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Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC Review • Complete and affordable

Xiaomi has a POCO sub-brand that is managed independently to focus on different countries according to the requirement of users,…

Xiaomi has a POCO sub-brand that is managed independently to focus on different countries according to the requirement of users, reinforcing the slogan of “quality vs price” to the extreme, because in its most recent delivery, the The brand offers us a mid-range device, the POCO X3 NFC, which successfully uses attributes reserved only for high-end phones.

POCO X3 offers a fairly generous 6.67 ″ FHD + IPS screen with the “grace” of having a refresh rate of 120 Hz, plus HDR10 which makes it an important attraction when consuming content, and being objectives, it seems to us that the eternal dilemma of OLED vs IPS, the truth is that it is not an issue, unless you are a user with a very, very sharp eye.

There is a discreet hole that is not even worth hiding, but the option is in the configuration section and although the POCO X3 saves on materials, since it looks like glass on its back, it is plastic with a bright and colorful blue color, with the logo of the brand quite generous, giving it personality.

As for the photographic section, the camera module has a rather untraditional shape, with a protruding circle where the four lenses and the flash are inserted, which has a lot of volume and protrudes from the back. but yes, having it on the table, at least it does not limp, and considering the included case, the grip is better on any surface.


The POCO X3, as we indicated, offers a solution of four rear cameras plus flash, which present the options that we see more frequently and that also correspond to the most basic (speaking of the type of lenses). There is no telephoto lens in this new POCO and what it presents in terms of photography is the following:

64 megapixel main sensor (1.6 μm pixels) and lens with f / 1.89 aperture.

Ultra wide angle f / 2.2 with 13 megapixel sensor (1 μm pixels).

Macro with f / 2.4 aperture and 2 megapixel sensor (1.75 μm pixels).

2 megapixel sensor (1.75 μm pixels) for depth reading with lens with f / 2.4 aperture

Of course, the paper says one thing, sometimes it is not the same in sight, but we must conclude that for the price that this phone is sold, it simply does not have any competition or cameras or video, because we were able to take several shots that in daylight they look beyond what is expected, as well as a video stabilization offer that we never thought could have and are high points, within the very package of the phone as a whole, that reinforce the sense of the “3B”.

While it offers recording up to 4K, the suggestion is to make videos in 1080 at 60fps for better stabilization on the move.


Another notable aspect is its battery, 5,160 mAh, which places the POCO X3  among the highest among Android phones of the year.


As an additional, POCO X3 has stereo sound and 3.5 mm jack, giving it an important added value. There’s no Dolby Atmos, but a good equalizer and headphone enhancements come in the phone, so the audio experience for that price seems second to none.


There is no doubt that although some would ask for an OLED screen, it is perhaps not understanding what an offer that goes beyond brightness or colors implies, since the experience with the POCO X3 is satisfactory “as a whole” and aspires to be one of the cheapest and most complete smartphones on the market that compete in a very good way with the rest of its range.

What you should keep in mind is the inexcusable amount of useless programs, unnecessary games that are included. If you can, delete them.

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