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Huawei P50 Pro Review: Sets the new standard in mobile photography

Huawei P50 Pro
Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei’s P-series is associated primarily with cool cameras. Devices of different generations have repeatedly flashed in our ratings of camera phones , and Huawei P50 Pro has also already received positive reviews from experts around the world. The more interesting it became to test it.


For flagship devices, a certain set of standards has already been formed, and manufacturers are stubbornly following it. Because “if a competitor has a screen with slick sides, we can’t release a regular flat one.” The Huawei P50 Pro looks very cool, but we don’t buy smartphones to put them under glass. By the way, about glass: here it is on both sides. The rear panel is also made of glass, glossy, with all the ensuing (more precisely, sticking) consequences.

Another strange trend is to emphasize the block of cameras. There was a time when they tried to make them as invisible as possible, but then they suddenly turned 180 degrees. It is clear that the Huawei P50 Pro has something to be proud of, but two huge round ones still look bulky.

“Borderless” screens are also a reason for discussion. Yes, it’s beautiful, but it’s not very convenient to hold such a smartphone in your hands, moreover, in some situations, interactive interface elements turn out to be rounded. For example, keyboard buttons.

In general, the case is without surprises: stereo speakers, volume keys and a power button on the right side, a SIM card slot on the bottom. Oddly enough, there was even a place for an IR sensor – it can be found on the upper edge of the case.

What is really cool is IP68 water protection. The real one, officially declared, without these “well, if you drop it into the water, nothing will happen, but that’s not for sure.”


  • Diagonal: 6.6 inches, OLED
  • Resolution: 2700×1228 pixels
  • Max. refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Pixel density: 450 PPI

Well, that’s all, the negative is over, although it was purely subjective. The rest of the photo flagship causes only delight. The screen here is simply gorgeous, and there is not a single characteristic that should be criticized. The OLED matrix is ​​capable of displaying 1 billion shades, supports the DCI-P3 color range. The colors are as realistic as possible, there is no need to correct them through the settings. Hertsovka, of course, increased – up to 120 Hz. You can choose the limit manually or trust the electronics.


Although the maximum brightness is not indicated, it is clearly with a margin even for sunny weather. As befits OLED screens, there is an always-on display mode. The principal feature is the effective suppression of PWM. According to the measurements of our colleagues, the ripple coefficient does not exceed 10%, and this is an excellent result.


  • Primary: 50 MP, f/1.8, hybrid autofocus, optical stabilization
  • Telephoto: 64 MP, f / 3.5, phase detection autofocus, optical stabilization
  • Wide angle: 13MP
  • Monochrome: 40 MP
  • Front: 13 MP, f/2.4

If most smartphones have a high-resolution main camera, the Huawei P50 Pro, I would say, has two main cameras at once. They are just for different purposes. The first works on a 50 megapixel sensor, no matter how strange it sounds against the background of 108 megapixel cameras in the middle segment. The second, with a telephoto lens – 64 megapixels, it is also used for macro photography. Moreover, there is no need to manually switch from tele to macro – everything works automatically. Importantly, both cameras have autofocus. Also, Huawei P50 Pro is one of the few smartphones that can really take cool macro shots.

As for the conventional camera, there is no point in discussing its performance in good light. Autofocus is accurate and colors are perfect.

You can blur the background in Portrait and Aperture modes. Why is there a 40-megapixel monochrome camera here at all? No, not only for bokeh decoration. Due to the absence of color filters, the monochrome sensor captures much more light. Combining information from two cameras, color and monochrome, the processor forms a well-detailed, detailed image.


Night mode works flawlessly. The main thing is to fix the smartphone for a couple of seconds so as not to get a blurry frame.

It is logical that there should be no problems with zoom with such a set of cameras. The interface of the application for shooting immediately offers the option of 3.5x – that is, the transition to a telephoto lens. And with such a zoom, the picture is no worse than on the main camera. Optical stabilization plays a big role: after all, we know that the longer the focus, the more difficult it is to keep the device without “shaking”. Even a picture taken with a 10x zoom (here already a hybrid one) looks on the smartphone screen as if it had no zoom at all.

The maximum magnification for Huawei P50 Pro is 100x. There is no need to talk about artistic photographs here, but it is quite possible to make out some kind of fresco or inscription from afar.

The main camera can shoot video in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. There are several interesting modes: for example, dual shooting, which uses the main and front cameras at the same time. Or “Story Creator”, which allows you to shoot ready-made stories for Instagram lasting 13 seconds with various effects and music.


  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
  • Memory capacity: 8/256 GB
  • Operating system: Android 11 with EMUI 12

To be honest, last year no one expected a P50 Pro with Snapdragon – everyone was almost sure that Kirin would be inside. But unexpectedly, the flagship came out on “three eights”, and then Huawei fans were interested in the following question: what about heating?

Nothing new, warm. Not to say that it burns, but after 5 minutes. active gaming you begin to experience slight discomfort. True, fps drawdown is not felt, that is, the SoC still does not reach critical temperatures.

Another surprise: regular Android 11 with EMUI 12 skin instead of actively promoted Harmony. More familiar and easier, plus Harmony allows you to experience the maximum benefits when you have other devices in the ecosystem. There are no Google services, but this has not been a problem for a long time. Everything AppGallery lacks is perfectly searched for by Petal Search. It even displays on the same screen as the results of the Huawei branded store. You just need to download the apk file and run it. For example, we installed Geekbanch 5 in this way.


  • Battery capacity: 4360 mAh
  • Fast charging support: 66W (wired), 50W (wireless)
  • Reverse charging

There were no record values ​​here: a 4360 mAh battery, 66 W charging and an adapter included. But that doesn’t bother me at all. When in half an hour you can charge your smartphone by 70-80%, the capacity ceases to be paramount. Strictly speaking, the battery is not enough for 2 days (if you do not use the flagship as a banal dialer). But for one – with a guarantee, even taking into account active gaming.

If you buy a wireless device that supports Huawei SuperCharge, you can charge the P50 Pro at almost the same speed. Here the maximum power is 50 W, which is very cool for powering without a wire. In addition, there is reverse charging (from a smartphone, you can charge, for example, headphones).


The smartphone continues to set the standard in mobile photography, while maintaining the continuity of the line. If a 120-Hz slick OLED screen, Snapdragon 888 and fast charging no longer surprise anyone, then cool cameras with amazing zoom and full IP68 protection even among flagships still need to be looked for. Definitely, by this time the Chinese brand will have another photo flagship, and maybe more than one

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