BenQ TK850: True home theater experience

TK850 - 4K HDR 3000lm Home Theater Projector
TK850 - 4K HDR 3000lm Home Theater Projector

BenQ focuses its products on the needs that any user may have. This time we will talk about a projector that has surprised us by the tremendous quality it offers. We refer more specifically to the BenQ TK850 which is considered one of the best options this year to enjoy home theater.

Obviously from now on we must mention that its cost is quite high, in fact, it currently reaches 1,600 euros , so, before thinking about acquiring it we must know in detail its positive and negative points. In order not to end up making a wrong purchase or otherwise wait for an offer for this model.


We have a totally new design that stands out for its elegance and perfect combination of colors

Its design has enchanted us, since it offers us a totally new appearance that from the first eye contact takes us into an elegance little seen in this type of product . As if that were not enough, it has bright colors that combine perfectly with any decoration that is in the furniture or room where it is used.

Its shape also helps a lot to achieve an even deeper presence, the front part properly places the logo to highlight more the main thing that ends up being the lens. At the top, a clean style is maintained that only offers us small buttons for faster control of the projector.

These have a good touch, although we recommend using the remote control. The sides add some vents for ventilation and in the back we will find the different connectors that are available. These present a good placement that does not affect the design at all. In addition, its construction is with quality materials .


Connectivity is not going to present a major problem either and we are going to receive incredible options that will allow us to fully exploit the capabilities of this projector. We started with the integration of two HDMI inputs that facilitate the connection with different devices, the good thing is that it presents an acceptable stability. We also have a USB Type A 3.0 port that, unlike the classic 2.0, offers us a better transfer.

In fact, this version reaches a speed of up to 5 Gbit / s that if we do the conversion is approximately 10 times faster than USB 2.0. We have other physical connectors that can be of great help, for example, its audio output (3.5mm minijack) and another output (S / PDIF). It also has an RS232 port and two IR receivers both on the front and on the top. Our only regret is the non-inclusion of a VGA input.

Projection quality

We arrive at the true strength of the BenQ TK850 that offers us one of the most spectacular projections that we can observe. First, we have a 4K resolution (3840 × 2160) that is also accompanied by 8.3 million pixels , which allows minimizing blurry images for a visual experience full of details and realism.

To make this work great, it has a 4K Premium glass lens architecture, that is, the highest quality glass is used for a totally vivid and unparalleled projection. Another valuable detail is that this model gives us an authentic HDR display , so we get that the environment where we are is fully illuminated.

It also has HDR-PRO technology that turns out to be exclusive for this firm and that gives us a better 4K viewing experience. With this we will enjoy a greater range of contrast that translates into better details in very dark areas. It obviously supports HDR10 and HLG formats for greater enjoyment .

As if that were not enough, there are other functions that will give us an even higher experience, for example, Motion Enhancer seeks to eliminate lagging images, shaky reproduction and blurred shadows for sharper results. The way sport improves the image with realistic skin tones, blues and greens better balanced.


Unlike other models, this one if you seek to give us a more complete audio experience that matches what is offered in its projection quality. We are going to have two camera speakers that reach a total power of 10W . At first glance we can think that it is still little and is not enough for more demanding movies and video games.

However, we are offered an improved sound to hear everything more clearly, especially the dialogues that are always the most affected . With this we realize that it can be enough audio for concerts, games and watching cinematic content. In any case, there is always the option of purchasing an inexpensive sound bar.

We should mention that the BenQ TK850 has other functions that make its overall performance even more useful. For example, it gives us a perfect alignment thanks to its keystone correction that allows you to project perfectly aligned images from many places in the same room without losing quality.

Another function that can help us a lot is its Zoom with focus that will maintain the same projection quality regardless of whether we have activated this feature. In other words, you will see some images that maintain a visually almost perfect focus from corner to corner. This ends up being very helpful in any content .

There is also a USB media reader that can work without cables. This option allows users to easily project video , audio and image content from removable discs without cables for high speed transmission. Finally, mention that the firmware update turns out to be quite simple through USB.

BenQ TK850: Pros and Cons

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Includes USB 3.0
  • Good connectivity
  • Superb projection quality
  • Offers different enhancement technologies
  • Good sound
  • Variety of functions
  • Price
  • Does not offer wireless options


Make model BenQ TK850
Projection system DLP
Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Resolution support VGA (640 x 480) to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Brightness (ANSI lumens) 3,000
Native aspect ratio Native 16: 9 (6 selectable aspect ratios)
Light source Lamp
Light source power 245 W
Light source life (normal – economical – SmartEco) 4,000 hours – 10,000 hours – 15,000 hours
Throw ratio 1.13 – 1.47 (100 ″ to 8.2ft / 2.5m)
Zoom ratio 1.3X
Picture modes
  • Bright
  • Waiting room
  • Movie theater
  • sports
  • Be quiet
  • 3D
  • HDR / HLG
Sound Speaker: Camera Speaker 5W x 2
  • HDMI
  • USB Type A
  • USB Type mini B
  • Audio output (2ch audio only supported)
  • RS232
  • IR receiver
Projector Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 127 x 380 x 263 mm
Weight 4.2 kg