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HP CC200 Review: Portable projector to take everywhere

hp cc200
hp cc200

HP is a brand with a good reputation, as they tend to offer well-functioning products for slightly more affordable costs. They recently presented their new projectors where the portable models that seek to provide an adequate experience in the smallest possible space stood out. There we find the HP CC200 that we find interesting for certain functions that we have tested. We are not saying that it is an incredible team, however, due to its low cost it seems to be an option to consider.

Exterior design of the HP CC200

Aesthetically it has a good elaboration, which usually fits quite well with any space

Without a doubt, the most attractive thing ends up being its construction, which is perfect for any place, since it has minimal dimensions. In addition, its weight allows us to carry it with us very easily . We only have to keep it in a backpack or bag to move it.

Unlike other models, this one cannot be carried in your pocket, as it is very uncomfortable, so we prefer something a little more comfortable . In terms of appearance, it is similar to that of other equipment in the same category, in fact, few details change.

We emphasize that it has a very clean design that combines it quite well with the chassis, its white chassis that tries to offer us a more elegant environment, although in my personal opinion a black color would have been more effective . But as they say, tastes break genres.

The rear part uses a small space where we have access to the available connectors. The rest of the space contains nothing else, so we get a clean view . The only negative is that the construction materials are weak, so be careful.


We already mentioned that it offers easy connectivity, therefore, there will not be many ports to use, however, the few that are integrated will be perfect for a correct experience. Here we find an HDMI input that is possibly the option that we use the most.

And this is because it allows us to connect most compatible devices such as laptops, computers or video players. So we can transmit content at an acceptable quality. We also find two USB ports that we usually use to play content.

Normally we connect memories or external disks obtaining an acceptable performance. Another connection that we can use is the audio output that is sensational in case you have headphones and want to enjoy your content in a slightly more personal way.

Projection quality and functions in general

The HP CC200 has a native 1080P resolution that allows us to enjoy detailed images, since most content is in that definition. Obviously we do not get the quality of a television , but it gives us good results that are quite similar.

We have an LED light source that ends up doing a regular job, since it tends to have certain complications in very dark or bright environments , since its brightness is not as powerful, therefore, we must consider where we are going to place it, especially if we do not you want to lose quality.

The contrast is not its strong point either, although it is usually a bit normal in these models. Despite this we notice some sharpness, which helps to receive a more accurate projection . It obviously doesn’t support upgrade features, so we have to make do with what’s on offer.

The only interesting thing is that it has a motorized focus adjustment that can be activated via the remote control, so we receive a better visualization, since there will not be as much movement in the images as it usually happens with other models, which is a significant benefit.


We are a little surprised that this projector has built-in speakers, in fact, it includes two with a total power of 6W, which may seem very low, however, there are larger projectors with inferior quality . Therefore, it can be a positive point for the projector.

Obviously it does not include enhancement technologies, in fact, we have not yet found a model that integrates them . If you want to enjoy a better sound, it is best to use the audio output, so we connect sound systems that can improve the experience.

More notable features

It offers an acceptable resolution to view content, in addition, it has some extra features for better performance

There will be some interesting details of the HP CC200 that we feel are important for you to know, for example, that it includes a 1.2 lens that allows you to project a screen of up to 203 cm (80″) from only 2.1 meters. It turns out to be a good projection even for more compact spaces .

Something that we highly recommend is that you connect a wireless transmission device such as Chromecast , Ruku , Firestick , etc. With any of these we can immediately obtain movies, TV series and multimedia among other interesting options.

Another option available is the possibility of connecting our smartphone , tablet , laptop via HDMI to receive a fast projection without any effort. As you can see, it is a model designed to display content in the simplest way possible.

HP CC200

HP CC200

The useful life of the lamp reaches 20,000 hours, although this really depends on the use we give it, since it is recommended to use it at least four hours a day . There will be no problem if we use it longer, but if it reduces its useful life a little before giving it maintenance.

HP CC200: Pros and Cons


  • Striking design
  • Compact and portable
  • connectivity
  • acceptable projection
  • Sound
  • 20,000 hour lifespan
  • cost


  • Poor quality in dark or bright environments



Make model HP CC200
display technology DLP
Light source leds
light life 20,000 hours
Brightness 200 LEDs Lms
native resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080)
display ratio 16:9
Sound 2 x 3W (watts)
  • 1HDMI
  • 2USB
  • audio output
projector dimensions 128 x 136 x 203mm


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4.3 / 5. 33

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