Hisense 88L5VG Review: A pure beast that projects an 88-inch sonic screen

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Over the years, technology products that were previously unthinkable continue to come out, however, technological advances continue to show us that nothing is impossible. Today we want to talk about Hisense that has gained too much popularity for the good products it offers, especially in terms of televisions, however, today we will focus our analysis on an impressive projector that has its own screen. We are talking about the Hisense 88L5VG.

Hisense 88L5VG exterior design

It has a great design of both the projector and the screen that is also included

First, we must talk about the design that is delivered to us both on the projector and on the screen. In the second case, we highlight that it is so thin , since this allows us to install it in a simpler way, yes, we must consider that its size is 88 inches, which forces us to have a specific place that can contain its dimensions.

The most attractive thing is the bezels that surround it, which are quite thin and allow to have great elegance , likewise, the content that is reproduced will look incredible thanks to all the useful space that the screen will have. As we mentioned, we have a totally slim style that creates a unique presence at any angle.

The projector as such does not offer a very different aesthetic from what we are used to seeing other models, therefore, we will not find many details that are worthwhile. The only thing that we consider positive is that it shows that it was built with good quality materials, likewise, it is a piece of equipment that we can transport easily .


We are going to enjoy a fairly complete connectivity that adds the ideal connectors to transmit what we want. For example, we have three HDMI 2.0s to connect devices such as laptops, consoles, and video players. Through its two USB 2.0 ports we can play content from similar devices. We also have a VGA port for older devices. And in the wireless we have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth .

Image quality and functions in general

Obviously we are going to receive a fairly powerful image and projection quality that will allow us to enjoy any content without any problem. First, we have a 4K resolution that provides four times more power than that seen in Full HD , therefore, we will have better details that will be even more realistic.

The Hisense 88L5VG gives us an 88-inch sonic screen that will look amazing, especially for the size and optimization offered by the projector. We have a laser engine that was previously only possible to perceive in movie theaters , however, the advances have been many, and now we can enjoy that at home.

Through this engine we will be able to enjoy impressive improvements in parameters that turn out to be fundamental to receive the experience we are looking for. One of the ones that shows the most work is the brightness that will be indicated to avoid problems if we are in very dark or bright environments, thus maintaining quality .

Other sections that are also well optimized in order to give us the best possible experience are the color and contrast that in both cases we will appreciate more clearly and vividly for scenes with more real details. As if that weren’t enough, we also found HDR support for crystal clear images with deep blacks .


The audio quality turns out to be quite good, since we find a total power of 30W which is usually a little more than what is delivered to us in televisions, therefore, we will have a little more clarity . Likewise, we are going to have compatibility with Dolby Atmos, a very interesting technology that provides us with a more immersive and clean audio. However, if you want to receive a cinematic experience, it is best to buy a sound bar.

Smart TV / software review and more highlights

It will have the VIDAA system that is typical of this manufacturer brand

The Hisense 88L5VG will have its own operating system, which we do not know for sure if we should consider it as an advantage or a disadvantage. We say this because it is well known that VIDAA U still does not have the necessary quality to compete against the best models, however, its current job is not that bad either .

Obviously it is a system that continues to improve and possibly in subsequent updates we will see an improvement that now may be completely worth it. In the meantime, we must settle for the functions that are given to us . In this case we are going to receive a catalog of interesting applications for your entertainment.

Where we will find very popular options such as Netflix , Prime Video , YouTube , HBO and more. With these we will have an incredible amount of movies, series and documentaries to enjoy, yes, you must have an account on certain platforms. We emphasize that this model offers protection for the eyes due to its low light emission.

Hisense 88L5VG: Pros and Cons


  • Great design
  • Interesting connectivity
  • Great projection quality
  • Good sound
  • Offers HDR
  • Contains its own system
  • Eye protection


  • Improvable system
  • cost



Make model Hisense 88L5VG
Size 88 ″ (223.5 cm)
Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Projection technique DLP
Picture mode Game mode
Projection technology To be
Projection modes Ultra short range
Lamp life 25,000 h
Integrated Speakers Yes
Speaker power 30 W (watts)
Special features
  • Fresnel lens technology
  • Black / white lenticular technology
  • Miracast
Wifi Yes
  •  HDMI 2.0
  • USB 2.0
  • Audio out
  • S / PDIF
  • RF tuners
  • VGA port
  • Ethernet RJ45
  • Bluetooth
  • Headphone service port
Type of device Projector
Application area Home cinema
Device Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 197 x 112 x 3 cm
Weight 23 kg