution. In nature, autonomy can be reduced to a day if you are in an area of ​​\u200b\u200buncertain signal reception from cellular networks or even outside the coverage area. In such cases, it is worth switching to airplane mode so as not to waste the battery in vain.

Unfortunately, fast charging is not provided. The kit includes a 10W adapter, so you need to be prepared to leave your smartphone at the outlet for more than 2 hours.


The new model may be of interest to those who are more likely to ride an ATV through the forest than sit in a chair to play Cyberpank 2077. It is also quite suitable for construction professionals who are forced to work in not the most comfortable conditions without the ability to quickly connect to charging.

The S61 Pro is quite light and compact compared to the more brutal bigger Doogee models. It has a triple card slot, a programmable button on the body and the ability to create a “quick menu”. This is rare in the budget segment of “regular” smartphones. As for the price, at the time of publication, the smartphone can be pre-ordered for $229.99.