ASUS ZenBeam L2: A projector that goes beyond simple projection

Projectors have evolved from simple presentation devices to powerful multimedia tools that take the viewing experience to the next level. In this fascinating world of innovation, the ASUS ZenBeam L2 stands out as a true pioneer in design and performance. This device goes beyond mere functionality, immersing users in a captivating visual experience. Immerse yourself in the magic of projected images and allow this device to transport you to a unique visual universe. With the ASUS, quality is found in every detail, taking your viewing moments to new heights of sophistication and enjoyment.


It stands out in the world of projectors not only for its exceptional performance, but also for its avant-garde design that attracts attention. The modern and elegant aesthetic of this device is, without a doubt, one of its greatest strengths. Features a minimalist design that combines clean lines and a sophisticated color palette . Its simple, yet elegant appearance adapts to a variety of environments.

ASUS ZenBeam L2 is a compact and portable projector
ASUS ZenBeam L2 is a compact and portable projector

From living rooms to conference rooms. This projector has been designed with mobility in mind. With a compact body and lightweight, it is easy to carry, which makes it an ideal choice for work presentations, social events, or even outdoor movie nights. Every detail of the design appears to have been meticulously considered. From construction materials to button layout.

It all contributes to an intuitive visual and tactile experience. Although the minimalist design is attractive, some users might miss the presence of easily accessible manual settings. The lack of physical controls to adjust things like focus could be a drawback for those who prefer more direct customization. Although it offers basic connectivity options, some users may find port availability limited.


This device has been designed to meet the demands of a variety of users, from professionals in business environments to home entertainment enthusiasts. One of the main strengths is its variety of ports, which range from HDMI to USB. This allows easy connection of a wide range of devices, including laptops, game consoles, media players and more.

In addition to wired connections, it also stands out for its wireless connectivity. The ability to stream content wirelessly from compatible devices adds convenience and eliminates the need for cables, providing a cleaner experience and ordered. The projector is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, further expanding your content streaming options.

This is especially useful for on-the-go presentations or for sharing multimedia content quickly and easily. Despite its wide range of ports, it could be a step behind by not including a USB Type-C port. Given the increasing prevalence of this standard, its absence could limit connectivity with some modern devices.

Projection quality and general functions

The ASUS ZenBeam L2 is positioned as a projector that goes beyond simple projection, offering an exceptional visual experience supported by advanced improvements. This device not only stands out for its elegant design and versatile connectivity, but also for the quality of projection it provides to users. It features Full HD resolution that offers sharp and detailed images.

Whether for professional presentations or enjoying multimedia content, the visual quality is impressive, providing an immersive experience that captures every detail. With significant brightness power, this projector is capable of dealing with various lighting conditions. Whether in a well-lit conference room or a darker home theater environment, it ensures that projected images maintain their clarity and vibrancy.

ASUS has incorporated advanced image enhancement technologies such as automatic keystone correction and color optimization. These features allow for quick and easy setup, ensuring that projection is always accurate and well calibrated. Although the Full HD resolution is solid, some more demanding users may feel the lack of 4K resolution support.

In a market where the demand for higher definition is constantly growing, the absence of this feature could be a disadvantage for some. Despite its brightness, the contrast quality could be improved to provide an even more impactful viewing experience. In dark scenes, black levels may not be as deep as some users would like.


Equipped with a built-in speaker, it offers a satisfying sound experience to complement the projection. The inclusion of built-in speakers eliminates the need for external devices, providing convenience and simplicity in setup. The speaker delivers clear and crisp sound, enhancing the overall experience when playing multimedia content or during presentations.

Despite its clarity, its speaker has limited power. In noisy environments or during large-scale screenings, it may be necessary to resort to external speakers for more robust volume. The audio quality lacks the depth and richness that more advanced audio systems offer. Audio enthusiasts might want a more immersive and detailed experience.


ASUS ZenBeam L2 offers acceptable performance, although for obvious reasons it will also have certain limitations.
ASUS ZenBeam L2 offers acceptable performance, although for obvious reasons it will also have certain limitations.

Purchasing the ASUS ZenBeam L2 is a decision that will largely depend on your needs and expectations. This projector stands out for its elegant design and projection capacity, offering a captivating visual experience. If you are looking for a device that combines functionality and style, it is an option to consider.

In short, if you value an attractive design, quality projection and the convenience of versatile connectivity, this model could be a wise investment. However, if audio quality is a top priority, you may want to consider additional options. Also, it is a somewhat noisy projector.

ASUS ZenBeam L2: Pros and cons


  • Quite portable
  • Connectivity
  • Projection quality
  • HDR10
  • Price


  • Somewhat fragile materials
  • Speaker power

ASUS ZenBeam L2 Specifications:

Make model ASUS ZenBeam L2
Projector Brightness 960 LED lumens
Supported aspect ratios 4:3, 16:9
Screen size compatibility 762 – 3048mm (30 – 120″)
Lens throw distance 0.8 – 3.2m
Projector Brightness 400 ANSI lumens
Original projector resolution 1080p (1920×1080)
Light source duration 30,000 hours
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 X Headphone output
  • 2 x USB 2.0
Sound 1 x 10W (watts)
Projector Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 172 x 132 x 132mm
Weight 1.57kg