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OnePlus Nord 2: Equipped with a custom Dimensity 1200-AI chipset

OnePlus has become a member of the MediaTek Dimensity 5G Open Resource Architecture program, which allows it to use a custom version of the Dimensity 1200 chipset in its new OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone. The chip is called Dimensity 1200-AI, and it is the AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) prefix that hints at on which part of the platform the changes were made.

Full review of OnePlus Nord 2 coming after launch!

The advanced system-on-a-chip will improve the quality of photos and display, as well as shorten the response time during gameplay. AI Photo Enhancement can recognize up to 22 different scenarios and apply the best settings for them, including setting the optimal parameters for night photography and low-light photography. AI Video Enhancement mode, in turn, allows you to apply HDR in real time while shooting.

The chipset also received support for DOL-HDR (Digital OverLap). Unlike conventional HDR, DOL-HDR can shoot multiple frames at the same time to reduce the ghosting effect. Smart Ambient Display technology uses AI for smarter automatic brightness control that takes into account the user’s environment as well as the content on the screen. In addition, Dimensity 1200-AI will be able to upscale standard definition video with standard dynamic range to HD (AI Resolution Boost) and HDR (AI Color Boost).

As for the rest of the characteristics of the OnePlus Nord 2, the smartphone should get a 6.53 ″ AMOLED display with Full HD + resolution at 90 Hz, a 4500 mAh battery, 50 MP Sony IMX766 sensor, 8 MP ultra wide and 32 MP front camera. It is expected that the smartphone will be presented in the near future.

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