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Philips Xenium Review: Extremely simple and functional device

Remember push-button phones? They are produced to this day. However, like any other area of ​​technology, they have undergone some changes. Now dialers…

Remember push-button phones? They are produced to this day. However, like any other area of ​​technology, they have undergone some changes. Now dialers have clear positioning, indicated by a set of offered functions. When I got my hands on the Philips Xenium E207, I immediately understood who it was for. Big keys, SOS button on the back, lock slider – obviously the device is aimed at older people. Can I take it? Let’s figure it out.

Docking station included

I certainly would not have thought that I would take the filling of the push-button telephone box into a separate item, but this cannot be done here. The device comes with a docking station for easy charging. All you need to do is connect a microUSB charger to the dock, which is also in the box, and insert the phone. The docking station is made in black, so the design looks strict and does not interfere with the table. The rubberized feet, in turn, prevent the dock from sliding on the surface.

Large buttons and built-in flashlight

On the front of the phone, there are record-breaking large buttons measuring almost 2 centimeters. Traditionally, the number 5 has a small knob so that it can be printed blindly. The buttons are easy to hit with your finger, and the tactile feedback makes it clear that a press has been made. This is an important characteristic for any phone, but it is especially relevant in a device with such positioning. Navigation in the menu is carried out using a joystick with a knurled button in the middle. Above the keyboard unit is a 2.31-inch TFT display with a resolution of 320 × 240. It is quite bright so that you can see something in the sun, but the viewing angles, as expected, cannot be called wide. When tilted vertically, the picture fades.

What impressed me most was the number of additional buttons on the Philips E207. Let’s start with the more or less obvious – there is an “SOS” button on the back panel, a long press on which opens the interface for sending a message with the text “I need help” to the numbers previously entered in the list. If desired, the SMS text can be changed. This is an invaluable option in emergency situations. On the left side, in addition to the volume keys, there is a lock slider, just like in Nokia 5228. Thus, you do not need to press the joystick and the star, just move the slider to any side. On the right you can see a similar slider, but this time to activate the flashlight.

Yes, there is a flashlight here. It is located on the upper edge, and not near the camera, which is very convenient. Moreover, the flashlight works even when the device itself is turned off. Parallel to it, on the bottom edge there is a microUSB connector for charging. There is no 3.5 mm Mini Jack for connecting headphones, but you can output sound via Bluetooth. I tested this functionality with AirPods and FM radio, it really works. The body of the smartphone is made of dense black plastic. This allows it to weigh only 113 grams and be truly indestructible. The case does not creak or backlash – the assembly is of high quality.

The menu is simple, but the functionality is wide

Philips E207 menu is designed as a carousel with large icons. What I liked is that the controls are as simple as possible. For example, to open the menu item you need, you can either press the middle part of the joystick or the upper left “OK” key. Thus, when switching from another phone, you do not need to retrain, because all options for performing an action are provided. Philips E207 can play music and videos, as well as open photos from a microSD card. I tested this with an mp3 file on an 8GB stick, it works. The built-in storage is 32 MB, so you can’t do without a memory card. In the settings, you can change the wallpaper to a custom one, lower or increase the brightness, extend the screen backlight time and set a third-party ringtone. However, you cannot assign a separate melody to the selected contact here.

Photos are saved quickly, and the phone practically does not think about it during the shooting. The main thing is, before you go to the photoset, do not forget to switch the resolution in the settings to the maximum – 640 × 480, since the default is 320 × 240.

You will rarely need to charge

Philips E207 is equipped with a 1700 mAh battery, which is enough for a week of battery life and more. The phone practically does not spend a charge in the background, and since, most likely, you will only use it to make calls, you can forget about looking for an outlet. In the talk mode, according to the manufacturer, Philips E207 is able to hold out up to 13 hours. Energy replenishment is carried out both through a standard microUSB and through a complete docking station, which is very convenient.

Volume level

Removing the cover reveals the size of the main speaker of the phone, which inspires confidence and sounds loud. Don’t miss a call or alarm. Under the battery there are two slots for mini-SIM cards and one for microSD memory cards.


Philips Xenium E207 is an extremely simple, yet high-quality and functional device, which has unique chips in the form of a SOS button and a slider for unlocking on the edge. Large keys and a flashlight with a convenient start button, in turn, quite accurately reflect the positioning of the device, which makes it an excellent gift option for relatives.

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